Pr0gr4(v)'s Pre-Made Sigs

Take Me

Directions On How To Use These Signatures

First press Cmd + highlight code

Next press Cmd + C to cut codes from the box.

Go to your email signature box and press Cmd + V to paste codes.

Click done after pasting codes and press write to see if codes are working properly.

If you wish to change the song then go to your favorite music site and choose the song.

Then press go to on your keyboard, press show last then and grab the url, then go to your favorite transloading site and transload yourself the song.

Once you have done that then you go back to your sig box where your sig is and press find on your keyboard and type inside of it bgsound src and hit return once again, then you paste the url of your song in that spot.

If you experience problems with my codes, please let me know and I will be glad to help you.

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