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Tick the most appropriate phrasal verb to fill in the gaps _____
1. This story is entirely _____made up made out
2. Your parents will never ____ you ____.let down turn down
3. It is hot in here. You can _____ your jacket.put off take off
4. Laziness will surely _____ failure.bring in bring about
5. No sooner had they seen the dog when they _____.ran away ran into
6. She couldn't _____ with those eating manners.put down put up
7. The nurse is trained to _____ old people.look after look for
8. Did you _____ the lesson?.take back take in
9. Last night, John _____ after midnight.dropped in dropped out
10. She ____ him ____ a thief .took on took for

You have got correct answers out of 10


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