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09/27/08 22:20
Here's a great tip from me to you: Never eat any ice cream that is approved by PETA, and when dining in Switzerland, always ask were the milk used in their dishes/drinks are from.

I've finally managed to better sort my music library. I'm sure some of the playlists have songs that don't belong in them/are missing some that belong in them, and the ratings need to be redone still, but I'm not going to work on it again in quite a while. It's taken me, what, at least one and a half weeks just to get to this point. Too much work. I've got a nice playlist for when I'm down though, so it's good. Tomorrow is going to suck after work though (and maybe during work too). I've got a lot of work piled up, and even if I eliminate the stuff I can push for a bit again, there's still a crapton to be done before I go to bed.

Did you know OMNI 2 has Chinese movies on Sunday? I didn't until today. I thought it was still a Saturday only thing.

09/20/08 21:54
I would like to continue my rant from the last post. Note that other "offensive" remarks were alleged to have been said. My question is, where's the proof? They had a mic on that recorded everything else, so what happened to the other remarks? Here's my answer: they were never said. They're just trying to smear the Conservatives, and if you can't find crap to smear, well, make some up! Journalistic ethics has so disappeared. What happened to telling both sides of the story? How about explaining exactly why the natives found the comments offensive, and why did Lannigan make those comments? The CBC is a crown corporation too, so I think that it's well within reason to expect them to publish neutral stories when both parties involved are Canadian.

I'd also like to say a WTF to our politicians. It seems to me that people are apologizing too often for percieved slights by irrational parties. I think what should have happened was for Lannigan instead of apologizing, to instead refuse to apologize and explain precisely why. If any media outlets try to spin it by cutting out the explanation, then he can call them out on it and demand an answer as to why they're trying to mislead people. I would love for a high-ranking politician or government official to be in a similar situation, but instead of apologizing, refuse to and threaten to resign if their political party orders otherwise as they're fed up with this BS.

I learned something interesting in class recently regarding public health care in Canada. The Canada Health Act only stipulates under its public adminstration principle that health insurance plans be public/nonprofit. In other words, the delivery is free to be private. Take that you people against a two-tiered system!

The Antique Roadshow sucked me in for a while today. That show is irresistable once your TV channel is tuned to it for some reason. Ah, to have a couple of antiques worth thousands and thousands of pounds in your possession... I wonder if any of those appraisers ever accidently dropped one? I know I saw one of them almost did in a previous show. I also quite like the show's theme music.

09/19/08 00:35
Read this, concentrating on the third paragraph. Notice how the lack of details spins it so that it smears the Conservatives if the reader isn't paying attention to the details? I really hate it when the media doesn't publish both sides of the stories, and spin it against one side. Why would they ask out of the blue if they'd be arrested for visiting someone's campaign office? Well, CBC news won't tell us, but someone left a comment telling us why.

17 Wing wrote, "Western Opinion, what happenned was, one day a guy forced his way into Lannigans office, he had to be removed by police. He himself is a part time police officer. The next day on of the protesters from the same group asked if he could go into the office, that is when Lannigan had to make the point that there is no drinking in her office. People are saying by that, that she thinks all natives are drunks.

If you go to different media sites you will find each one has different amounts of the original conversation posted, the more honest news companies will give you the full story, including they had a liberal plant in the group secretly recording the conversation as another tried to get Lannigan to say something offensive.

That is why the quote are highly edited, they not only do not allow for the full context, but they barely even give a full sentence."

The commenter left out the drinking alcohol part.

Well, it's late so I'm not going to bother digging up other news sources to confirm this, but I'm inclined to believe this commenter. Besides, Lannigan said a native had showed up the other day and had been drinking, so I would say the comment was highly appropriate given the situation even without 17 Wing providing additional details. Keep in mind that politicians aren't stupid. They know they have to watch what they say, especially to groups like natives, especially when they represent a party such as the Conservative party. Frig, if I had more time and weren't as lazy, I'd start collecting articles like this, just to show to people to hopefully change their world view to mine.

09/11/08 23:30
Why was the kid driving in the first place if he can't even understand simple questions, and what about all the other evidence? You know, from the cameras in front of police cars? Throw out the videotaped confession, whatever, the video from the officers' cars should be enough for a conviction anyway. Great, so now I've got mentally retarded people driving at high speeds with me. People are way too soft on criminals and public safety.

