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Welcome to my website for Christian women living in Australia and New Zealand.A lot of the information here is aimed at Australian Christian Mothers, as thatís what I am, but I hope to include information for all women living in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world, whether you are single, childless, married with children, or a grandmother.


Before you go on, I would like to tell you just a little bit about me.Or, rather, a little bit about what Iím not.Iím not an expert on Christian matters.I havenít studied theology.I havenít even been a Christian for that long.So my aim here isnít to share my wisdom.Rather, itís to provide a place where we can all learn from each other.Iíll be honest: this site is as much to help me as it is to help anyone else!





Each week I will write a letter, telling you a little bit about what Iíve been doing and how my Christian walk is going.Iím hoping others will start to share their thoughts and feelings, either about this site or about their lives.


Christian Living.


Articles on Christian Living.Bible verses.Prayers.You can also post your prayer requests here, or share your own thoughts about and questions about scripture or about the Christian life.


Family Life.


Articles about marriage, parenting and other issues related to the family.This section also includes pictures of my family, and you are quite welcome to send in your own photographs.


Home Life.


Articles on housekeeping, home organisation, frugal living and more.You can also share recipes, handy hints or money savers.



Books, Reading and Writing .


Reviews of Christian books.Articles on writing.


Home-based Business.


Find out how to contribute financially to the family, without neglecting your main priorities.Articles on marketing, working at home and eBay.Also contains home business ideas, a place to post your links to eBay and a listing of Christian books on eBay.


Writing and Editing Services.


A look at the writing and editing services I provide for writers, home-based businesses, families and individuals.†† Many of the services will be provided at no charge, so make sure you take a look!




Short poems, inspirational verses and prayers that may be used in scrapbooking, or may be bought through eBay.


Yahoo Groups.


Information on the Southern Cross Christian Women Yahoo group.Plus, there are links to the other groups I moderate on Yahoo.




Links to other websites I have found useful.


Lani Palmer