Chapter One

Exam's were over with the senior class of 2000 had finally graduated!!  All of the senior's were leaving the High School parking lot, most were still hanging around the school, then, some, were inside still trying to pass one more class instead of failing, and having to repeat the 12th grade over again.
The senior's from Orlando High had to report back to the high school one more time, which was Sunday to receive their diploma's then everyone could go their own way's and live however they wanted without any family member's to bother them any more at home!!
Though it wasn't that great for one girl who seemed very depressed about something. Sure she was going to graduate from High School and all, but she had something just troubling her.
Just then a girl with bright red hair came running up to Amber and she said hi to her friend.
"Oh, hi..."  Amber said, to Shelly.
"What's wrong Amber?  What's bothering you?  You should be happy, you just passed your last 2 exam's."  Shelly said, as she was digging in her purse for her car keys. "Brain broke up with me..."  Amber said, letting a tear fall down her face.
"HE WHAT!?  WHY THOUGH!?"  Shelly said, looking up at her friend.
"He and Sara Bar...They..." She let a tear fall down her face.  "They had sex and then I just found out, from one of Sara's friend's that they did and I was dumb enough to give myself up to him!!"  Amber said, starting to cry non-stop now.
"You and he..."  Shelly began, but was interpreted by Amber.
"YES!!  Him and I had sex, but we used safety and I found out he cheated on ME!!"  Amber said, threw her tears.
"What a creep."  Shelly thought to herself, as she gave her friend a hug to try and clam her down a lil bit.
Shelly didn't see Amber's car anywhere and she offered to drive her friend home, Amber excepted and got in Shelly's car and then the two stopped at "The Cafe" to get a bite to eat. Shelly saw her boyfriend Rex Ritter just pulling up to the place and she told Amber she'd be right back and Amber just nodded and watched, as her friend left their booth to go and see her boyfriend, Rex.
"I wish this day would just end..."  Amber thought, as she took a drink of her milk shake. 
Amber contunied to drink her milk shake, she was unaware though, that she was being watched by someone.
Just then Amber's Ex boyfriend Brian came up to her with Sara Bra and the two scumbags both sat down at her table.
"What do you want?"  Amber snapped.
"Oh I just wanted to see how you were doing, you know Amber I still care about you."  Brain said.
"You do!?"  Amber said, a little, more happy.
"Yeah I do, I wanna know when you and I can go for another round of it in bed tougher again."  Brain snicked, and then him and Sara began to laugh.
Amber felt tear's start to fill up her eyes and then she began to cry, really hard now, that hurt her so much what Brian had told her, he wanted.
Just then the person that was watching her came up to Brain and told him to leave Amber alone, this made Amber look up at the man.
"Oh and what are you gonna do to stop me you lil punk!?"  Brain said, getting to his feet.
"Look pal, I don't wanna fight, you, I just want you to leave that girl alone."  The young man said, pointing, at Amber.
"Oh...Well then that's just to bad, because I'm looking to pick a fight with someone."  Brain shoved the young man to the ground, and then he grabbed the guy by the collar of his shirt.
"Leave him alone, Brain!"  Amber yelled, as she got to her feet and tried to pull the young man away from Brain.
Brain just pushed Amber to the floor and then this made the young man really pissed. "Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not nice to treat a lady that way."  The young man said, as he punched Brain in the face, he then was released from Brain's grip, and went over to Amber and helped her up. 
"You ok?"  He asked.
"Yeah I'm fine..." Amber said, with a faint smile.
Just then Brian slugged the young man on his right jaw and then he flew to the floor and his wig, hat and glasses fell off to the floor....... 

Chapter 2  

Amber couldn't believe her eye's nor could anyone else that was in "The Cafe" Justin Timberlake from Nsync, and the hottest and meanest guy from the High school, were both fighting, just then a security guard came out of their hiding place and they took Brian someplace.
Sara Bar was shocked at this and went after her new boyfriend Brain to see what would happen to him.
