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Mr. Bill  My Best Friend    since 1999




MR. BILL (Kyungdeok trade) ventured into the Shirt Business with the objective to become mania in Shirt by providing Casual sirts and Dress shirts with the highest quality of customer satisfaction.


We have marketed our Shirt with Brand Name "MR. BILL" and we have achieved a remarkable welcome from the customer. In this way company achieved a steady growth and employed quality people who have shared the company's customer service ethos.


We have experience in shirts. Our quality assurance department starts inspecting goods from the day one of manufacturing and inspection carried out at every stage of processing before product moves to next process. final inspection is carried out by us and We check each piece before it is cleared for final packing and dispatch.



Mr. BILL (Kyungdeok trade)
33-206 Gamman2-dong Nam-Gu
Pusan, Korea


phone: 82. 19. 539. 6422
email: mr.bill@korea.com