Remember Chapter's 5-8

Chapter 5

         Heather and the guy's all got out of the limoand headed inside where they all sat down to rest from their long flight and drive.

Heather had left the room and she went into the bathroom and began to cry she felt so helpless now, she needed someone to talk to that would understand what was going on.

"Maybe...Mike, YA!!  Mike Micdevt!!  He's always been there when I needed him the most!!"  Heather thought, as she pulleld out her cell phone and punched in her friend's phone number.

"Hello?"  A male voice said.

"Hey Mike!!  It's me Heather."  She said, trying to sound happy.

"HEY BUDDY!!  I heard what happened to the guy's they doing ok?"  Mike asked.

"Their ok ,but they don't remember who they are, I've been crying my heart out for a week now."  Heather said.

"I bet, say I don't have to work or anything so if you want I'll come over and help ya out."  Mike said.

"That would be great if you could."  Heather said.

"Ok give me 20 minutes and I'll be there."  Mike said.

"Good, good."  Heather said, with a smile.

"Bye Bye Bye."  Mike joked, as he hung up.

Heather hung up her cell phone and then she washed her face off with some warm water and then she opened the door to the bathroom up and headed back out by the guy's hopping thing's would run a lil better now.

Chapter 6