09/11/08 00:09
The Green's being denied a place on the TV debate due to opposition from several major parties, then the decision is reversed! Bird excrement and Hitler references! Slow start to the campaigning, but I think it'll be quite exciting. I just wish I had the time and energy to go debating in the political Facebook groups again. They're always fun during elections. Conservative or Liberal? Decisions, decisions. We've got to start working on the environment soon, but then again, the economy is going down the gutter now.

09/06/08 20:31
Gunnerkrigg Court, an excellent comic. Poor Boxbot...

09/01/08 22:33
Spent the whole day Mario Karting on the Wii and going through my music files on my laptop. Today was an awesome day. Too bad I'm nowhere near finishing both tasks.

So, Yahoo just lost all my site statistics files. Kind of disappointing as it had some info in there that was interesting to me.

McCain's choice of VP sucks big time. Just screwed over the middle voters for him. I mean, the extreme right were going to vote for him anyway since if they didn't, Obama would be more likely to win. Why bother trying to please them? Silliness.

Canadian federal election? Yes please. Bring some more excitement into our lives!

08/25/08 00:06
Before I go to sleep, I just wanted to say that the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics were pure win, just like the opening ceremonies. Also, London, did you really think having a punk with long spiky pink hair represent the 2012 Olympics was a good choice? Aren't you having some sort of "yob" problem or something?

Georgia is so very very screwed. Maybe it was great acting, but during the clip of the interview between CBC and the Georgian president that was played during the beginning of Sunday night news right after the broadcast of the closing ceremonies, I swear, the president was about to cry when he said that Russia had invaded his country. I doubt Georgia will get very much help retaking South Ossetia, only under-the-table help at most in keeping what it already has, as it would involve going directly against Russia. You can yell at the bear, but can't poke it.

08/21/08 23:53
I watched the finals between China and USA for women's beach volleyball. It was exciting enough for me to curse at several points during the match when the US scored XD The Chinese team looked like they had a chance of winning, but late in the 1st set, they gave up several points in a row. At that point, I knew the US was going to win as it seemed the Chinese team had gotten a bit tired already. I'm happy that China's got the most gold medals so far, but the US is still leading by far in total medal count. So many silver and bronze medals... Canada's doing well too, same number of gold but more silver and bronze.

I'm disappointed I'll miss most of the live broadcast of the closing ceremonies. Silly work is getting in the way again. I'm hoping there will be an taped version broadcast on primetime like for the opening ceremonies.

Final grades aren't out yet for my summer course, but based on the exam marks released, I'll get my course exemption, barring any drastic downward adjustment in the marks. Yay course exemption!

08/16/08 01:18
Something funny's going about the Georgia story... If Russia is going in there to stop terrorist attacks against them, shouldn't their statement reflect such a thing rather than saying they're going into the separatist region to protect Russian citizens in Georgia? Yeah, it's 1:18 in the morning, I'm going to sleep, really.

08/16/08 00:00
Ah, silly Yahoo, telling me my email address has expired then giving me a broken link to reactivate it.

I got a Wii, yay me. Haven't been able to find a nunchuk for sale though. Probably wasn't a good idea to buy it before my final exam though. That, and the brief loss of my internet connection at home caused quite a bit of distraction.

A 35 to 40% raise?! What the hell were the arbitrators thinking? If I were running a business and something like that happened to me, no way would I accept it. At least it was only for 8 employees. I think it'd be interesting to see the rationale behind that decision.

I've got a question. Why are we subsidizing the cost of perishable food items? I mean, if you can't afford to live there, don't live there? If you have to live there because that's where your job is, how about getting a raise since it's pointless to work if you lose money by working? Reading this makes me wonder, you know, what's with the whole program, and I would also like a review of the food subsidy program.

