Let's see how far this goes until I get bored and forget about it

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03/26/05 09:00
I'm so bored right now, I can't believe I started this page.
School forum, just finished typing a long reply...
Wow, I still remember html, wow, what random thoughts, wow, this is gonna be crappy. Oh well, too lazy to make it better.
Oh yea, still need to do the physics chart, meh, I'll do that on Monday, yep random thoughts, I'm outta here. hope I still remember the username to yahoo in a couple hours... I like puting "..." at the end of sentences, I wonder why....
03/26/05 17:34
Hee hee, Runescape, it's so fun! Username big_brain1
Star Trek's the best! Especially The Next Generation!
I feel so tired. Maybe I should try and put a background on this... I wonder if I could put a giant United Federation of Planets logo on it...
03/26/05 20:54
Nope... background pics make it too hard to read text...
Heh, Starfleet Command and United Federation of Planets... This'll count as the graphics for my site....

03/27/05 09:28
I just discovered the answer yesterday night the answer to a question that's been bugging me for 2 days. It was why do objects appear smaller with distance? The answer I came up with was that the further away u were from the object, the less number of photons would reach your eyes and so it would appear smaller. But that's wrong of course because the number of photons determines the brightness. I found the actual answer was that the objects further away take up less of a percent of your cone of vision and so when the light from the object reaches your retina, it strikes a smaller portion and our brain interpretes it as being smaller. Think of the cone of light from a flashlight. Now I don't have anything bothering my mind until the next time a question like that comes up :).
I wonder why we're spending tax money trying to cure drug addicts and gambling addicts. Seems like a waste of money to me. If they want to gamble all their savings away, I have no problem with that. The revenue the casino recieves gets taxed, giving the government more money to do important things, like paying down the national debt. As for drug addicts, who cares if they want to drink/smoke themselves to death. Again, the sales of alcohol and tobacco gets taxed. We should make drugs like marijuana legal and have the government tax and produce it. We get more money, and if people get addicted and ruin their lives, that's not our problem. We'll have more jobs availible to us when the employers fire them. We won't have to worry about paying for their health care either. We can make it so that if you're addicted to drugs, we don't pay for your health care. This way, everybody wins, except for the druggies of course, but I don't care about them. It's not our fault they decided to take drugs.
03/27/05 15:42
Those evangelic people in the US are so hypocritical. Their clamour over Terri Schiavo just underscores it even further.
03/27/05 18:08
Just added the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise. I would've put the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme, but I was too lazy to try and find one without the intro voice. Windows Media Guide didn't have one of only instruments so I just put in the Star Trek: Enterprise one...
Hee hee, I got a counter on the site now!

03/28/05 09:56
I got these results WITHOUT cheating.
My IQ according to Tickle from their classic IQ test.
My IQ according to Tickle from their super IQ test.
My emotional IQ according to Tickle's test.
Now that I've updated the site, I guess there's nothing to do but check the school forum...
03/28/05 10:24
Awww.... Aida didn't have a reply... I was enjoying the debate... Oh well...
Gee, everyone wakes up so late, there's like no one on MSN Messenger until the afternoon...
I'd have the page play a different song everytime, but I haven't figured out how to do that, and I probably never will :(.

03/30/05 16:45
Supreme court ruling on Quebecs Bill 101 tomorrow. Hope they strike it down. Stupid Quebec government, always whining about their French language rights while they're taking away English language rights...
Did you hear about the guy who got killed when he tried to get out of his car at Canadian Tire but somehow got stuck and got run over when the car reversed? Weird. How'd the guy get run over if he was the driver? Maybe he left the car on in reverse and tripped and accidently stepped on the gas pedal... The lesson, always turn off your car when you're getting out and engage the parking brake...
Physics test tomorrow, I hope I didn't forget any formulas over the March Break. I think I've got them all, but just in case, I'll look over the formulas. In that case, I hope I remember to look at the formulas I need to remember for tommorow. Wow, two remembers in one sentence.
What are we supposed to do with our research in chemistry class? There's no way we'll have enough to start writing the report, and when we got the research, we already read it. What the heck are we supposed to do? Guess we'll all just talk the class away...
03/30/05 21:29
Finally finished both evil and good campaigns in Battle For Middle Earth, so now I'm redoing the good campaign on hardest setting. Stupid AI gets a 150% damage bonus, so if I try to use cavalry, their going to be slaughtered like orcs if I try to run over pikemen. So this time I'm planning on going all Elven warriors for rohan with 2 battalions of Rohirrim for quick strikes for the Rohan armies. Elven warriors are the best, seeing as how you can control when they switch between bows and swords. For Gondor, two knight battalions and all rangers. Too bad I can't control when they switch to swords so I'm going to have to watch out for catapults with them :(.
I'm so happy that Jagex decided to free up some more equipment for free version members in Runescape. Except I'm not that happy that it was all for rangers. Stupid rangers are going to turn all the mages in the wild into porcupines, which unfortunately includes me, since they get to use up to adamatite arrows and maple bows now. What about us mages??? We STILL have virtually nil protection against rangers or melee fighters! Now we're going to be sliced and diced by melee fighters, and shot full of arrows by rangers! We need armour! You know Corey, I still think my idea of letting mages deal out fire damage is a good idea, especially with the new equipment additions for rangers in the free version. Besides the obvious advatage to mages to offset the adamantite arrows and rune weapons, it'd be funny to see someone turned into a mobile torch...

03/31/05 18:28
Just drove back from the library. Driving SUCKS at rush hour, especially if you're facing the sun. So bloody hard to see the road signs...
I'm so pissed off right now. I wrote the physics tset and my mind blanked out after the first page and I panicked. I'm going to get a 70 something percent on this thing >:(.
I wish I had a giant poster of that picture the Hubble Space Telescape took. I forget what's it's called, I think it was Hubble Deep Field or something. Man those pictures looked nice... What with all those galaxies and stuff.
I don't like how US universities are banning alcohol on campus since it might make Canadian universities do the same. Or did they do that already? I don't know. I'd like university students to drink more, preferably right before an exam, then I get higher marks, and they fail, less competition for me :). Oh yea, people, I encourage you to drink some alcohol right before exams in grade 12 next year if you're planning on going to university. It'll help you relax... Heh heh heh... There won't be any serious negative side effects, for me... >:)

04/01/05 16:06
Gmail turns one today :).
Yay, I got a cool display pic from Angela and Amy yesterday. I'll put it on the site later after I make a few modifications to it.
Grrr, stupid judge ruled in favour of Bill 101...
04/01/05 16:41
Here's the display pic. Doesn't it look nice? The comm badge is wrong, but its got the main part of it, so oh well, I can't do anything about it using Microsoft Paint. Amy and Angela made it. I just added in the captain's pips.
04/01/05 16:41
Did you see that article in the Financial Post today? The Goldman Sachs team reported that oil could have a mini-spike up to $105 a barrel! *Shudder* The reccession in the 1980s were caused by $40 a barrel ($90 by today's standards). What a bad time to be graduating from high school. $105 a barrel, widespread unemployment, here we come...

