Preview on Magic numbers 51 through 55

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 Magic 51  Title: Mystery Hole

Fold a piece of paper in two. Cut a half moon shape on the folded paper. Be careful that the hole is as long as the diameter of a dime. Unfold the paper, you will find a circle cut out on the paper. A dime can go through the hole but it is impossible for a nickel to pass through it. Because the hole is too small for the nickel to pass through, it is impossible to make it go trough unless you tear the paper. Anyone who learns this magic can perform it in a second.

Needed item: a sheet of paper, scissors, coins ; a nickel and a dimer.


Magic 52  Title; A Card According to Your Wish.

Hold a deck of cards in your hand and ask the audience which card he wants, and there you have it in front of you. Needed item; a deck of cards.


 Magic 53  Title: I Thought I Tied a Knot.

Hold out an handkerchief and tie a knot in the middle of it. Wave it a few times in the air and suddenly the knot has disappeared. Needed item: an handkerchief.


 Magic 54  Title: A Floating Coin

You are holding a wrapped coin on your hand when you remove the handkerchief the coin has already disappeared. Needed item: an handkerchief and a coin.


Magic 54  Title: Escape from the Ring.

Tie both your hands with a rope. There should be a space of about 20cm between each hand. Before you tie the rope there should be a ring put through the rope. This magic is where you take the ring out without untying the rope. Anyone can do it after you learn this magic.