The facts aren't out yet about what happened, but I'm willing to bet ten dollars that once they do come out, I'll be siding with the police officers. So far, what we have is that the two officers were trying to arrest someone in the park (I'm assuming with good reason), and they were then surrounded by a "group" of youth. I put group in quotation marks because I'm pretty sure gang would be a more suitable word. Anyway, they were then either charged at, or one of the officers were being beaten up. So far, I would've happier if the bullets had gotten more, as even if we were to assume the officers were just randomly arresting someone, it's still wrong to try and stop them because one doesn't know for sure they're wrong in arresting them at that moment, and I'm almost 100% certain the police officers wouldn't randomly shoot a group of people. Oh, by the way, there was rioting afterwards, another officer was shot, some other people including an ambulance technician was injured... You know, stupid stuff done by idiots who are only dragging our society down. I mean, really, even were we to forget the blatant idiocy of looting the shops and torching cars in your neighbourhood (way to make your neighbourhood a better place, driving away business and destroying your neighbours' cars are surely great ways to not further ghetto-size your area), injuring an ambulance technician? Same logic that applies in scaring away medical professionals and then complaining about the lack of services I guess, or hating and hampering the police then complaining that they're servicing your area properly.

Russia's been becoming more of an ass as time goes on, with their invasion of Georgia (they're not even claiming South Ossetia is part of their territory), and their threats of nuclear force against Poland. I mean, seriously, if you want to nuke the US, why would you mean launch the ICBMs over Poland anyway? Try the other side or over the Arctic. If you want to nuke European targets, wouldn't stealth bombers be better choices?

08/10/08 00:39
The opening ceremonies were awesome. Totally worth waking up early, and dashing back and forth between the dining room and living room. I haven't decided on my favourite part yet. I wish CBC and NBC didn't shove commercials in during their broadcast, made me miss parts of it. NBC stopping after the lighting of the Olympic flame during the night broadcast sucked too. I wasn't expecting that, so I missed all the stuff after that part which I could have watched if I hadn't switched from CBC to NBC for the night broadcast.

08/05/08 23:54
So, I finally got around to looking up when the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics will be broadcast on television. The plan is for me to wake up early to catch the live broadcast until I have to get to work, then come back and watch the remaining parts I missed. The schedule on the CBC website is kind of screwed up so I don't know if the night time broadcast is at 6pm or 7pm, or if it's a full rebroadcast or just highlights. I won't be getting back till like 8:15 so I hope that it's a full broadcast and that it starts at 7pm.

08/05/08 00:37
It sure sucks to be a police officer nowadays. I mean, you're not allowed to defend yourself from a knife-wielding man who can shake off a Taser. Canadian society needs to grow a spine against criminals.

"In a reversal of policy, Mr Obama said the US should release 70m barrels of oil from its strategic reserves to lower petrol prices in the short-term.

He also suggested releasing more of the national petroleum reserve in Alaska.

Mr Obama reiterated a statement made at the weekend that he could support limited US offshore oil drilling if it were needed to enact a compromise energy policy.

In a similar reversal, his Republican rival, John McCain, has expressed his support for new offshore drilling, as part of an energy plan that includes nuclear energy and tax relief on gas production." Either way, environmentalists are screwed.

08/03/08 23:28
For the past few days, I've encountered quite a number of idiotic drivers. Several times, a vehicle would be going 80km/h in the leftmost lane on the 401... With no vehicles ahead of them. So they were going that slow by choice and frustrating everyone that happened to approach behind them. There were also quite a number of times where someone would try and move into the lane I was occupying, without checking to see that there was enough clearance between my car and their car. I was actually quick enough to honk the horn at them for a few of those incidents.

Work has never sucked more.

In the next expansion to World of Warcraft, the Alliance gets (are already getting right now) a shiny new harbour in on of their nice capital cities, and their major faction for the expansion is comprised of High Elves. The Horde get a faction comprised of... Magic addicts, many of which allied themselves to the biggest evil faction in the Warcraft universe. Once again, I thank my friends for "encouraging" me to abandon my Alliance character and play on the ugly and/or evil Horde side.

08/02/08 00:31
I really disagree with this decision. While being of good moral character and not having a criminal record are separate criteria, I would say that it is conditional on what the criminal record was. If you accidently fall asleep while driving and run someone over, well, even if you do get a record from that, I'd say that doesn't affect your moral character in that it was accidental. If you steal though, that's intentional, so I would say that a record of theft does affect your moral character.

08/01/08 01:57
""I got in taxi with my wife, daughter and son. The convoy was coming. The taxi pulled out after the second vehicle passed and the third vehicle fired on us," he said, speaking through an interpreter." Wait, what? Did your taxi just try to cut into a military convoy in a place where people like to ram explosive laden cars into miltary convoys?

