So why is Cupid dead I am sure you are wondering because it is so lonely out there and nobody to talk to ever sometimes makes you feel like you are dead my love is still alive and everything but sometimes I just feel so lonely and thats the way my whole love life relationship has always been almost so its kinda hard to feel differently when you have gone through your whole life like that just keep reading and you should find some out about what you want to know if its not I here then ask me and I will gladly answer for you.

Welp heres the mug shots of the mug who has got killed hope you like them all

Hi my name is Christopher (Scott Dickens) if you actually care to hear my whole name its kinda funny I have always wondered if there might be any relation to the ever so famous 'Charles' Dickens of course cause writting has been in my blood so they say and people I haved shared my works with say I am talented at it and it seems to be that I have got a gift for it all my friends that read my poetry always say they have been very touched I have had even a few person cry over it some of them do though over good arts only if its really good but I never thought of mine being all that good so I dont wanna try brag or boast about it so enough of that..

I have added all of these and taken by myself so they might be kinda dull and boring seeing as to how I had no help but I will still love to share them

Well I am sure you are wondering how old am I and all that good stuff well I was born on March Fourteenth Nineteen Seventy Four so go on ahead you do the math...

I always try to look sharp trendy and on the edge so thats my style of hardcore

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