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Welcome to Lanceís Home Online!

Iím just an ordinary guy with a lot of diverse hobbies, whoís trying to put a website together for fun. Iím not a professional Web designer - Iím a COBOL systems analyst. (Yes, we still exist.) So if this looks odd, or strange, just bear in mind that Iím still learning.

What will you find here? Links to some of the science fiction conventions I'm involved in (or just enjoy attending), some of the organizations I belong to, some stuff that I think is just generally cool, and the web pages for some of my friends.

Science Fiction and Media Conventions

Polaris Gaylaxicon 2006 Gaylaxicon 2007
Fans First Inc. Ad Astra


Queer Continuum The Gaylactic Network Toronto Historical Bowling Society
The Kate Buckman Bridge Studio

Other Interesting Stuff

My Resume My LiveJournal Astronomy Picture Of The Day From NASA
Toronto Trek Message Board World Science Fiction Society Trek BBS
Wavelengths Online Halfbakery House Of Tucker
The Official Star Trek Website Toronto Fen Yahoo!Group

My Friends

Ozymandia's Home Darian's Friends Dave's 15 Minutes Of Fame
Sleeping Cat Geoff and Derick