07/29/08 00:36
In what way exactly is this right? I mean, seriously, who would want to be either of those 2 players? Maybe someone who likes pain, I don't know, but that's not right either. Silly advocacy groups seeing slights where there aren't any.

I don't have a link to the article on this because it was a while ago and I don't want to do a Google search, but... The City of Toronto is going to start regulating shade in public places like parks... Really, it should be the parents responsibility to make sure their kids don't get sun burned. That and common sense from the kids. If you don't want to be in pain, don't get sunburned. Yeah. Ideals gone nuts. Next people will be blaming the gaming industry for selling 18+ games to minors because parents bought it for their young kids not knowing the content inside was inappropriate despite the adult rating on them. Oh wait...

Um... "Flight attendants say some senior employees have been offered jobs in Toronto, but many don't want to go." Also, " ... The federal government can play an important role by saying, 'As a national carrier, Air Canada has a responsibility to all the regions of the country.'"". No, just no, you crazy NDP MP. It's now a private corporation, so it doesn't have that kind of responsibility. If a region is not profitable for a private business, it should be free to drop service to it as long as there are no contracts specifying that it must provide service to that region. Why should a private corporation shoot itself in the foot? It's frustrating to see this save jobs at any cost mentality. It's found throughout the damn manufacturing sector, especially the auto industry. It's useless to try and compete with countries like China in the manufacturing of relatively cheap goods, as there's no way to produce them cheaper without really high transportation costs or the government stepping in and imposing protectionist measures which kill the free market/trade concept. Countries like Canada should focus on creating high value goods, like green technology, and be the place where all the research happens.

07/26/08 00:18
Do not drive in the leftmost lane unless you are willing to drive at 120km/h or higher. Do not drive at 100km/h in the middle lane, do that in the rightmost lane. No, I'm not going to switch over to a lane going 20km/h less than me even if you are fricking tailgating me you jerk, and maybe I'm driving so slowly because there's another vehicle 5 car lengths in front of me who's also driving this slowly!!!

07/23/08 23:58
=) I love this blog.

07/19/08 23:26
If you don't go watch Doctor Horrible before they take it down, too bad for you.

I'd write more, but I'm afraid I'd turn into an angry pharmacy student...

07/06/08 22:31
What's wrong with ZoneAlarm? The firewall kills my download speed from Blizzard. A 713MB file is on track to take 4+ hours to download.

Seagulls, my lunch time enemy. If I bring a lunch to work, as I frequently do, I eat it out in the parking lot to get some "fresh air and sunshine." Unfortunately, from day one, seagulls have been attracted to my car whenever I start eating. I didn't mind at first, but then one of them flew overhead and so crap splattered onto the asphalt 2 metres away from me. So whenever I eat, I run the risk of seagull feces hitting my car, me, and my lunch. Not good. I've found that if I close the car doors they fly away, but even with the windows rolled down, it gets pretty hot. Plus I don't get as much sunshine hitting me that way. They've gotten more aggressive too, or at least they were on... Monday? Didn't even wait for me to pull out my bread before flying down. They started coming when I took out my fruit box, and one landed 2 metres away rather than the usual 5 metre minimum. A great solution would be to get a BB gun and shoot them every time one lands nearby, but I'm pretty sure I'd get into hot water for that. Plus I don't own a BB gun and am not willing to cough up the cash for one (plus ammunition of course). At least I can listen to the car radio when the door's closed.

This brings me to my next complaint. There isn't a Cantonese program on the radio 24/7. There are 3 frequencies with them, 88.9FM, 1450AM, and 1540AM. Sometimes there are more than one going at once, sometimes none. The none times irk me. I mean sure, I don't know what the details of what they're saying, but as great as 680 news is, it gets repetitive hearing the same stories over and over again. The classical channel is okay too, but sometimes I want something else. The other stations... Ugh. I only rarely tune into a song I like, and they play a lot of commercials.

Setting of a soon to be released TDWTF article?

