On the Items                 (마술 도구에 대하여)



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마술은: When a magician designs a magic, he creates it so that anyone can do it by



using the items around him. So we can find the items needed for the magic simply



around us. Look into the items needed in the contents and you will find that the items



are not very hard to find. A knife, coin, an handkerchief, cigarettes, money notes,



citrons. an apple, cup, rope, newspaper, hat, wand, cloth, suit, a pack of cards, dice,



beer bottle are all easily found. A dove in the other case is a bit difficult to train. An a



rabbit can be found in a nearby farm.



You can find a pack of cards and a dice in a nearby stationary store. There is a magic



where a tin can is filled up with coins falling out from the air, even here all you need are



coins and a tin can, if you don't have a tin can, use a plate. If you are in a pub, use a



bottle or a simple cup to do your magic. If you are in a coffee shop with a friend or your



girlfriend, tell them that you want to see how deep your feelings are for each other and



place a piece of cloth over a coffee, beer or soda cup and tell her that after you remove



the cloth if the coffee remains as it is, your love won't last long but if the drink has turned



into clear water, your love will last forever. Now tell her to remove the cloth. And because



this is magic the drink will have changed to clear water. These type of magic can be



done anywhere at anytime, using the items close at hand, bringing laughter and



surprise to everyone present.



f you plan to take up being a magician as your career, all you have to do is buy these



items. If asked whether you have a specialty by an interviewer, tell him that you can do



some magic or if he doesn't ask what it is, just tell him you have one. But if he asks you



to show him one, do it and earn extra points for personality.



In magic number 2, there is a magic where a wand is pulled out from a purse, all you



need for this magic is a purse and a wand. A wand can be easily found, all it needs to



be is thin and rigid If it is too long, cut it off at a reasonable size. The difficult points are



like these, like making a plywood box so that a dove can come out. To a person



planning on learning magic, getting the items are not a barrier. Even when selling the



magic, the items are not sold, use the item wisely at the necessary places. Thank you