04/03/05 09:54
What is this? Snow?!?! We're starting daylight savings time, and its snowing!?!?! !%^@#$^!@&)@# And what's with the thunder and lightning? It's a freaking snowstorm, not a thunderstorm! Stupid thunder, gave me a jolt...
The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, easily the best book series ever written in my opinion. I'm not going to tell you any of the plot, I don't want to ruin your enjoyment if you ever decide to read it. I highly recommend you read this series. You can put the books on hold at the Toronto Public Library. I've read so many books, I've got lots of good books to recommend. I'll post a list later on when I've got time.
04/03/05 10:35
Okay, here's a list of my favourite books/series that I can remember right now. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (Don't read the sequels, they suck, but read the parallel story Ender's Shadow and its sequels. The sequels to the parallel story, the parallel story, and the original story are really good, but not the sequels to the original story.), The Shannara series by Terry Brooks (Includes the prequel, heritage, and voyage series), the "Ryanverse" by Tom Clancy (It's not really called the Ryanverse, but the series doesn't have a name and its main character is called Ryan, so...), the World War series by Harry Turtledove (This also includes the Colonization series. I haven't read the epilogue yet, but I've put it on hold at the library.), Legacy of the Alldenata by John Ringo (I'm reading that now.), March Upcountry Series by David Weber and John Ringo, Ilium by Dan Simmons(countinued in Olympos), Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear (countinued in Darwin's Children), Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkien, Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Tales of Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card, Spin State by Chris Moriarty (Heh, looks like Sherlock Holmes' enemy had a family, lol), Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Whew, been working on this list for the past hour, probably more to be added, but I have to go take a break now. I'll update it later.
What's really pissing me off right now is that the public library won't let me put any books on hold online right now for some reason, it just says contact the circulation desk, well I'm at home you stupid site, and it's freaking snowing outside, how the heck am I supposed to contact it!
04/03/05 14:16
Oh yea, the Star Trek books written by William Shatner are also really good. Ditto for the books on the Q-continuum.
04/03/05 20:12
It's so funny, I'm playing the good campaign on the harderst setting on Battle for Middle Earth, and I'm wiping out the enemy with peasant battalions, lol. 16 fully upgraded battalions, wiping out everything... lol
04/03/05 22:02
My updated display picture. Amy added in the correct comm badge. You know, that haircut makes me think of it as a Vulcan.

04/04/05 21:43
The type of dog I am according to Tickle.
The Pope died. Too bad. Newspapers say next Pope will probably be from a Third World country.

04/06/05 20:27
Yay! I'm going to pass Helm's Deep on my first try! Even though I made so many mistakes like trying to trample the first wave with Glorious Charge... Y didn't they die??? I guess they don't let you for the first wave... Lost 4 rider battalions to it, INCLUDING Eowyn... Stupid Eowyn, just had to turn around and get killed... Then, I revived her, but she was so slow she got killed right before she reached safety... Like I said before, Eowyn's a waste of resources... Then, the next mistake, wasn't paying attention AGAIN and Theoden died... Couldn't revive him since the citidal got destroyed... So here I was, holed up in the final part of Helm's Deep (The part that has to be destroyed to lose), with waves and waves of upgraded urukhai trying to kill me, no leadership bonuses due to cold rain, one healing well, and one farm... Almost lost Boromir and Aragorn, but saved them just in time (whew)... Luckily, I had kept churning out Elven Warriors until my resources ran out, so I had a lot of those AND I fully upgraded them with everything except forged blades since my plan didn't call for them to go hand-to-hand combat... and it worked perfectly!
For those of you frustrated at this level, here's how you beat it easily. Build nothing but farms at the beginning EXCEPT for one spot at the evil side's objective on the right side. That's where you build an archery range. Build Yeoman Archers until it's upgraded to rank 2 archery range. As soon as that happens, buy the fire arrow upgrade, then start churning out Elven Warriors. Meanwhile, build an armoury and purchase the banner carrier upgrade and heavy armour. Upgrade all units with heavy armour, fire arrows, and banner carrier. Don't forget to save the peasants with Theoden, Eowyn and your one Rohhirim Riders battalion. You get lots of resources for saving the refugees, and additional units to throw against the urukhai as a distraction. Don't bother upgrading the peasants, not worth it, they die so easily, just like Eowyn. When Isenguard arrives, close all gates and move all units to evil objective. Put archers in the back and heroes in front. Set Legolas's hawk strike on auto and Gimli's throwing axe on auto. Let the urukhai put up ladders and destroy the gate. Right before urukhai destroys a farm, demolish it yourself so that you get some resourcse back. If any single urukhai battalions start marching up the ramp to the objective, just send out the heroes to quickly kill them off and retreat back to the the objective. At the objective, demolish the statues for some resources(you can't use them anyways due to the cold rain). Demolish the farm on the left at the objective and replace with healing well. When the urukhai start up the ramp towards the objective en masse, let them come up until the first battalion poke their heads past the tunnel. Then select all units (except peasants, don't forget to use draft on them), and tell them to attack-move towards the lower level, this will cause them to all try to go through the tunnel since you closed all the gates. But since the urukhai are there, they'll start firing arrows into them while the heroes hold them off. Remember to tell them to retreat once the urukhai are all dead/retreating. Use Aragorns swordmaster ability when there's lots of urukhai, ditto for gimli's slayer ability and boromir's horn of gondor. Whenever there's a packed group of berserkers or urukhai with forged blades, or just some really damaging crossbows, use Gimli's leap attack right into them to wipe them out in one shot. Don't forget to use Legolas's ability to give archer's experience whenever possible. When your heroes get damaged, move them to the healing well AND MAKE SURE THEY STAY THERE, because heroes have an annoying tendency to rejoin the fight and get killed. If all your heroes need healing, use your peasants to temporarily hold off the urukhai while your heores are healing. When you run out of resources, demolish your archery range and build a farm. From there, you can build peasants whenever you get enough resources and command points, though that shouldn't happen since the elves and yeomen are really well protected by the heroes if you use my strategy. When they try to destroy the gate leading to the objective, you can let them since you have plenty of force to hold them off that way too since the AI is stupid and doesn't try to attack from both directions at once. If you do let them destroy the gate, watch out for the ballistas they send occasionally. A couple of fire arrow shots will take care of them. When Eomer and Gandalf arrives, use them to eliminate the camps and ignore the wave of urukhai that arrives. They'll still go towards their objective and your elves and heroes will hold them off. I passed Helm's Deep this way on the hardest setting even with my mistakes, so you can use it for all difficulty settings. Btw, if you get Legolas killed in this, you suck. Really really suck since he gets the least damage hanging back there with his elves. I've NEVER had to heal him on this map, not even with the healing well.
Sigh, my parents are making me to my taxes... It's so mind-numbing, looking at that booklet... How am I supposed to understand this thing?!?! Oh well, if other people can do it, then I bloody well can...
Did you people read any of the books I listed before? I spent more than an hour composing that list! Don't forget, you can find ALL of these books at the public library AND put them on hold. They aren't stuck in the stupid reference section like some books I want to read. This is the public library website. You can put all the books on hold here.
04/06/05 21:21
Great, now we're not safe even in hospitals too. And now I'm afraid of going to the hospital. Grr... Stupid artical...
Nice plane, I want one. All it needs now is a mini-bomb on it and it'd be perfect. Just think, no one will be able to see it and thus not be able to shoot it down. Then *clink clink clink "Hey, what was that?" "I dunno, don't see the enemy around here" *Kaboom! Lol, I'll go to sleep now.

04/07/05 20:27
Did you see the size of those earthworms in Biology class? They were HUGE! Like they were on growth hormones or something! Like ewww! Yay, I got full marks on the grasshopper part thanks to Jenny!
I just got the most amazing Firefox theme I've seen so far. It's called Noia 2.0 (eXtreme). It looks really nice, you should try it!
04/07/05 20:48
I just remembered four other great series. The first is Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. It's a really really engrossing series, with a surprise twist in the last few books. The second one is True Game by Sheri Tepper. The first book is called King's Blood Four, second is Necromancer Nine, and the last is Wizard's Eleven (I instantly thought Ocean's Eleven when I saw that title). I suppose you can read it as 3 separate books, but the library offers it in one book called True Game. I recommend you read it that way so that you don't have to wait to countinue the story. The third one is Legends of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. First book is The Butlerian Jihad. The fourth is Prelude to Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. First books is House Atreides. Don't bother reading the actual Dune series. It's kinda boring compared to the prequels.