07/05/08 23:03
Never ever take on so much work or schooling that you don't have any days off per week. 5 days of 8-8.5 hour shifts with 80 minute round way commute plus 2 days of 3 hour lectures with 1 hour of tutorial with 165 round way commute equals the life sucked out of you. Cramming a whole semester's worth of physio into your head in the span of a few hours is also equally life sucking. Going to take a long time to recover from that, but got another test in a few weeks. Work work school work school work work repeat. Excuse me while my brain fries.

06/19/08 11:01
Ever wonder why many parents can't seem to control their kids these days? I've give you a hint, and maybe another. It shows what kind of culture is permeating parenting these days, and nicely explains why I keep seeing parents on the TTC who can't stop their kids from misbehaving, and other things that shouldn't happen.

06/13/08 22:10
Such a crappy morning today. If everyone who was thinking of applying to pharmacy went through the morning I experienced today, there would be a lot fewer applicants. It was just filled with transfer requests, problems with prescriptions missing information, prescriptions illegible, and a very high inflow of new prescriptions and refills. Normally, we tell patients ~40 minutes to fill a prescription even when we're busy. We were telling them 2+ hours this morning. The people who handed in their prescriptions a bit past the beginning got screwed over, because I told them it would take a half-hour as I expected not a lot of new ones to still keep coming. One couple ended up waiting in the store for 2 hours as we had to transfer their prescription from another pharmacy to us before we could fill it. They were nice about it though, no yelling or anything. Wish everyone could be like them. They were a really old couple who were on vacation. A vacation in Oshawa seems weird though, unless they were visiting friends or family. I guess they could've just been passing through.

I don't see why the GM workers were surprised by GM's decision to sue the union for damages from their blockade of GM HQ. I mean, you're illegally blocking private property, costing the company lots of money in lost productivity. If I were in charge of GM, I'd have called for the police to kick them out as soon as they showed up. It does seem odd that the company decided to close one of their best plants though. Wouldn't it have made more sense to just switch production there to another type of vehicle and close a factory that wasn't performing as well? I think the company might just be angling for more handouts from the gov't by threatening to close the plant.

06/09/08 23:21
Whine, whine, and whine. So buy the swimsuits as $632 is nothing if you really want it, or suck it up like everyone else who won't get one. It's the Olympics, if you're not willing to put down under $632, that's your problem that you're so cheap. Where's the proof, and hey, look, some kid from Turkey is hacking. Turkey's attacking us! Here's an idea, don't put sensitive data online. Hey, guess what, you need a passport to fly to a foreign country anyway, and you can always drive across the country. Also, I doubt most passengers want someone who refuses to show ID to airport authorities to be on their flight anyway. I certaintly don't. If you claim it's that easy to get a fake ID and pass the security measures, then do so. Then you won't have to show your own ID anyway!

06/04/08 20:56
I don't get it. A rise to 4% from 2% is still twice as much, and given how serious a birth defect is...

06/03/08 22:16
Not a happy physio test. I may have answered the first 7 questions wrong, in addition to all the other questionable ones. The test was only 26 questions long, so every question was worth a lot...

Found this floating in my BBC feed today. The keyhole gardens idea is kind of neat, but there was this in the article too:

"Decades of intensive agriculture have stripped the land of trees, and exposed soils to wind and rain.

Erosion has created countless miniature canyons that split the plains everywhere you look. The already thin mountain soils have lost virtually all their productive nutrients.

According to the Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, Efraim Lehata, a typical farmer in Lesotho's maize belt would be lucky to squeeze half a tonne of grain from each acre of land.

They should be able to produce more than 14 times that. " Like wtf??? Decades?!?! How long has land been farmed in China and Europe? A hell of a lot longer. Thousands of years. Exactly how badly do you have to abuse the land to ruin it in a matter of decades???

The media has been claiming an Obama win for the Democratic nomination, so... I'm going to make an early prediction of a Republican win for the White House... I'll probably change my mind several times in the future, but for now, that's my prediction.

05/31/08 20:50
Ugh, I've just had to pause all my holds at the public library. Between work, summer school, and (hopefully) computer gaming, I have no to read. Hell, I haven't even logged onto WoW for like 2 days straight. So very very sad. Wish for a meteor, and you get a killer asteroid.

05/27/08 00:05
Woot! 6620 in the bee game!

Another good novel complete, another trip to the library in the next few days.

05/25/08 23:50
Anti-boredom indeed.

