Sports I like to play

  • BMX Racing: Anything dealing with BMX actuallly you will find me in and sweating my heart ot at it.
  • Down Hill Moutain Biking: Actually I'm talking bout off beaten trails nobody ever goes on those are the ones for me..
  • Skate Boarding: Yeap I'm still into it have been all my life and love it to death..
  • Dirt Boarding: It's just like skate boardig only you do on dirt paths and go all over where you thought you might ever get to go befor until you have tried this it's fun as hell too.
  • Dirt Inline Skating: Same goes for it as it does for Dirt Boarding I love em for those damn wheels finally they did it..
  • Aggressive Inline Skating: I have loved it ever since I first find out about and have not been able to get enough of it yet..
  • Street Fighting: (No not the video game silly) The actual sport of blood sweat and tears and the challenge of not giving up and quiting until after you have finished and the other person is done and has lost or does not wish to fight anymore and we are not in the sport to hurt the other person those who do think are wrong and don't need to be allowed in the game or even eliminated from the sport itself..

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