04/10/05 20:00
Darn, no TTC strike. I wanted to see what would happen if they did strike...
It's starting to feel like spring, yay! I'm walking on sunshiiine, walking on sunshiiiiiine!
Yay, got pass Isenguard in one try, even on hard setting! Here's what you do, build an army of ents, destroy cave troll lair, get treasure, build backup ents. Use ents at cave troll lair, break wall, destroy as many uruk pits as u can to prevent more urukhai from building. If urukhai crossbows with fire arrows attack, step on them, don't bother attacking, too slow. Saruman appears, get everyone to attack him and he dies very quick. Countinue until all buildings destroyed and pick up all treasure. Build as many ents as u can, then just charge the dam and step on all the fire arrow guys. Then just destroy dam and you win!

04/11/05 18:12
Yay, got past Osgiliath in one try without calling in Faramir's army. All you have to do is stay around your base and put elven wood where your units are and use catapults to thin out the attacks. When you've got max units, just attack. Build lots of archers with fire arrows to go against the nazguls and trolls. If you don't retreat your units in the beginning, you're screwed, probably. I just let them take the bridges.
Hey, guess what? I got a Rohirrim battalion at rank 10 after 10 missions, and they killed 1461 enemies. Isn't that amazing? They got more kills than any heros or battalions?
A shouting match broke the stalemate in the negotiations for TTC... Wow... Great negotiating tactics people, yell your heads off...
You know what I'd like to know? Why don't our border agents get guns? I mean like, in Manitoba, U.S. agents stopped a dangerous guy, and they took him back to the border. What do they find? A single Canadian agent, without any weapons. So they had to stay there for two hours waiting for the police to arrive. Hey, you know what else is funny? The marine border unit up at the 1000 Islands, they don't have a boat! If they don't have a boat, how are they a marine unit, and how are they going to catch anybody? Swim to catch suspects?
04/11/05 21:41
Oh ya, here's another book to read. God's Debris by Scott Adams. Yes, he writes Dilbert, no, this is not a Dilbert book. The sequel to this is the Religion War, but the public library doesn't have it, so I didn't read the sequel :(. Another good book is The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams. Yet anoter one by him is The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century by Scott Adams.

04/12/05 17:28
I'll bet Nike executives jumped for joy when they saw Tiger Woods' winning shot.
Stupid summatives... Especially chemistry...
Noooooooooo! Jeffery beat me by 3 points today in archery... Must, get, higher, score, tomorrow...
04/12/05 20:53
The Dilbert Newsletter. You should subscribe. It's so funny. More than one way to cut the cheese, lol. Join Dogbert's New Ruling Class like I did. You won't regret it. Unless the newsletter overfills your inbox and you miss an important email of course. But who cares about you? Just do what I say. :p
Visit Trek United and Save Enterprise.
04/12/05 21:31
If you're born-again, doesn't that mean you have to change your birthday date? If God is all-powerful and loves us all, then what's the point of the suffering? It can't be a test, because God would already know how we would do. If God created everything, then why is there evil? Does that not mean He created evil too? In fact, if Satan is so bad, why doesn't God just wipe him from existence? If God is all-powerful, doesn't that mean he knows the future. Then doesn't that mean we have no free will because everything is already predetermined because God already knows the future and the future has to happen? If God is all-powerful, why did he need six days to create the world? If God wants us to believe in Him and follow his wishes, why doesn't he send forth an angel or something to prove to everyone He exists? I'd convert if that happened. What's up with the U.S. trying to bring democracy and freedom everywhere? I mean, if they believe in God, why would they do that since there's no democracy in following God? I mean, like, we have to do whatever God wants us to, there's no voting or anything. Anyone have a satisfactory answer for me? If you do, tell me. Oh yeah, what's up with the killing by Christians? Aren't we supposed to love even our enemies? Gee, I wonder if the public library has any Bibles for me to read, I like reading. Hey, did you know everything we do we do because we want to be happy, and so the purpose of life is to be happy? I hope I haven't offended anyone with what I just wrote. If I did, sorry, but these questions have been on my mind for quite a while, like 2 years I think.

04/13/05 20:48
Did you read that article in the Financial Post? A couple found a rat in their sandwich and they sued the business. What did the owner say? Well, he was an idiot and told everyone it wasn't a rat, just a mouse, and they'll probably never find out how it got there. Stupid eh? Well, he hired a lawyer after that little incident. Lol.
Yay, I beat Jeffery! Got a $15 gift certificate for HMV. Don't know what to do with it since I never have and probably never will buy anything from there.

04/14/05 20:52
Yay, got won a pen!
Man, I wish I was inside parliament when they started shouting... It must have been great to see/hear... Election! Election! Elections always makes life interesting!
Go Liberal Party of Canada! Can't wait till I can vote! I'd vote NDP, but they only have a chance so slim it's almost nonexistent of beating the Conservatives.
Doing Minas Tirith right now. Stupid catapults, they've destroyed my catapults multiple times at the gate, so now I have to use towers, which does like no damage to the catapults... Stupid things, wiping out several of my ranger units... At least the Rohan reinforcements are availible now so I can't lose, but then again, I won't be able to build more units either... So I gotta rebuild the ranger army first... Stupud heroes won't self heal for some reason, so mad at them, so building healing well, that'd better work, I don't want to waste my heal power...
I've got this great idea that we should implement as soon as possible. See, what we should do is attach all ICBMs and any missiles with decent range with fusion warheads. Also, plant the remaining nuclear bombs and warheads in scattered locations around the world and have them really really well guarded. Then, we program the ICBMs and other missiles to target places that don't have a nuclear bomb planted in the area. Next, we kill off all space programs and ban missions that send humans into space except ones to service satellites. We also ban any deep mining and construction deep into the ground. Then we link the launch/detonation signal to my life signs so that as soon as I die/fall into a coma/vegatative state, the missiles are launched and the bombs dentonated, wiping out all life on Earth and triggering a nuclear winter. Isn't that a great idea? After all, if I can't enjoy life, what's the point of everyone else existing? :P

04/15/05 21:29
Yay, I put the Religion War on hold at the library, now I get to read it. More good news! I finally got the Da Vinci Code from the library. Looks like I won't be doing any homework anytime soon :)
I finally finished Minas Tirith. Stupid trolls and catapults wiped out ALL but four of my ranger battalions. My elves got mauled too, but not as badly. They saved the day, with their fire arrows decimating everything, including Nazgul when Gandalf was recharging. Got Theoden, Boromir, Merry, and Pippin killed. Stupid hobbits, they died multiple times. Also lost my rank 10 rohirrim battalion too :(. Oh, well, need to rebuild my ranger/elven army now. Got 8 power points from Minas Tirith, so I get to buy Army of the Dead power now. I gotta get the Cloud Break cover. The Darkness power gave all the evil units +50% armour, and that really hurt, especially since their units were at rank 6 and stuff. Stupid horses DIED trampling the orcs. Wtf is that??? I mean I know they're rank 6 and the Rohan reinforcements power only give rank one rohirrim, but still.... At least they wipe out the catapults really well...

04/17/05 16:15
Yay! Finally got The Da Vinci Code from the library. Finished it in one day :). It's a really good book. I put the prequel to it on hold. It's called Angels & Demons. Then'll I know what happened at the Vatican to Langdon.
Rebuilt my ranger army. Now all I need to do is rebuild the Elven army, rank up my heroes and get all the Evenstar powers, then it's Black Gate time, with the waves of orcs and the killing and the other waves of orcs and the more killing and the army dying and the elves coming to the rescue and the winning and then more amd more waves of orcs. Fun. Just hope they don't summon a Balrog. Which is likely since the only Blarog so far is from Moria. The Black Gate will probably have some Nazguls and some Balrogs, just to screw me over.