My TV channels got reduced to like channel 25 again. Space, History, Comedy channels, how I miss thee. Hell, I even miss the Food Network now. Watching that always made me hungry. I settled for a bit of Antique Roadshow on the CBC. I hope that show never goes away. Watching it is like listening to those CBC broadcasts where the voices make you all calm and relaxed and sleepy. The commercials on TV disrupted the effect every 10 minutes though. Quite annoying. I do hope they come up with a commercial-free version. I wish I could convey exactly how calming watching the Antique Roadshow was after lunch, but I can't, and will not try. You should try watching it though. So nice. I found an underlying tone of humour in watching it too. You know what else is a good channel to mindlessly watch? The weather channel. The music is so nice I wish I could loop it on my computer when I'm grinding out something while computer gaming. I use Through the Kaleidoscope right now.

05/25/08 00:04
I finally finished The Company series by Kage Baker, including teh collections of short stories. The ending was a bit disappointing to me, as if the author had just given up. Still, it's been such a well-written series of novels that the little mishap with the finale can be easily overlooked. I get such a sad feeling whenever I finish off a series. I never want them to end.

I've been spending the time in between loading screens, flight points, etc. while gaming reading the novel Hyperion by Dan Simmons. I haven't finished it, but I will soon. The format of it is pretty neat, a series of short stories inside the main one. I also stayed up till 4am one night going through most of it. Loading screens in World of Warcraft are short. I'm surprised I didn't wipe any groups the next day on account of my sleepiness. I'm well behind on my goal of at least 2 novels finished a week though. Gaming sucks up all of my free time.

Stupidity is trying to stop progress again. Electrosensitivity has not been proven to exist to my knowledge. You know, I think there are some people who are sensitive to bright lights. If the group succeeds against rational thought, they should consider dimming the lights in those buildings too.

While I don't know the entire conversation between the Tim Hortons' employee and the person who bought the food for the homeless person, I do agree with their decision to that the homeless person should not be allowed to eat inside the store. The employee was merely letting Lee know that in the future the homeless person isn't allowed to eat in the store. I disagree with Lee in that I don't think Tim Hortons has to apologize to the homeless person at all. They didn't actually kick her out that time. Yeah, the employee may have phrased what they said wrong, but their intentions were right. The store is private property, and since the homeless person had been disruptive in the past, they're within their right to deny her the privilege of eating in the store.

05/20/08 13:07
Could the government possibly roll over more? Laws are meant to be enforced and followed, not flouted. Especially when they make sense. This isn't even just a blockade that affects businesses and drains our tax dollars, but a public health issue.

Yum... Roasted duck...

Another expensive food item containing gold? These things sound quite delicious to me, until I read the gold part. Why would I want to eat gold? Bleh, metallic taste... Be funny if the gold screws up the health of the person eating it.

05/14/08 11:59
I just finished reading The Golden Compass today. It is such a good story, I can see why it was turned into a movie. Honestly, I don't see why there was such a huge outcry against the book. Now that I've read it, it's not really anti-religion at all, and a kid wouldn't even be able to see the bits that could be construed as anti-religion. I mean, really, the "church" is the government, and so really, they're all politicians. The only attack I could see would perhaps be that relgion twists science towards evil ends, but then again, that same point in the book could also be viewed as a warning against science overriding ethics, and/or accepting funding from unethical sources. So really, people are making a fuss over nothing. The author did put in the idea of original sin in there, and one could interpret it as mocking the stupidity of the idea (and I do think it's stupid), but you would only see that if you either already thought it was a stupid idea in the first place, or if you were actively looking for attacks. Otherwise, the author is just making brilliant use of real world ideas to make the story's world much more believable. In summary, it's only anti-religion if you want to see it as anti-religion. In fact, it's anti-science if you want to see it as anti-science. It's also anti-big government if you want to see it as anti-big government. In other words, people are being retards again. Anyway, the idea I found most interesting in the book, were the daemons. The story suggests that just as the armoured bears' armour were their soul, the daemons were the souls of the humans in that world. Of course, it doesn't say outright that is what it is, as I'm guessing that's a plot point for the sequels. I think it's true in that the daemons seem to reflect their humans' intelligence, and when they settle on a final form, their personality as well. I heard the 2nd book was to be set in our world, so I've got an explanation for why the humans in that world all have daemons and we don't. Here it is, in fact, we all do have daemons, but they're internalized. Our soul/daemon is invisible, immaterial, and within us, while in their world, it is visible, material, and physically separate.

