Preview on Magic numbers 41 through 45

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 Magic 41   Title Magic Watch

It doesn't matter whether it is a clock or a watch. The person with the watch will be looking at it, he will think of a particular time and the magician will be able to tell what time the other person is thinking. Needed item; a watch.


 Magic 42  Title: A Disappearing Wand

Show a one meter long wand to the audience. But, what is this? The wand disappears in front of the people, then the wand comes out from the magician's pocket. Learn this magic by becoming our member.


 Magic 43  Title: Handkerchiefs that Keeps Coming Out

Hold a handkerchief in your hand and cast a spell, handkerchiefs will keep coming out. Needed item : 5 handkerchiefs


 Magic 44 Title : Disappearing Handkerchief

In a trumpet shaped folded piece of paper, an handkerchief is placed inside, carefully remove the paper, and the handkerchief has disappeared. Needed item : a newspaper, thick paper, all available at the stationary store.


Magic 45  Title : Escape from the Suit

A first step to escape magic, it can be easily done on stage. Needed item : Suit, loafer