04/19/05 22:10
New pope elected. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, a conservative one, was elected new pope. He'll take the name of Pope Benedict XVI.
Soooo stressed out! Physics test tomorrow, chem summative on Tuesday (with no research done), english summative on Monday (with no script from group yet and needs to be memorized), chem presentation soon, ditto for comp sci, accounting quiz next class, work on weekends... Gah! Too mcuh work! Too much stress!
GRRRRRR!!! My email just got flooded with junk mail. Who's the idiot who gave out my email to a website with no privacy policy stating they won't sell it to third parties/don't follow their policy. Sigh, maybe if I ignore them they'll go away. Can't block them, block list already filled up to max.
Good news, I found another hilarious Dilbert comic. I'll post it up next time. Gotta go to bed now.

04/20/05 16:40
As promised, here's the Dilbert I found. Enjoy!
Grrr! IAPS test on Tuesday! Finished physics test, but now I've got an IAPS one! Dammit, I want my stress level reduced!!! At least chem is now on Thursday so I can go to library on weekend instead of walking through the freaking rain!
I think I'll start a page outlining my plans for getting rich/world domination. Heh heh heh... World domination... Heh heh heh...
04/20/05 17:36
Heh heh heh... Here are some of my plans for world domination. Heh heh heh... Plans for getting rich later on maybe.
04/20/05 18:17
Plans for getting rich now up. Enjoy.
04/20/05 20:57
Oh yea, I put a link on all my pages to go back to the main page now.
Yay, new area for non-members for Runescape! Can't wait to check it out!
Did you people hear about the new Ebola-like virus that's sweeping through parts of Africa? Scary if it comes here. I sure hope not. Figures, MSNBC doesn't have a single article on it. Stupid Americans, probably don't even know where Africa is and don't care.
Ah, poor Martin. Worked so hard and finally got to be Prime Minister, but then gets blindsided by the sponsorship scandal. I hope everything works out okay for the Liberals. Sure don't want the Conservatives in office *shudder.

04/21/05 20:20
Sigh, so stressed out... Bio test now on Monday...
Sigh, so depressed and worried too... Front page headlines in today's Financial Post from the National Post. "Crude Shortage Looms", "Oil Tapping Out". Why me? Economic recession/collaspe of civilization/world domination by one country/nuclear war/war. Why now? Quotes from articles and my comments: "World oil production is set to peak in the next two years, at which point there will not be enough new projects coming on stream to offset global oilfield declines, ..." (Damn it, here comes the recession), ""Unfortunately, we are going to meet demand the hard way," he said. Supplies will only meet demand through extraordinary price increases ..." (Yep, recession time, and boy is China screwed), "Canada is one of the few bright spots because of oilsands development ..." (Looks like reason enough for invasion/manipulation by U.S.), "U.S. President George W. Bush warned yesterday that the United States must make an urgent long-term effort to cut dependence on foreign oil sources." (Sure, especially with his friends and family having stakes in domestic oil companies. Effort to cut dependence on FORIEGN OIL SOURCES huh? Well, taking over Canada would solve the problem.), "The President's stark waring comes as the House of Representative begins debate again on an US$8.1-billion energy bill that offers tax breaks, mostly for energy producers, allows drilling in the Alaskan environmental refuge and limits the liability for makers of the gasoline additive methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE." (Yep, perfect timing for warning, pressuring them to pass the bill. Why give tax breaks to energy producers? They're already rolling in profits and what incentives do they need at today's astronomical oil prices? Oh yea, you and your little friends have big stakes in those companies, tax breaks sure would make you even more money you rich hogs. You know, there's a reason it is an environmental refuge, but what do you care, opening drilling there will make you and your friends lots of money and stall the recession until you can successfully get out of office and be praised as the last President before all those problems from lack of oil appear, which was partially your fault. Limit liability? Those makers are poisoning the environment (esp. groundwater) and you want to limit there liability? They already have over 100 lawsuits filed against them over MTBE from local and state governments and water authorities. Oh yea, your friends and their money, I get it. Besides, you can afford to not drink tap water near those companies. Only the best bottled water for you!).
04/21/05 20:53
Did you watch Prime Minister Paul Martin's televised address to the nation? Watch it here. You'll have to find the proper one though. Don't forget to watch the Conservative's and NDP's response. You hear Harper's little French talk there? He's probably trying to show Canadians that he too is bilingual and so lower some to the fear about national unity. He's trying to win over Quebeckers with this French and turn them away from the Liberals. Just listen to all those references to Quebec. Stupid Quebec, always wanting more... As for Layton, not a national crisis huh? Well I think it is a national crisis if parliament can't do what we elected them to do because they're all focused on the sponsorship scandal and election speculation. Yes, we care deeply about our families and communities, what's that have to do with the sponsorship scandal? Hey, look, he's using French too, and dropping references to Quebec too! Lack of respect that cost him Harper's support Layton? Since when did Martin have Harper's support? I thought they were in opposing parties!
04/21/05 21:24
For Firefox users, get the Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) theme. For people who don't use Firefox, get it and use it. Much better than anything I've tried. Sure, there are some minor problems, but if you run into any of those on a site, just copy the url and paste into Internet Explorer. Then switch back when done with the site.
04/21/05 21:42
Sigh, what is with people and their aversion to following the news/politics? We should be informed about these things, especially now that we are close to getting to vote. Government policies greatly affect our lives as do what happens in other parts of the world, no matter how far away the actually geographic location is. It is our duty as sentient habitants of this planet to try to keep informed of events. By the way, if you guys ever don't want to vote or don't know how to vote, ask me. I'll tell you who/what to vote for. I'm usually right in my choices anyways. Earth would be much better off with me as world leader and everyone listening to me.

04/22/05 20:32
Yay! My typings speed increased so much since the last time I checked! From 23 WPM to this! Test name: Strategic Alliance with Competitiors Gross Speed: 51WPM Errors: 7 words Net Speed:48 WPM Accuracy: 95% The site I used was here.

04/25/05 21:18
Ahhhhhh!!!! Only got a 74% on my math test! What the hell!!! So frigging pissed off!!! Least I did okay on Bio test I think... Man, why do people have to be so hard-working in class? Just saw two English presentations, so good, so going to drop my groups mark on accout of how crappy our presentation is in comparision...
Kicking ass on Battle for Middle Earth single player. Got the perfect way to rank up my units. Gondor uses Faramir's, Boromir's, and Legolas' special ability to gain experience. Use Theoden's for Rohan army. Perfect. By time I get start Black Gate, all units and heroes should be rank ten. Heh heh heh... Rank ten Gandalf already... Word of power and BOOM! All onscreen enemies dead... Heh heh heh...

04/28/05 21:42
Finished chem writing. Got major cramp in wrist when writing conclusion, but running outta time so had to countinue. Couldn't move pen due to cramp, letters 3mm high. Hope Tors can read it.
Why won't the freaking stress end?!?! Now got IAPS summative!
Got max points in sound bite part in game in IAPS. How weather works, lol. When in doubt, go scientific.

04/30/05 09:34
Nooooo! Just read the requirements for my physics project. It's supposed to be on a current issue in topic! Noooo! Why'd I have to choose eyeglasses??? I'm so screwed!
Least I kicked somebody's Gondor ass online in Battle for Middle Earth yesterday. That's what he gets, trying to run over my Elven battle lines! It was such a fun game. He kept giving my Legolas kills. Rank seven Legolas when the game ended!
Stupid Harper, wanting to call an election. At least wait until I can vote! It's only like a bit more than a year from now.