Found a new webcomic. The artists draws comics out of people's dreams. The end result is pretty hilarious at times. I also found a new game, but I haven't tried it yet. It seems interesting, addictive, and if I do play it and am successful, I'll actually be contributing to scientific discoveries. I'll tell you what it is if I ever do try it out.

05/08/08 18:52
Sillyness It's the parents' responsibility to monitor what their kids do online, not Facebook or MySpace or w/e. This is an example of parents wanting others to raise their kid for them, and refusing to accept responsibility. Also, Facebook being subpoenaed for responding too slowly to complaints of harassment and inappropriate conduct? Stupid. There's a block option, and you can set your privacy settings so that no one but your own friends can contact and/or see you. It's not Facebook's fault you've left your settings wide open. That's like blaming the school that someone stole everything in your locker when you didn't bother putting a lock on it. People nowadays are lacking a sense of personal responsibility.

05/07/08 23:17
I've reactivated all my holds at the public library, and managed to polish off 2 good novels already. They've been added to the book list if you're interested in them.

So, I still haven't found a job yet. Bleh. I have managed to interact with my friends a lot more than previous summers so far though. Here's a good piece of advice. Don't barbecque on the roof of a condominium on a cloudy windy day when it's cold enough that jackets and hoods are required. Trust me, you'll freeze.

I've put in several hours of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl so far. It's really fun, provided I use the Gamecube controllers and not the awkward Wii controllers. The final smash item is nice, but I think I would prefer my games without it. I of course, still own with Link. Snake, Pit, and Princess Zelda are really difficult to fight against. Snake's explosives are too damn strong, and his recovery attack... Grrr... As for Pit, the spinning sword move is not only damn annoying since you can only slowly drift back out of it, but it reflects everything. I've had so many bombs, arrows, and Super Scope (fully charged) blasts reflected back at me. Zelda, let's just say Link's been hit by Din's Fire many many many times.

So many stupid things going on in the world. I think the degree of stupidity would be lessened by a bit were Scott Adams to be granted control of the US government. Not going to happen of course.

I think Canada's been affected by the rice shortage based on a sign I saw posted at Loblaws indicating the reason for a limit on how many bags of rice you could purchase... Scary... I need my rice!

04/25/08 18:56
Wow, I've been doing so crappy in exams. I think I failed one of my courses as I did really really badly on the final which was worth 60% and I didn't go into the exam with a high mark either. I'll be happy to get a 50% in that one. 5 down, 2 more to go. No job yet, so I just registered for summer school. Going to have to suck up the 2k+ fee (so unfair...). I finished the rough draft of my taxes today, hopefully I can quickly copy it out later then start forming the list of reactions for my organic chemistry final tonight.

I wasn't going to write anything yet, but reading this article really pissed me off. Both incidents happened on public property (well, the school might have been private, but that's even better as the school invited the police to come), so it's not like the police came into your house and started searching. The Supreme Court ruled that using sniffer dogs to detect illegal drugs was... Illegal. Like, wtf. I don't see any violation of privacy, because the officers didn't search until the dogs had detected the drugs. That's like saying using metal detectors and x-ray scanners at airports is a violation of passengers' privacy. It's absurd, and this only helps criminals. I mean, I'd be peeved if they demanded to search my bag randomly, but this isn't the case. The dogs detected the presence of drugs, then the officers went looking. I noticed people were defending arguing about the airport example by saying that consent is implied when you go to the airport, as you could always not fly, but guess what, you don't have to take the bus either, and you don't have to send your kids to school. You could walk, and you can homeschool your kids. I don't want your drug addiction near me anyway! Oh, and this decision affects explosives detecting dogs too. If some nutcase brings a bomb to school, and for some reason there's one of those dogs there, well, better to let that school be blown up by an irate student than violate their privacy!

04/07/08 21:42
I found a new webcomic when xkcd switched their homepage with another webcomic's homepage for April Fool's. It's called Questionable Content. So fricking good. I actually neglected computer gaming time to read this. It is just that good.

