Magic 6

Change the color of the water

Needed item: Glass, black paper goldfish.

Magic 6 Title: A goldfish is alive Needed item: Glass, black paper goldfish.(don't need a goldfish)Outline: In a big glass, it is filled up with black ink, when you place a white sheet of paper, the paper becomes black. then with the prepared handkerchief cover the top of the glass. Cast a spell and remove the cloth, you will be surprised to find that the water has been purified and that there is a goldfish swimming in it.Pay the membership fee and learn the 67 different magic



 Magic 7

Title: Bringing out a Rabbit

 Needed item: a hat, a rabbit

 Outline: A chair is placed in the middle of the stage. The magician takes off his hat and shows the inside of it to the audience. He takes out an egg from the hat and places it on the chair and the hat on the table. Then he picks up the hat again and takes out a wriggling rabbit from within the hat. The audience fall back with surprise. A stage magic. Needed item: a hat and a rabbit.



 Magic 8

 Title: A beautiful lady comes out from inside a sack.

 Needed item: a big sack.

 Outline: There is a big sack where a beautiful lady goes in. You tie the opening of the sack tightly. You can even ask one of the people in the audience to help you. But, when the spell is cast, the lady comes out on her own. Needed item: a big sack and a beautiful lady.



   Magic 9

Title: A puppy jumps out

Needed item: a puppy

 Outline: Place a table on stage, and place a cute box on the table. The magician puts his hands inside the box and pulls out a puppy. The audience applauds. A stage magic. Needed item: plywood box, a puppy



 Magic 10

Title; Pulling out a paper from underneath a coke bottle

Needed item: a coke bottle, newspaper

 Place a newspaper and on top of it place a coke bottle with its bottom up. The problem is to take the newspaper out without the bottle falling down. No one except our members can do this magic. Needed item: a coke bottle and a newspaper.