Preview on Magic numbers 31 through 35

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             The magic listed here are the chosen 60 of the 500 magic.



 Magic 31  Title: Dice Challenge

There are two strange dice magic. Needed item: 5 dice, these are sold at the stationary stores.



 Magic 32   Title: The Second Dice Challenge

The dice magic is both simple and miraculous. Needed item: 5 dice which are sold at the stationary stores



 Magic 33  Title: A Man with a Flower

Cover both hands with an handkerchief, the moment you remove the handkerchief you will find the magician holding two beautiful flowers. this can be performed on stage or in front of a friend or your lover. Needed item: any type of flower or plant.



Magic 34  Title: A Coin that Becomes Ten Times its Actual Worth

Place a ten cent coin in your palm and show the audience, then carefully drop it inside the cup. Surely you dropped a ten cent coin, but a dollar coin comes out from the cup. This can be performed anywhere, in front of your girlfriend  or a place where there aren't any coins around. Needed item: one cup



 Magic 35  Title: A Dollar Bill Inside a Matchbox

Pretend to rub the matchbox, and be surprised to find a dollar bill inside the matchbox. Needed item: a matchbox