Heather And Nsync's Worst
Halloween Ever!!

Heather Marie R

This stroy was made during Halloween.  It is totaly FALSE!  Not true.  Though I wish it were.  This is my best Nsync stroy I've made!  I've gotten 500 e-mails saying how much people love it!!  I hope you will too!!
I've also gotten e-mails asking if I'm making a part two to this.  Well the answer is YES!
I'll be called "
I'm working on it now.   I won't be posting anything up about it, but my sneak peak.  Until then...Watch your back in the dark...

Heather and Nsync's Worst Halloween Ever
(A.K.A "Forever Young")

This story is all DONE!!  The whole thing is right here to read!

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telling me what you think of this stroy!?  Thanks a lot!!