05/02/05 21:17
Just finished writing physics contest. Guessed like 25/30, lol.
Argh! Wrote physics report in essay form! 1563 words, 4 diagrams(drawn by me of course, should get bonus marks for that), 2 equations, 1 calculation, = crappy.
Stupid IAPS summative...
Sigh, so depressed...
At least all my heroes in the Gondor army are at rank 10 now. Too lazy to rank up Rohan army. Just going to do most of the remaining missions using Gondor, rank up the rangers.

05/07/05 10:32
India's managed to launch satellites into orbit now, and are planning on sending a probe to the moon soon. What the hell were they smoking when they came up with the crack-brained idea of sending a probe to the moon??? It'll cost lots of money, money that could be spent improving the state of some of India's poorest people, and they most likely won't learn anything NASA doesn't know. What a complete waste of money, not to mention fuel.
Such nice weather, too bad I got a orthodontist appointment today and work tomorrow... I want to go out rollerblading or something...
Going to treat my mom to dinner for Mother's Day, I wonder what you're going to do.
Sigh, so much school work to do, so little time...
I guess I should post up a site map, but too lazy right now... Do that some other day...
05/07/05 18:22

05/18/05 19:37
DAMN IT! SO MANY SUMMATIVES! Still haven't found enough info for IAPS and it's due on Friday! How the frig do they expect us memorize all those terms for the bio slide show test?!?!?! Crazy teachers!!! Going to do so bad on it...
On the bright side, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game and came out with the title. Check it out at the official Zelda website. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Cool name huh? Game looks kinda dark. It looks like we finally get to control Princess Zelda. I think the thing riding Link is Zelda at least, so we're sort of controlling her. Oh well. The monsters really look freaky, what with the glowing red eyes and all. Hope I don't get nightmares from it... I know, being freaked out by a Nintendo game, but still... Glowing red eyes, scary...

05/31/05 21:39
Have not had time to update for past while. Probably not for a couple of weeks too, at least till school's out and exams are over...
Twilight Princess looks to be a wicked game!
Damnit, so stressed out, stupid summatives and upcoming math exam!

06/18/05 20:52
Just bio and physics exam left to go... Man, need a break... Math exam took a lot outta me... The nervousness and stress, not the studying of course... Less than 3 hours of studying :p...
Okay, changed the music... Don't you just love this song???
Oh yea, found the funniest site, http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/ it's so funny, was laughing so much, and I usually don't laugh or even smile, so you know it's funny!
Oops, gotta go, I'll start putting in links at bottom later on, now to change the music...
No, wait, can't use wma files here... so no new music... how the heck do I convert wma to mp3? hmm.... Oh silly me, there's a mp3 option in wmp, lol, so stupid of me, oh well, these things happen... So I guess I can put new music on the site after all then :)

07/11/05 17:14
Busy playing games... No time for site right now... Check back in August.
Work sucks.
What's so fun about Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life? I don't know, it seems kinda repetitive, but I'm addicted to it right now for some reason and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I've started and want to see the ending... Taking so freaking long to get to ending... Halfway through only... *sigh

09/10/05 11:21
OOOkay... Haven't logged in here in so long, took 5 different password tries before I got in. Hate when that happens.
Ah, the bittersweetness of the weekend... Sweet in that there's no school, bitter in that I have to go back on Monday, sweet in that there's lots of free time, bitter in that there's lots of homework. Damn I hate homework, especially this letter for English and the mini-biography for comp-sci. Ah well, at least I've got some good teachers and no bad ones, I think... Pickard for physics, Jeyanathan for calc, McKechnie for comp-sci, Hommel for english, Taylor-Brando for accounting, Kourinovski for alt-geo, Ballie for chem, and Burns for bio. Judging from what Burns did in bio so far, I'm guessing he's like a Tors for bio, except the tests are going to be difficult to say the least. It really sucks that tel deleted my account this summer. That means I've lost ALL my turing and vb programs AND I have to rearrange my desktop and folders again.
So many things have happened in the news since my last update that I want to share my viewpoint on, but there's so many and so little time so I'm not going to bother. Except about the New Orleans and Katrina thing. All I'm going to say is that anyone with an IQ a bit higher than below average, the ability to look at a weather map and the understanding that water flows downhill could see it coming. But of course, we're talking about the American bureaucracy here, or any bureaucracy nowadays. Seems IQ's, common sense, and reaction times are drastically lowered by all the red tape common in all government institutions, but I digress.
Digress, heh, a better way of saying "Oops, I got off-track/am blabbering about nothing.
I haven't read the National Post today yet, so I'll probably be back later to comment on today's (or more accurately, yesterday's) news.
I'll be updating the site as soon as I finish eating lunch and washing the dishes. I'm going to add a page specifically for good books, another one for good television shows, and links to all the pages in tbis site. Thinking of adding a ctrlaltdel page for partically funny panels. Will also take the music off the site... Or maybe just change it to another one. Well, I'll be back in 1-3 hours I guess, depending if my younger brother gets to the computer first after I wash the dishes or not. Oh, right, going to add a page for interesting Star Trek quotes and quotes in general.

09/10/05 13:09
Well, I'm back. Just quickly scanned through the National Post and there wasn't anything really interesting. Except for that litle blurb about Europe being kinda pissed at the U.S. gov't for not letting them send supplies to the U.S. to help out the relief efforts yet. Ah well, what do I care, I don't live down there. IF they don't want the stuff, just keep it, or better yet, give them to me. I'll sell them off for like 5 dollars an item or something.
Hmmm, looking at the Google Zeitgeist and guess what game has the top queries? RUNESCAPE! Ahahaha, take that people who say it's a crappy game!
When you're cooking something like stir-fry, add less or more than required? I prefer adding a bit more than what's probably needed just in case even though my parents tell me to add less and then later add more when eating if required. I'm just too lazy to do that though.
Got my contacts on Friday and they HURT! It's like having a hair stuck in your eye and it won't come out. After trying them on, I looked like I was crying my eyes out, what with all the tears and it was incredibly hard to keep my eyes open. Kept wanting to blink! And I'm scared of putting them on. The first time I tried that it went kind of like this: Okay, so just put it in like this. Like this? Yep, keep looking straight, keep looking straight... OW! IT HURTS IT HURTS! Well, yes, that's because you looked up right before you put it on and now it's in the wrong place. NO DUH! THAT'S WHY I'M IN PAIN HERE! HOW ABOUT GETTING IT OFF! Yea, so I'm going to need like 2 weeks to get used to it before I can wear them at school so still stuck with my glasses right now. Oh, and getting it off is a pain in the ass. I still haven't figured out the proper way of taking them off, so I'm stuck using a mini rubber plunger thingy to take it off.
The minimize option on my Windows Media Player is screwed up. Well, has been for a while. When I minimize it, it takes up 3x the area it's supposed to for some reason, so I can't minimize it. Oh well, no big loss.
Yearbook computers are SO screwed up. Every single one has viruses, spyware, and adware on it and hasn't been updated in a long time, if ever, has crappy security settings and one of the ones I've been working on won't let me use AVG to scan it. Damn, the amazing ability of people to screw up computers.
Oh, and got a table tennis table from Canadian Tire today. Need to set it up.
Guess I better start working on all those pages and links planned now.
That's odd, I loaded a cd I ripped music from before, and before it was all track 01 and like that, but now all the info's there this time. Huh, what weirdness.

09/10/05 16:00
Oh man, took three hours, but I did it. I've updated the site. I ened a break. And need to try on contacts. *shiver
Oh, data transfer limit exceeded again. I'll take out the music then. That should fix that.