Just then a ton of girl's stared to circle around Justin begging him for an autograph.  Another security guard came in and fought threw the crowed of young teenyboppers, and older women.  He then finally reached Justin and helped him to his feet, Justin saw Amber and hurried and got her and dragged her outside with him into a Limo that was hidden around the back. Amber couldn’t believe it Justin Timberlake of Nsync had tried to protect Amber from Brain’s cruel words and jokes. “You sure you’re ok?” Justin asked, her and then he felt how sore his jaw was. “Your hurt, you ok?” Amber said, as, she touched his cheek by mistake and then pulled away and blushed. “Yeah I’ll be fine, thanks for caring.” Justin said, with a smile. “Ok that’s good, wouldn’t want ya to have to miss out on your concert you have tonight.” Amber said, smiling back. “My name’s Justin, but I’m sure you already know it, I didn’t catch yours.” He said, as he was getting some ice for his sore jaw. “It’s Amber, you know you really didn’t have to do what you did for me back their, at “The Café.” She said. “I know, but I wanted to. You looked really hurt and I couldn’t stand to just watch that guy and other girl laugh at you, while you sat their crying, I just don’t think nice people, such, as yourself should be treated like that.” Justin said. Amber saw in Justin’s blue eye’s that he meet every word he had said, to her and she couldn’t help, but smile like she meet it, for the first time that day. “Thank you for caring Justin. It mean’s a lot to me that your being so nice to me.” Amber said. “Don’t mechtion it, say weren’t you in the paper today for the class of 2000?” He asked her. “Yeah, I passed my last two exam’s so I’m happy. Sunday we all receive our diplomas, then after that I’m leaving and moving someplace else.” She said, as she shifted on her seat. “That’s kool, I finally finished up on all of my home schooling exam’s and I almost failed my Government one, but I still passed with a D+.” Justin said. “That’s funny that’s what I got on mine too.” Amber said, as she showed him her grades she had written down early that day. Justin couldn’t believe it they both had all of the same class’s and grade’s, but Justin kinda consider Choir like the him and Nsync, but other then that he was really amazed by how much they both had the same class’s. “This is really cool, you and I both have the same class’s and grades.” Justin said, as he handed her stuff back to her. “I know, maybe you and I were both thinking the same thing at the same time when we had to take our own test and pick our classes.” Amber said, with a smile, as she put her grades into her purse. Justin was really starting to like Amber and he was wondering if she’d go out with him maybe later after the concert, but he just deiced to hold it off and ask her something else. “Say Amber would you like two backstage pass’s to the show tonight?” Justin asked, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out two of them for the show that was held tonight. “Sure, I’ve been trying to call into the radio station for 3 week’s trying to get some to your “No Strings Attached” tour.” Amber said, as she took the two backstage passes he handed her. “Want a ride home?” Justin asked her? “No that’s alright, my friend Shelly is going to drive me home, thanks for the offer though.” She said. “No problem. I’ll be seeing you later then for sure?” He asked her. “You can count on it, and thanks again Justin for all of your help, it really does mean the world to me.” She said, as she smiled at him and then opened the door to the limo and left. Justin shut the door and watched threw the tinted window’s, as she walked away and then he told the driver to take him back to his house, so he could hang with the rest of the guys. Chapter 3 Shelly had scene the cops pull up in front of “The Cafe” and then she saw Brain being taken out by two fat guards and was wondering what was going on. She was about to run inside when she saw Amber coming from behind, “The Cafe” and then she ran over to her friend. “What is going on here!? Brain is being taken away by the cops, but it is also cool, and why are you coming from behind “The Cafe?” Shelly asked her friend, in a hurry. “Whoa one question at a time! I’ll explain it all later, but right now we need to hurry and get ready to meet N’Sync, tonight.” Amber said, as she saw a ton of the girl’s from inside were starting to look out the window at her. “Why are all these lil teenybopper’s looking at us?” Shelly asked, as she looked at “The Café.” “I’ll explain it all later, let’s just get into your car and go.” Amber said, as she led her friend to her car. The two friends both got into the car and then they headed to Amber’s place to get ready for the Nsync concert later. On the way though to Amber’s place, Amber had told her friend the whole story about what had happened to her at “The Cafe” and how Justin stuck up for her. Shelly didn’t like Nsync though, she liked BackStreet Boys, and she wouldn’t go to the concert at all. Amber begged her friend if she would, but Shelly just said no. Amber sighed and gave up, Justin had given her an extra ticket for nothing, she really wanted someone to come along with her to the show. Shelly, soon dropped her friend off and said bye to Amber and then she pulled away from the house and left, to go home and go out on her date with Rex, to the BackStreet Boy concert. As Amber watched her friend pull away she saw her new neabior’s moving in, across the street. She saw a girl about her age trying to get some boxes out of the moving van and Amber deiced to go and help the girl out. She walked over to the girl, then she said something, which scared the girl and made her drop her box of stuff, and then she got on her knees and began to pick up the stuff. “I’m sorry about that, here, let me help ya.” Amber said, as she got on her knees and helped the girl pick up her things. “Thanks.” The girl said, not looking up at Amber. As Amber helped the girl pick the thing’s up she noticed most of the thing’s in the box had to do with N’Sync and this made Amber grin and then after the two girl’s got done picking the stuff up Amber deiced to ask the girl some stuff. “I take