Preview on Magic numbers 56 through 60

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Magic 56  Title : A Coin that Turns to Ashes

Hold a envelope in one hand and a coin in the other, carefully show them to the people around you. Place the coin carefully into the envelope, then place the envelope on a dish and burn it. When you search the ashes the coin has disappeared. The coin comes out from your pocket. Needed item: an envelope, a coin and a dish. All you have to do is pay 10 dollars to learn this magic of this type.


 Magic 57  Title: Disappearing coin

Cover the coin carefully with an handkerchief, cast a spell and on removing the coin, it has disappeared. The coin then appears underneath a beer glass on the table. Needed item; an handkerchief and a coin.


 Magic 58  Title : An Untouched Match

A match which should have been broken, comes out untouched from within the handkerchief. Needed item: handkechief.


 Magic 59  Title: A Note that cannot be Ripped

Wrap a note inside a paper and start ripping it with a pen, but when it is the paper is unfolded the money note remains untouched. Needed item: paper, note, ball point pen.


 Magic 60  Title: A Bills that Makes Coins

Coins keep on falling out from a dollar bill that has nothing on it.

Needed item: A  dollar bill and a few coins