09/11/05 15:39
Just realized the dates for yesterdays post was wrong. Just fixed it.
Am wearing contacts right now, and they were hard to get on. Probably gonna take me half an hour to take them off. My vision's clear where I focus, but the sides are blurry for some reason.
Owned by little brother this morning at table tennis even though I was wearing my contacts so I couldn't really see.
Biology homework done. Was planning to do comp-sci and english homework today, but I'm feeling lazy, so, guess I'll do them on Monday.
I've started playing a game called Utopia which I found while searching for the author of the book Utopia to put on my book list. The game has no graphics and basically involves a bunch of lists and input boxes. Doesn't seem that interesting, but I'll countinue to play it for a little while, just to see what it's like. The games free. If you join, the one I'm playing is The World of Legends, I'm part of Kingdom 27 Island 35 Province of Triatlantis. My little group is right now in a war with Kingdom 3 Island 41, but I can't participate yet until Monday because mines a new account. Oh, and we're losing badly.

09/13/05 18:45
National Post A1 - "Moratorium Urged On Use Of 'Fresh' Embryos" - My response is, screw the moratorium, it's not as if they're taking them without permission, and besides, stem cell research might come up with something that might save my life later on.
Was reading the National Post today, and found out the Israeli forces have left Gaza. First thing that happened? Militant anti-Israel groups move into the abandoned settlements and started planting their groups flags everywhere. Then made off with everything they could and burned some former synagogues and other stuff. Not a very good start I would think. Of course, not everyone did that, but still...
DECA sign-ups went pretty well I think, although I wonder how many people actually looked at the list of categories and recorded them down for later thought? Probably few, if any.
The SPC cards came in, and there was an added surprise. Apparently, there's a corresponding gift package for every card.
I think I'll wear my contacts to school tomorrow.
Utopia's pretty fun, despite the fact that there's no graphics and no chat window. The nice thing is that the game was designed for people who log in only once a day, and I could probably get everything done within 15-30 minutes, so not much of a time waster. If any of you try it, tell me where your province is located and it's name. Mine's Kingdom 27 Island 35 Province of Triatlantis. Only 6 more hours, er, 'Utopian days', before I can start thieving operations. Too bad I'll be asleep by then while other players can attack me in that time. Tree of Gold has been a pretty useful spell. I think that I can get 100k of gold per day if I use all my runes on that spell, so, really useful.

09/17/05 18:53
Yay, sold all 100 SPC cards. Ordering 50 more.
So fricking busy with school work...
Just got creamed in Utopia today. Least someone in same kingdom as me got some revenge. Am bolstering my defensive army.
Too, busy to update site more. Maybe tomorrow. Fricking school work.

09/24/05 18:39
Damn school work... Piling up.
Looks like we may have a chess team this year, not that it'll amount to much I think
Damn java program won't work.
Updated the Dilbert comic just now, and if you hadn't noticed, the Ctrl Alt Del comic too.
Too busy to update quotes page, maybe some other day.
Sigh, have to type up the entire DECA list.
Heh heh, t3chmo just sent me a message telling me to stop casting spells on him and he'll stop attacking me. On to a different province to annoy. Found a small one, forgot what it was, but it had low food stocks. I wonder if I can starve it to death.

09/25/05 13:17
Went bicycling yesterday. Took McCowan Road all the way down to the Scarborough General Hospital. Got kinda lost trying to get past the RT part. Kept running into dead ends. I'd go down a path that looks like it goes toward the other side, and I end up at the end of a TTC stop. So frustrating. Ended up just going under the bridge where the cars go. So lucky a truck didn't pass by as the little path was only a metre wide with a wall on one side and the road on the other. I went to the hospital to see if I could pick up a volunteer application form, but no such luck, they weren't accepting anymore student volunteers. As I was riding back, I noticed a little path that went down through the hydro corridor. I thought it might connect to Brimley, but there was something even better there. There was a big forest there with all these little minipaths people had made at random and I went in to explore around. It was kinda fun, even though I sorta got lost at one point. One of the main paths had potholes a metre deep. Fell in one as I was riding by, but didn't get hurt. I wonder what caused them? It looks like some people had decided to take some shovels and dig into the dirt at random. It was a fun one and a half hours. Nothing like a jolt of beta-endorphins. Gotta do it again sometime. Well, I'll probably be bicycling up to the Scarborough Grace Division Hospital next weekend, unfortunately, as I'm looking at Google Maps, there doesn't seem to be a forest there :(. Oh well.

09/29/05 20:24

Status Report version 1.0

In the preceding diurnal courses, my protoplasm has been assiduously committed to optimizing my creative processes vis--vis the maximization of imbursement of avails, pre-eminently the expositorization of eruditions of definite enterprises, with minimization of expenditures in aggregate resources. This was executed through a policy of perpetual regulation of scholastic- dalliance time-allotments. The perpetuation of this stratagem will be contingent on the remuneration-impediment quotient as calculated by circadian valuations on a going forward basis.

10/06/05 20:40
As the Klingons would say, "jIH ghaHta' rop. Dilbert link ghaH chu'." Okay, they probably wouldn't say that exactly, especially since link is an english word, but, whatever.

10/08/05 18:02
Still slightly frigging sick. Just went through all the stuff I got from the University Fair. So, far, my three choices seem to be Ryerson, Nipissing, and Laurentian. Biology program of course. I don't know if I should choose the Honours or regular program though.
So many projects, so little time. So many upcoming tests too. I think I could've gotten perfect on my calculus test, but nooooo, I had to change my entire answer from right to wrong. I hate it when I think about the questions too much and then get the wrong answer. Ah well, better to think too much than too little, although of course, people who don't think much are also happier. Kind of ironic isn't it? The stupider you are, the happier you are. The smarter you are, the less happiness you feel.
Just saw a commerical for a news program, one of those that show you the night's upcoming top stories. Apparently, there was a massive earthquake in South Asia, 7.0+ I believe. Probably somewhere in the Phillipines.
You know what really sucks? When I go to university, I'll probably never see you guys again.
I'm hungry... Maybe I should update the quotes now.

10/08/05 18:24
Okay, put in some quotes for Star Trek: Generations. I'll do Star Trek: First Contact at some later date.

10/16/05 18:30

All this school work is killing me. Planning on dropping accounting.

10/18/05 19:40

Yay, physics out of the way, dropping accounting... Yea...
Boo, bio project, chem project, english essay, comp sci test, behind in al geo and chem, lost to fricking gr. 11s in reach for the top (what the hell was that, damn that skinny guy with his button pressing).
PurePwnage is just an amazing funny site. Out of the four short clips I watched, WoW is a feeling is my favourite one, just because of the ending and the song's funny. Lol, cleaning the monitor.

10/22/05 11:35

Dropped accounting.
So hating school right now. Damn marks and bio project (which I have yet to find useful information. So screwed.)
Least DECA's going well I guess. 61 members, heh, almost twenty more than last year. I'm good. Or maybe it was just Michael.
Updated Dilbert comic.

10/25/05 18:33
Ah, new Dilbert newsletter. Click here
So, DECA practice was today. 1/3 of our members showed up. Oh well, we had to move it to rm 237 so it was pretty crowded already.
Job interview on Saturday at Scarborough Town Centre GAP. Chances of me getting the job, one in a million. Maybe one in a billion. Funny how all the resumes they were looking at were submitted at end of summer and they look at it now. I'll bet they're just doing it now so that they can train us in November, work our asses off in December, then lay us off in January.
Damn bio project. Have to go to North York Central Library for research this Thursday.
Damn it all, lost at least 13 marks on al geo test. That means even if I get perfect in everything else, I'll still only have a 79% on the test. Bloody hell...

