Trips Und Traume 1971
Der Jesuspilz 1972
Bauer Plath 1972
Live 1968-1973 1973

Trips Und Traume (Ohr 1971)

Album Legnth: 39:49

Genre: Acid-Folk

Best Song: 'Karlchen'

Release Info: 1996 Cd Reissue OHRCD 556016


1. Lasst Uns Auf Die Reise Gehn 3.50
2. Trippo Nova 9.04
3. Orienta 7.43
4. Illusion 1 4.46
5. Karlchen 9.16
6. Englische Walzer 1.39
7. Nimm Doch Einen Joint, Mein Freund 3.31



Album Rating: 4 out of 5 [Doug]


Bernd Witthuser - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Walter Westrupp - Guitar, Vocals, Zither, Percussion, Flute, Trumpet
Renee Zucker - Vocals, Percussion, Flute
Bernd Roland - Bass, Vocals,

Der Jesuspilz (Pilz 1972)

Album Legnth: 39:36

Genre: Acid-Folk

Best Song: 'Besuch Aus Dem Kosmos'

Release Info: 1996 CD Reissue OHRCD 2021098-2


1. Liturgie 2.01
2. Schopfung 8.31
3. Erleuchtung Und Berufung 4.59
4. Teil I,II,III 10.41
5. Nehmet Hin Und Esset 3.45
6. Besuch Auf Dem Kosmos 9.39
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The acid duo of Bernd Witthuser and Walter Westrupp followed their 1971 debut with what I'm sure at the time was Gille Lettmann and Rolf Ulrich Kaiser's favorite album. 'Der Jesuspilz/Musik Von Evangelium' is a concept album with the belief that some bible verses are about drugs, or so that is what I have been led to believe by a German friend. Like their first album, their acid-folk tendencies are in full effect, but this time the result is a bit odd and unconventional as some of the material gives the impression that it was either conceived or produced while under the effects of the drug du jour. Sadly, the album is in German, a deterrent for non-speakers as we are allegedly missing out on a good time. The track 'Schopfung' has a feeling similar to the Sergius Golowin album; this is mainly due to the hypnotically mundane narrative which floats above the folk music. 'Erleuchtung Und Berufung' is an upbeat folk song with an atmospheric mellotron courtesy of Mr. Dieter Dierks and a nine-member 'Kinderchor' directed by Herr Westrupp. The lyrics heard on this track were taken from Lukas 3 verse 21, 22 and Lukas 6 verse 13. Showcasing more bible lyrics as well as kazoo, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and a plethora of percussion instruments, the 'Teil' suite contains a raw almost amateur feel. One of the duos best songs, 'Besuch aus Dem Kosmos' consists of phase-treated folk guitar and vocals which emanate from an alternate universe; drugged or not, this track will take the listener on a trip throughout the heavens. [3/5 Doug]


Bernd Witthuser - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Kazoo, Triangle, Tambourine
Walter Westrupp - Vocals, Organ, Harmonica, Flute, Ukelele, Congas, Tambourine, Triangle and others
Dieter Dierks - Mellotron, Bass, Vocals
Gille Lettman - Vocals, Mexican and Indian Recorder

Bauer Plath (Pilz 1972)

Album Legnth: 34.22

Genre: Folk

Best Song: 'Der Rat Der Motten'

Release Info: 1996 CD Reissue OHRCD 2029115-2


1. Zu Den Jahreszeiten 3.35
2. Vision 1 2.49
3. Der Rat Der Motten 8.12
4. Bauer Plath 3.24
5. Die Schlusselblume 6.50
6. Das Marchen Vom Konigssohn 9.32
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A personal favorite of mine from the genre. To me, this is a masterpiece of folk beauty incorporating a plethora of different instruments including Fuss-stampfen (foot-stomping I presume!?!). The six songs have a unique Germanic folk song feel which strays away from the earlier 'acid-folk' sound which dominated 'Trips Und Traume' and 'Der Jesuspilz'. All lyrics are sung in German which may be a con for some depending on your personal preference. However, the unique and moving music combined with the guest list make this a classic of the genre and probably the best album of the folk subgenre. There are three stand-outs on this album which I would advise you to seek out and they are: 'Der Rat Der Motten', 'Die Schlusselblume', and 'Das Marchen Vom Konigssohn'. [5/5 Doug]


Bernd Witthuser - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion
Walter Westrupp - Vocals, Gong, Harmonica, Xylophone, Ukelele, Flute, Percussion,
Jurgen Dollase- Mellotron, Vibraphone, Keyboards, Percussion, Synthesizer
Jerry Berkers - Bass, Percussion, Choir
Tommy Engel - Drums, Percussion
Harald Grosskopf - Percussion, Vocals
Gille Lettman - Footstomping, Recorder, Vocals
Antje Dahlhaus - Footstomping
Dieter Dierks - Percussion, Vocals