Battery A (Stone’s) Kentucky Light Artillery

Listing of Germans in the Battery


(There are many more men with German surnames who served in Stone’s Battery but due to deficient records their places of birth could not be proven.)

Name, Rank and Status

Albecker, Leopold, 24, Pvt., Deserted

Altenkirch, Francis, 23, Pvt., Deseretd

Ambling, Sebastian, 27, Cpl.:Served three years

Bachman, Norbert, 28, Pvt. Deserted

Bauerle, Frank, 24, Pvt., Mustered out Sept. 9, 1865

Bothman, Christian, 32, Pvt. :Discharged for Disability

Brehm, Andrew, 20, Pvt.: Deserted

Burkhart, Fredereick, 42, Pvt., Mustered out Sept. 25, 1865

Dietzenbach, John, 38, Pvt., Deserted

Faller, Charles, 24, Pvt.: Died

Fells, george, 30, Pvt., Mustered out Sept. 9, 1865

Frannenberger, Charles, 20, Pvt.: Deserted

Geiler, Martin, 23, Sgt., Mustered out Sept. 9, 1864

Gruneisen, Sebastian, 23, Pvt.: Served three years

Gruner, Francis, 31, Sgt.: Served three years

Held, Daniel, 32, Pvt., Mustered out Sept 9, 1864

Hilser, Frederick, 22, Deserted

Hirth, John, 20, Pvt.: Deserted

Kleinschmidt, Otto, 19, Pvt. :Served three years

Klotz, Eberhard, 20, Pvt.: Deserted

Kneasa, John, 24, Pvt.: Served three years

Landwehr, John, 1st. Lt., Served three years

Muller, Anton, 28, Pvt.: Served three years

Osterman, Theodore, 32, Pvy.: deserted

Ottman, Joseph, 44, Pvt.: Died

Rauch, Martin, 20, Pvt., Served three years

Reis, Eustachius, 23, Pvt., Deserted

Schlatterer, Peter, 43, Pvt., Mustered out Jan. 11, 1866

Smith, Peter W., 28, Pvt, Deserted

Schoeter, Charles, 33, Pvt., Deserted

Stiritz, John, 20, Pvt.: Deserted

Stonefield, Nicholas, 44, Pvt.: Died

Theil, Peter, 24, Pvt., Deserted

Theobold, Adam, 26, Pvt., Deserted

Wilmer, John, 34, Pvt. Deserted

Walter, John, 18, Pvt.: Deserted

Zimmerman, Peter, 33, Pvt. Deserted 1