10/30/05 13:52
So, helped out as a prefect on Commencement. Did absolutely nothing as there wasn't anything to do.
La la la, going to get killed on the bio project. Probably tomorrow's bio test too.
GAP interview went well I think. I like group interviews now. So much less nervous.
I learned something interesting from the Financial Post yesterday. North West Company, that company that Hudson's Bay Company was fighting over the fur trade in the 1800s, it's still around. Cool eh? Also, that guy that's trying to take over the HBC has a creepy hairdo. Maybe it's a toupee. It still looks creepy.
I wish I had a Starfleet uniform. That'd be so cool. Perfect for Halloween. A working phaser would be nice too. Stun people and grab their candy... Heh heh heh...
Go me.

10/30/05 14:03
Just went over the stats for this page. Almost 75% of visits is from IE. Use Firefox people.

11/03/05 18:03
Yes... November... No breaks until Christmas... How utterly depressing...
So, I was supposed to have done my bio interviews after school yesterday, but then Burn's had to go pick up his kids so no interview. Today after school, no interviews again as he had to go pick up someone from the airport... Frustrations...
I was reading the National Post today, and an article caught my interest. "French Cabinet Split Over Riots", refering to the riots that have been plaguing Paris all week. So, anyways, I wouldn've mentioned this before but I forgot and this article reminded me again. One of the flashpoints for the riots was the deaths of two teenagers, Muslim and black I believe. See, they were fleeing from police (Hmmm... Now why would they do that? Maybe because they did something wrong???) and in their flight, they decided to scale (climb) the wall of an electricity substation in order to hide from the law (Hmmmm... Amazing stupidity really evident here. Hey, look, an electricity substation that helps power the neighbourhood. Lots of electricity in there, and look at all the warning signs and the really big fence designed to tell people to keep out. LET'S GO IN!!! How am I supposed to know it's dangerous and I'll get electrocuted to death?). Well they got electrocuted and died and their friend escaped, albeit with burns. And so riots started over two stupid teenagers who didn't know they might get electricuted when hiding in an electricity substation (yes, I know there are other reasons too, but it was a flashpoint for the start of it). Now, here's something else that's just as good. How did their friends/associates describe them? "They were good kids coming back from a football game. Their criminal record was almost completely clean." EXCUSE ME? ALMOST CLEAN??? So they were covicted criminals too! And people are rioting over their deaths?!?! Now, let's look at another comment. "We're not dumb. Sarkozy (The French Interior Minister) has declared war on suburban youth. Unless he apologizes for the way he has treated us, then he can expect 40 nights of violence." Well, my thoughts are, what the frick do you expect the gov't to do when you start rioting and destroying other people's property and attacking and injuring police officers? You expect us to just let you terrorize us and wantonly ruin our cars and schools and shops? Of course we're going to send riot police in! I would've ordered the police to start shooting any rioters! And you're threatening us with more violence if we don't apologize for trying to stop your riots! Apologizing to someone for halting their reign of violence and be grateful they don't attack us again? What kind of logic is that? These kinds of people are exactly the people who are holding humanity's progress back and spreading conflict and violence throughout our society. A knife in the heart I say, as it'd be a waste of resources to shoot them. Also, screw those people who are attacking Sarkozy's language. He has pledged to "industrially clean" housing projects to rid them of "scum" and a "zero tolerance" of suburban crime. How else do you want to say it huh? Want to "beautify" housing projects in order to improve their quality of life by phasing out "anti-social people" and a "disapproval" of suburban crime? Politicians... As soon as one of them starts using accurate words that don't attempt to sugar-coat the problems, they attack him/her for using politically incorrect language. Serial criminals are scum and that is that, but nooo, you can't use that language or it might hurt their feelings, instead say people who have slight difficulties integrating with our society. Geez...

11/04/05 20:29
Yes, an eighth night of rioting in Paris. Sure am glad I don't live their. How long do you think the riots will countinue? Another day? Couple of days? A week? Several weeks? I'm thinking another week.

11/11/05 21:55
Report cards today. 87.6% average, BUT 4 subjects are really not doing good. Al geo, of which I am BELOW AVERAGE which has to stop. Bio, 81%, bleh, need it above 90 since it's a science but with Burns, how likely is that going to happen? Physics, 85, need it higher than 90 as it's a science and math. And finally comp sci, with an 89. Now this one should really be above 90 as come on, comp sci? Ah well, still time to improve.
Orientation at the STC GAP this Saturday. Come bug me if I get the job.
16 nights of rioting in Paris now. It's stopping now though, what with the emergency laws and influx of police.

11/12/05 19:57
Yay, thirty dollars for doing nothing but watch videos and listen to people talk and filling out forms.

11/18/05 20:21
Major oil find off Newfoundland, offshore dispute with France. I'm thinking we'll lose that one.
Have I ever mentioned that bio with Burns sucks? Well bio with Burns sucks.
Don't errors just suck when you're trying to make a backup of a game? Well it does. I keep getting a please insert the correct DVD-ROM error. Irritating to say the least.
Why do the grad pics have to cost so much? Blatant price gouging I tell you.
Yay, treadmill use Thursdays after school, maybe, heh. Running on a treadmill is great fun! Real running sucks though.

11/19/05 17:52
Latest Dilbert Newsletter.

11/29/05 17:59
So something busy. Bio proj, phys chem al geo calc comp sci test, eng monologues, GAP work, DECA, and other things. Hoping I don't burn out... Well, I'm hoping I don't burn out. Could you all like skip a week of school all at once? It'd really help me out if everyone's marks except mine took like a 5%+ drop. And I won't say no to giving me answers to homework and labs and problem sets.
Anyways, Ctrl Alt Del and Dilbert comic have been changed.
And did ANY of you actually read the entire PDF of God's Debris I sent you people?

12/05/05 20:18
Whew, eng monologue done. I think Ms. Hommel knows I cheated though. I knew that girl was a ass the moment I first saw her in English class in September. I mean like, you didn't like other people putting your name on the presentation list, so sit down, shut up, and stop writing other people's names on the list. Like seriously, I'd be really happy if she didn't say anything within my hearing range for the rest of the school year. I've been irritated by you ever since school started but today was the worse by far. Two of your New Year's Resolutions should be I will not make stupid comments for the sake of hearing my own voice and I will not do things to others that I don't like done to me. Damn attitude. If you were in my English class today, you know who I'm talking about.
Al geo test, chem test, bio proj interviews tomorrow. And I haven't done any work for it. I'm thinking bio notes as soon as I get off comp, al geo in spare, chem during lunch.
I've got Christmas List by Simple Plan and Santa Claus Lane by Hilary Duff stuck in my head thanks to the GAP store music.

12/10/05 17:32
Got new glasses. Yay. They seem so fragile though.
Argh, 17 hours of work next week, throw in DECA, catching up on work, bio test, bio project... On the bright side, I'll earn over a hundred dollars in one week and it's in the backroom so I don't have to deal with stupid customers and ask if they need any fricking help. As Lucas of CtrlAltDel says, customer service is a lot like chewing broken glass. Only a hundred times less fun. Now, I don't know about the broken glass part, but I'd equate it to doing physics homework. They're about equal in boredom and frustration.
Nobody better do something stupid at DECA. In fact, I'd better not lose the school flag and yearbook camera. Stupid flag...

12/11/05 16:26
Omg... I finally found out the reason Counter-Strike sudden screwed up on my computer... It was my brother's fault. He downloaded and installed some program called "Steam-Down" in an attempt to get access to all Steam games for free. Of course, it didn't work, and he didn't tell me anything. If I had gone over the program list when it crashed I would've found out, but I was too lazy at that point and didn't care. Also, it was him who was addicted to cs and I knew that the problem had something to do with him. Now why he didn't just uninstall the program, it's because he's a retard. And somehow his friends still find him cool. Oh well, most of his friends are complete morons anyways. Well, too bad for him. I got tired of cs taking up all my hard drive space so I've uninstalled cs and steam-down.

