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 Name : Jieun Seong
English Name  :  Jean

Birthday : December 5, 1980

University : Myongji Univ.
Major : Eng. Literature
Hometown : Cheongpa, Seoul
Address :Bucheon,  Kyeongki 
Family : The youngest of family
(I have only one older brother.)
Jieun's All
Life Until Now 

 November 5, 1980~*

A day I was born


 March ?, 1987~* 
The day I entered  Cheong-pa Elementary School

 February ?, 1993~*

The day I graduated Cheng-pa Elementary School

 March ?, 1993~*

The day I entered Sin-kwang Girls Middle School


 February ?, 1996~*

The day I graduated Sin-kwang Girls Middle School


 March ?, 1996~*

The day I entered Sin-kwang Girls High School


  February ?, 1999~*

The day I graduated Won-jong Middle School


 March ?, 2000~*

The day I entered Myong-ji University

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If (Sung by Bread)


   If a picture paints a thousand words,
   Then why can't I paint you?
   The words will never show the you

   I've come to know.


   그림 한 장이 수천마디의 말을
  표현할 수 있다지만,

  왜 저는 당신을 그릴 수가 없는거죠?
  제가 알게 된 당신을
  말로는 다 표현할 수 없을 거에요.


   If a face could launch a thousand

   ships, Then where am I to go? 
   There's no one home but you,
   You're all that's left me too.

한 사람의 얼굴만으로 수 천 척의
  배를 띄울 수 있다면,
  저는 어디로 가야 하나요?
  그대는 나의 유일한 안식처이죠 

  당신은 또한 내 삶의 전부인걸요