Magic 36  Title:  A Weightless Match

The matchbox is filled up with matches, but what is this? when you turn the matchbox upside down, nothing falls out. Needed item: one box of matches


 Magic 37  Title: A Live Matchbox

A matchbox on top of your hand seems to be alive and moving.


 Magic 38  Title: Reincarnation of a Newspaper

You have folded the newspaper several times and torn it into pieces but it comes out in one piece. Needed item: a newspaper


 Magic 39  Title: A Rope and a Scissor

Tie the rope on the handle of the scissors, and try to pull the rope out, it can't be done. After you learn the magic it will only take you two seconds. Needed item: a pair of scissors and a rope



 Magic 40  Title: Goodbye My Pencil

Learn an amazing magic with just a pencil and strings for just 10 dollars