dreamt i was in the police force and i had a partner. It was some guy who goes crazy later trying to kill me. Somehow the scene moved from train to the bus. He had people for hostage including me. In the train I remember he gave me all different pieces of chalk each with a word on it, and a bag. So i held onto them & the bag but then the actor (i know his face, not his name) had tried to grab it out of my hands saying its a bomb. I finally let him take it and I wake away down the aisle which then turns out to be a bus. when i wake back up it really was a bomb because of the hole it made. Suddenly we see the bus shake abit and everyone sees its that crazy partner in another bus with twirling sharp object on the side of the bus. As he got closer he rammed into the side of our bus tearing the side in half, flying sparks everywhere.
Then suddenly I'm running away from the bus with a girl friend and running towards a big white building which is some big department for the police. I see the important guy who is middle-aged but with white hair. I try explaining to him whats happening but I see the crazy guy coming so my friend and i run into the building to hide ourselves. We find a huge bathroom near a kitchen and I'm peeping out the window to see what the crazy guy is telling the important guy. I turn around and my friend hasn't even locked the door so i yell at her and lock it myself then when i peep out again i see both of the guys angry from whatever they were talking about so the crazy guy runs in the door to get us. I knew that was our chance to get moving out the window and running.
My friend and I squeezed out and the white hair guy sees us and runs after us but he only catchs my friend and tries scaring me with a gold cowboy style gun. The setting is now in the city and i'm running towards this real posh school then start climbing up the hill because i'm so exhausted. When I climb over I see guys playing in the basketball court and everyone else out having lunch. I find the teacher on duty which is a sooo handsome guy and I start yelling how i'm a cop whose a crazy partner and a white haired is trying to kill me. So handsome guy tries to help me because we see the white haired guy shouting. From then everyone is told to go inside the building and everyone is running back. (handsome guy still with me) Then when we go up the stairs he says that he will tell the older teachers meanwhile i should just stay in the school.
While I waited some girls start talking to me and we all gossip how that teacher was so hot and some kid has a crush on me but i said something horrible that i went after him up the stairs. When I reached the level I was dressed in the school uniform (some dark maroon) and I walked down the hall where I see the handsome teacher being pampered by the older female teacher as if shes his mother. So i walk past him and its this lil area of shops which is so high tech that the lady is a robot. She says something to me that I get so excited and blah blah blah rest is boring so i wake up.