it you like Nsync?” Amber asked. “Yeah, I love Lance, though, I think he’s really cute. Oh I’m dumb, my name’s Heather, I just moved in here today.” She said, as she held out her hand. “Mine’s Amber. It’s nice to meet ya.” She said with a smile, as she shook Heather’s hand. “Same here, so why you wondering if I like Nsync?” Heather asked. “Oh just wondering, I love Nsync too, but I really think Justin is a hottie.” She said. “So I hear. I wish I would have got ticket’s to see them tonight, but I didn’t get any. Oh well. I’ll live till they say when the next 31 tour dates are.” Heather said, as she sat down. “What if I told ya I had some.” Amber said, with a grin, as she sat down next to the girl. “I dunno, I’d probably feel dumb for not getting any.” She joked. “What if they were backstage passes though?” She questioned. “Then I’d be jealous, of ya.” She joked, once more. “What if I said, I’d take ya?” Amber asked. “Then I’d say yes, right off the bat.” Heather said. “Kool then you can come with me to meet the guys.” Amber grinned, as she pulled out the two backstage passes Justin had given her that day. “Oh My God!! How did you get them!?” Heather asked, sounding really surprised now. “Justin Timberlake gave them to me.” Amber said, with a smile on her face. “Really? How did ya meet him?” She asked. “It’s a long story, but I’ll tell ya everything on the way to the concert. Just let me help ya with your stuff and then you can take a shower and then meet me over at my place.” She pointed to her house. “And then we can go see our fav boyband.” Amber smiled, letting her eye’s light up. “Ok, kool.” Heather said, with a smile. Amber and Heather then got to their feet and they hurried and took boxes into the house and then, as soon, as they got all the boxes inside the two girl’s went their own way’s to hurry and get ready for the show. Chapter 4 Justin sat behind stage thinking about Amber and everything that had happened that day. All he had thought about was Amber, how pretty she looked, and just by how much he cared for her. Though he had only got to be with her for about a good hour. “I wonder if she love’s me? I mean I know I haven’t known her that long, but I just need to be with her. She mean’s the whole world to me.” He thought. Justin was in his own world when Lance had come into the room Lance sat down in another chair across from Justin and then he raised and eyebrow and waved his hand in front of Justin’s face and saw that he did nothing. “Justin…Hello?” Lance said, still waving his hand in front of Justin face. Justin didn’t snap out of it he just countied to sit they’re staring off into space. “Ok, he’s been acting weird since he got back from up town, what got to him so much?” Lance thought; as he got up to get something. Lance soon came back in the room with a bucket of ice cold water, and then he, threw it on Justin. He then he snapped out of his trance, and he jumped to his feet and ran out of the room to get a towel to dry off. “Damn-it Lance! What was that for!?” Justin snapped, as he came into the room drying off. “You were like off in another world and you didn’t hear me so I thought that would work and well, it did.” Lance said, trying hard not to laugh at his wet friend. “Oh, well still you didn’t have to throw that cold water on me.” Justin said, as he grabbed an extra pair of jeans and a T-shirt to wear. “Sorry, but I thought it was funny.” Lance joked. “Well sorry, if I have a problem thinking about girl’s.” Justin said, as he went to change his stuff. “I wonder if he’s thinking of Britney again?” Lance joked, to himself. “I HEARD THAT!!” Justin yelled. “Just a thought!!” Lance yelled. Lance just shrugged, and left the room and went to find something to do, besides hang around Justin all day. While the guys from Nsync were busy running around the place, Heather and Amber were on their way to the concert, to see the guys. Amber had told her new friend the whole story, mostly what had happened the day and she noticed Heather was kinda quite when she had told the girl that her former boyfriend had cheated on her, after prom. “What’s worng, girl?” Amber asked. “My boyfriend did the same to me, that’s the reason I moved down here. I live by myself, I’m going to the collage down here after summer is over.” Heather said, as she looked up at Amber. “I see, I wouldn’t blame ya eaither.” Amber said. “I wanna find some nice guy to spend the rest of my life with, but I know that won’t happen.” Heather said, as she sighed. “Your too much of a nice girl, Heather. I’m sure you’ll find the guy of your dreams, somewhere down that road.” Amber said, as she put a hand on the girl’s sholder. “Thanks Amber, for the comment.” Heather said with a smile. “No problem.” Amber said, as she turned into the place for the concert. Chapter 5 Justin was up and about now waiting for Amber, he didn’t know though that Lance was fallowing him around spying on the younger man. Justin was biting his nails like crazy, he was trying to think of what to say to Amber, he just hopped, he didn’t fall down face frist when she came backstage to see him. “OMG!! Look!! It’s Justin Timberlake!!” A young girl cried out, as she saw him. “Oh great, I’m sick of these little teenyboppers.” Justin thought, as he saw 7 girls run up to him, asking and begging him to a hug, autograph or anything that their little minds could think of. Justin was stuck with the girl’s for 15 minutes and then he soon got rid of the girls and went off someplace to find Amber. Lance noticed Justin was really nervous about something, so he decied to go and talk to his younger friend. “Hey Justin, are you ok?” Lance asked, as he came up behiend him. “Yeah, I guess.” Justin said, as he walked. “It don’t look like it.” He said, as he saw fans going into the place where the concert was being held. “Ok, ok, I confess, I’m in love with this girl I meet today.” Justin said, as he sat down. “Oh really? Who is she? Tell me the whole story.” Lance said, as he sat down. Justin began to tell Lance what had happened in “The Cafe” and so Lance listened to the whole story, he could tell his friend was really in love with this Amber girl. He just wished Justin would clam down about seeing her again.