Magic 46  Title: Where Did the Cigarette Go

The cigarette in your left hand disappears on its way to your right hand. If done properly, it can be quite fun. Needed item: one pack of cigarettes


 Magic 47:  Title: A Dried Dish

There is a dish filled with water and there are 5 dimes inside it. The problem is to pick up the coins without wetting your fingers. Learn the magic and you will know the answer.


 Magic 48  Title: A Coin that Escaped

A magic where a coin goes through the handkerchief. Needed item: an handkerchief and coins.


 Magic 49  Title: An Obedient Paper

If you want a paper to obey you, learn this magic. Needed item: two sheets of paper.


 Magic 50  Title: A Disappearing Coin

Carefully cover the coin with the handkerchief, cast a spell  and remove the cloth. The coin will have disappeared. Needed item: a coin and an handkerchief.