Dr. Subhash C. Sharma, P.Eng.

Subhash Sharma, born in Ansoli (Himachal Pradesh), received the B.Tech (Ag E -1970) from I.I.T. (Kharagpur), M.S. (ME - 1972) from University of Hawaii ( Honolulu ), and Ph.D. (ME - 1978) from University of British Columbia ( Vancouver ).

After completing his engineering education, Dr. Sharma has taught courses to university students in Canada and the Middle East . As a professional engineer (PEO), he has also worked on numerous aerospace, nuclear, robotic, automotive, locomotive and mechanical engineering assignments in Canada and the U.S.A.

Dr. Sharma has also done an extensive study on different religions and philosophies, and he has submitted several articles on the internet dealing with various philosophical, religious and social issues. His essays are also available from the internet under the names lamberdar and Seva.

He currently resides in Toronto (Canada). His email address is lamberdar@yahoo.com and web-links to various internet articles by him include http://www.oocities.com/lamberdar/author.html and http://seva.sulekha.com/blog/posts.htm. 1