2ème BAC.

Prefixes & suffixes

*/ Give the correct form of the words between brackets

1. What you're saying is (relevant) to the subject we are discussing. We are not talking about physicians. We are rather talking about the (physics) that think there are a lot of other (divisions) of the matter. It is almost (rational) to say that the things you can't see are (existent) .

2. I don't think that famous (science) is a (chemistry) . He is rather a (veterinary) . He conducts experiments on animals. He said that (cooked) meat is (healthy) because it still contains dangerous fatty substances.

3. Some people believe that (terrestrial) beings exist and they come to Earth on some sort of (sonic) crafts with (ordinary) shapes and speed. I think we are (developed) in comparison to them. However, there are some people who still think they are just a (natural) phenomenon.


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