12/13/05 19:50
DECA's over for us now, as we're not participating in the written competition in February. We did better this year than last in terms of number of awards and members. I got the same award I did last year, event finalist in written test in quick serve restaurant management. Less than half of the people who won awards were actually there to recieve it though, so Mr. Robinson is kind of pissed off at them, but I was there and I DID tell everyone they had to show up. But hey, nobody ever listens to me until it's too late.
Ahaha, racial/religious rioting in Australia. Before you assign blame though, you should read BOTH sides of the story. And I did. And I blame the same type of people involved in the second "retailitory" riot after the first "retailitory" riot. Okay, fine, the first one was actually described as a vigialante one by the writer after a lifeguard was beat unconcious for doing his job, but still retailitory.

12/29/05 09:56
Ugh, too much work. Haven't even found time to check email the past little while. Today will be my second nine hour shift in a row, and I'm looking at two more on Friday and Saturday. Four nine hour shifts in a row... I think I might die. Well, whatever, at least I'm getting paid for it.
I got an iPod Shuffle for Christmas. Fun. Except that part with the using almost the whole day coverting my songs from wma to aac format.
I have civ IV, yay. Too bad it lags so badly on my computer it takes me an hour to load one game and like ten minutes per turn. I think I've got a virus as I doubt it's supposed to be that slow, but the scanner doesn't show anything. Stupid AVG... Anyways, I've been using the load times to play Paper Mario, but I probably should be using it to study. Still haven't cracked open the stuff I brought back from school, lol.

01/11/06 17:13
Yes, early admission to University of Ottawa.
Gah, stupid bio quiz and phys test.
Polls predicting a Conservative majority. That's not good for the Conservatives because now come election day, people will vote Liberal to prevent that. It would've been better for the Conservatives if the polls kept predicting a Liberal minority or majority.
I don't like waking up so early again. And contact lenses suck.

01/17/06 19:12
Lol, how funny. The gr. 11's on the interschool Reach team are better than the gr. 12's. Oh well.
Exams approaching so quickly. Where DOES the time go? To the past. Right.
Stupid al geo... I'm going to keep complaining about it until my mark becomes good.
Hm. Java is so much harder than VB or Turing. Darn. Stupid classes, if it weren't for them...
Predictions on the federal election? I'm guessing a Conservative minority. That poll predicting a Conservative majority will have scared some people into voting Liberal.
Crosswords are fun!
Stop choosing stupid novels to read and pick from my book list. You're going to have to read another book for sure for English. Why not make it a good one, an interesting one? Pick from my list.
I really should update this site again, but... Laziness. Civ IV time!

01/31/06 20:43
*sigh Exam weeks over. No more hours and hours of free time. Screwed up on compsci, calc, and algeo exams. Why must algeo always put an eight mark question that I can't get?!?
Ha, been so addicted to Civ IV ever since I got it. I logged almost 20 hours in 7 days during exams. Maybe more. Nukes are so FUN to use!
Reading the National Post today. Interesting article on page A10. Headline: "Kenyan officials accused of waste." Subheading: "In country gripped by drought, millions spent on luxury automobiles." Interesting. Let's read on. Transparency International and the Kenya Commission on Human Rights say that ever since the present gov't came to power in 2002, it has spent $12.2 million US dollars, US, not Cdn or HK dollars, on luxury automobiles. Furthermore, the amount that was spent on those vehicles is almost the same amount that was allocated in a development plan for 31 of the country's poorest areas. Hm. I wonder where that money went... Keep in mind that that 12.2 mil is ONLY what was wasted on luxury vehicles. If they wasted that much just in one area, what did they waste in total? About one BILLION dollars. US dollars of course. It's only 1/5 of last years budget. Right. Furthermore the report accused the Ministry of Justice of spending a million dollars on 13 Mercedes-Benz for the High Court. What was the reply? High Court spokesman Dola Indidis: "To date we do not have the said motor vehicles but would be very grateful to have them if they have been purchased for our use since many judges do not have vehicles commensurate to their status." Hmmm... No, you don't have the vehicles. They're still being shipped to you. Judges don't have vehicles matching their status? Well, 60% of your citizens live on less than a dollar a day, so... Have you thought about NOT buying the vehicles and instead spend it on food since your country is currently experiencing a drought? Yes... Oh, and new allegations of corruption have been leveled against several Cabinent ministers. And yet people still want us to keep pumping money into Africa when it's obviously wasted through rampant unchecked corruption that's encouraged by our refusal to hold gov'ts accountable.
And another article, also on page A10 caught my attention. Western nations have been contemplating cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority since the terrorist group Hamas was elected to lead it. Good for them. Bad for them that said nations have begun looking at ways to indirectly fund them, like through NGOs. Why help people who willingly elects known terrorists to lead them? That's crazy! I totally agree with David Frum's article on page A12 that countinuing to fund the PA is stupid and counters efforts to curb terrorism. Oh by the way, an interesting fact. The PA depends almost entirely on foreign aid and revenues collected by Israel to meet its annual budget. So, you deny Israel's right to exist, yet rely on them to collect your taxes. You also rely on foreign aid from countries like... The US... Hm. One last point. I vaguely remember commenting a long time ago that I doubted the Palestinians' ability to run their own country. Let's check up on the situation. "In COUNTINUING violence between Fatah and Hamas members in Gaza, a senior Hamas military commander was seriously wounded yesterday." Wow. In fighting amongst the groups. Violent fight. Fighting that seriously injures a senior member of one of the groups. Who could forseen that? It's so surprising! Not.
I also found an article I found quite amusing today on page A11. Some readers in Manhattan are trying to sue the publishers of the book "A Million Little Pieces" because they claim the book was a waste of time and they should be reimbursed for the cost of buying the book and the hours spent reading it. So. You buy a book of your own free will, read it for hours and hours, then decide it was a waste of time and want your money back. Well, it's kinda late, you're already read it and now it's a used book too. Maybe you shouldn't have bought any books in the first place. Theirs a thing called the library you know. And no one forced you to buy the book and then read it. And if it was that bad, why did you spend hours and hours reading it? Silly Americans and their numerous moronic lawsuits.

02/01/06 21:34
Sorry it took so long to update. Yahoo's been having problems saving .htm pages so I had to workaround it by copy and pasting code into .html pages then replacing it.
I did better than I expected on comp sci and english exams. 88% and 81% respectively. DIED on the physics with only a 81%. Expected 90% plus. But it seems everyone did pretty bad. Except for certain people of course. Grrr...
Iran's threatening to start attempting to make nuclear weapons again, as if they ever really stopped. How not surprising. If only we had WMDs that could kill people without damaging infrastructure and releasing long-term radiation/damaging environment. I'm pretty sure neutron bombs release long-term radiation/kills the environment. Too bad. US/UN might have to do it the hard way. Or chicken out and have to accept massive consequences in the future.

02/02/06 20:01
According to BBC News, the Greek gov't has had its cellphones tapped. ""The phones tapped included the prime minister's, those of cabinet members, one former minister, now in opposition, and others," government spokesman Theodore Roussopoulos told reporters." And they don't know who did it. Such poor security...
Argh! 77% on algeo test. I was hoping 80%+ but at least it's still above average so far. 90.6% on bio. Was hoping for more... Drat Burns and his marking, I swear, I would've gotten several marks more for some questions if someone else had been marking it!
Stupid physics lab...
Buy pizza from the ABC.

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