The Langley Riders Mounted Drill Team are members of the Langley Riders Society. This is an organization that provides youth programming and community recreation through horsemanship for over 40 years.  The drill team formed in 1966 and has represented Langley through out B.C as a featured entertainment group at many events including the Langley Airport Canada Day Celebration, the P.N.E, Pemberton Equifest, Hastings Raceway, Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo and many others.

The team is comprised of a group of enthusiastic ladies ranging in ages from 16 and up, motivated and committed to the perfect performance. A fast pace drill team with speed maneuvers make us a favorite at Rodeo grand entries and half time performances. As a club team, our ladies  are all volunteers and our only motivation is for the thrill and excitement and to give back to our  community a show with all the flash, speed and flair that makes this such an entertaining show. Any Proceeds we do receive go back to our riding society for future programming funds.

Drill team is a group of riders working in unison to create a "dance" on horseback which we often see in parades or at horse related events.  Unlike the slower line work done in parades, musical routines are done at a canter or lope and performed to a musical selection where an entire arena becomes our "dance floor".   The routines can be done at a much faster pace of 3 to 5 minutes for opening ceremonies or grand entry. Longer programs are usually 9 to 12 minutes in length. This performance is a series of patterns or maneuvers choreographed into a full routine.

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