The Cat Man Lion Story

Once upon long ago a cat erred throughout the nearby woods when he met up with a fearsome lion. The lion stopped and looked at the cat and said,
- "You are a cousin of ours, aren't you?"
- "Yes, I am!" the cat replied, "and I am rather a near relative of yours". The lion sighed and asked,
- "But, tell us, how come that you are that small, undersized and hardly mew anything?!"
-"Oh, they’re Man’s gazes that render me so!" the cat replied in a sad voice.
- "Do we know that Man! I mean, is Man among the current species of animals that serve our majesty?!" The lion said in arrogance.
- "I don't think so, your majesty!" The cat scornfully answered, "I mean he is the one who exploits all the other species in your venerable kingdom!"
- "Oh no!" the lion exclaimed, "Do you mean what you are saying right now! Otherwise you are foolish!"
- "He even eats most of your nation except for dirty stinking ones!" The cat mockingly comments.
- "Are you kidding our majesty, thou little mewing creature" the lion retorted!
- "Sorry your majesty! I wanted to say that Man is not an ordinary animal. He is one who can use tools better than anyone in your kingdom!" the cat said trying to lower the tension.
- "Do you mean that he is better than apes in using tools?!" The lion inquired.
- "Yes!" the cat hurriedly answered.
- "So I don't know this creature and I am eager to know him!" The lion said.
-"I guess I have to show your majesty! So would you mind following me?" The cat asked gently.
- "Go ahead! And tell me a little more about this creature!" The lion roared in pride.

The two started to walk towards the nearest village when they suddenly saw a man trying to split a tree trunk into two long halves. The cat stopped and pointed to the man whispering in the lion's ear,
- "Here is one!"
- "That meager little mortal can do all that damage you talked about!" the lion exclaimed in complete astonishment! And added, "Aren't you mistaken?! As with a single blow from our paw, we can make him a useless dead carcass."
- "No, your majesty! I've always been living under his power." The cat answered sadly.

The lion stealthily and prudently stepped towards the wood cutter and roared,
- "You are the one who can tame our cousin, the cat, aren’t you?"
- "Why are you asking?!" the man said without even looking at him!
- "How dare you tame one of my family members?!" The lion angrily said,
- "I don't, but things are like this since the dawn of existence!" the man spoke reasonably.
- "Now it is the sunset of your existence. I am the king of this forest and I challenge you into a duel." the lion threatened the wood cutter.
- "I am sorry but I have a work to finish first!" The wood cutter said absent mindedly.
- "You have to drop those tools down and fight like a man!" The lion began to lose his temper.
- "If you help me finish this work, I'll be at your disposal in just a few minutes!" the man said calmly. Eager to smash the man, the lion accepted,
- "What shall we do then?", The man smiled and showed him a crack in the tree trunk and said,
- "Insert your noble paws here and pull hardly. I want to break up the tree into parts. The lion, blinded by revenge, put his paws in the crack and it was a big mistake. As soon as he had placed his paws there when the wood cutter pulled a rope and the lion’s both legs got trapped in the cleft and he began to roar in pain. The wood cutter smiled and said,
- « You underestimated me because I am not as strong and fierce as you are. But you should have weighed up the situation vigilantly. There is something that I have and can defeat strength and ferocity. It is the brain. Now do please watch after my property while I go home for lunch!” and went away. The cat approached the lion in his ordeal and said,
- “I told you! It is thus that man intimidated us all. He is intelligent, smart, clever, cunning and tricky (pointing to the tree trunk trap). That’s his most dangerous secret weapon that animals normally don’t take into consideration when they want to measure to him.”
The lion still struggling to free himself painfully said,
- « I think I need a lot of time to understand what is happening now and why doesn’t Man keep us for pets! », the cat smiled and said,
- « I am sorry but your majesty needs more than just time to assimilate. When Man was in need of someone to keep him company, he took cats, parrots, rabbits, turtles and even snakes. When he wanted someone to guard his properties he kept the dogs, but when he wanted to carry heavy material, he used elephants, donkeys and took horses for prestige. You see my Lord! It is not only time that you need to understand; now what you do need, I guess, is a miracle to get out of this trap.”