Too lazy to write more. Bleh. I'll postpone the lengthy post to next time. Stupid exams, stupid job hunting. Argh, stupid taxes. Have to do that during exam period.

03/23/08 23:14
I've been busy with... Stuff. Stop looking at me like that in my imagination, I was too distracted to write anything! I still am actually. Shoo. I'll write something longer next time. Go on, scram. Go play a computer game, or read a novel.

03/16/08 00:03
So, what's new? Well, I'm screwed for my organic chemistry test on Monday. Why, why do I always not study till the last minute. I still haven't started you know -_-'

On Friday, the subway got shut down between Warden and Kennedy. Since my train was the first train this affected, I figured it'd take them a while to get the shuttle bus service up and running. As such I caught the McCowan bus to the STC that just arrived. So did a lot of other passengers. Some people wanted the shuttle bus only, so the driver had to keep repeating that this wasn't the shuttle bus, because, you know, it had a route number? Anyway, after the bus starts moving, this guy then realizes that hey, this wasn't the shuttle bus, and demanded the driver let him off immediately. Well, of course the driver refused since the bus was already away from the platform, and if he had let him off and he got injured, the TTC would be liable since the driver had let a passenger off where he shouldn't have. The guy then starts yelling at the driver, implying that he was a racist, threatening to call the TTC and the police, and generally generating an unpleasant atmosphere for the entire standing-room only bus. By the time we get to the first stop, the guy's insisting that the driver turn the entire bus back to Warden station just to drop him off, ignoring all the fact that other passengers on the bus have way better things to do than to cater to the whims of one jerk with a huge sense of self-entitlement. Well the guy did call somewhere (the TTC I think), and so the operators at the main control room got on the radio and told the whole bus that no, this wasn't the shuttle bus, no it wasn't the drivers fault you got on the wrong bus, and if you get off at this stop and take this bus it'll take you straight back to Warden station where you can take the shuttle bus. They also told everyone that if they did call the police, they would be the ones charged under TTC bylaw for creating a disturbance, which was quite funny to me and I was really hoping this would happen. Anyway, the guy refuses to stop, so the entire bus got put out of service so they could deal with this guy. As such, an entire bus load of people had to get off and wait for the next bus to come along with the same route (and the next one after that too, I was lucky I got onto the first one). While I was waiting, I overheard the guy saying like wth, I wasn't even cursing or anything. Well, no, but you were yelling at the driver, implying that he was a racist, and creating a very unpleasant atmosphere for everyone else. What a retard. I hope he does get charged with creating a disturbance.

Scott Adams pwns an irate pastor.

Well, Obama may think it's perfectly fine to get spiritual guidance from this pastor, but it seems kind of iffy to me... Obama's starting to lose his shiny lustre now isn't he =p


Think I've put enough links in one entry already?

03/11/08 23:42
Some... Let's not say anything more. Just read this.

03/06/08 23:11
Found this on a forum. I go directly from the one at the beginning of the semester to 5 days before the exam. Then when it's 1-2 days before an exam/midterm, I fluctuate between 1 day before the exam and 1 hour before the exam. During the assessment the during the midterm one is accurate, as is the after the exam one immediately after I hand in the papers.

03/06/08 19:05
Of course, certain groups are celebrating. One of them democratically elected...

I'm not surprised they got fired. If you don't want to work that much, just quit. No one's forcing you to work there. Employees these days have way too big a sense of entitlement once they're unionized. If I ran a large business and my employees went on strike, I'd start fielding job applications. It's my business, I can hire who I want. Refusing to work is grounds for dismissal as long as the work is not illegal or violating the ethical code of the employee's profession, in which case, you can't get anyone to do that anyway.

I recently saw on TV a snippet of a news show. At the moment it was broadcasting a clip from a press conference of a group that was compaigning against the use of cameras on the TTC system. One of the reasons they stated was that in London, operators would "zoom in on certain attributes of attractive young women." That is a totally invalid reason. That's like saying we shouldn't have acadmeic examinations in university because sometimes students cheat on examinations. The operators should have been fired, and the problem would be resolved. After all, that means not only are they not performing their job properly, but they're misusing public property.

03/04/08 16:57
I love British comedy. I watched them on YouTube, so don't know if the Google video ones are any good, but that was the link Wikipedia provided.

Encountered a really big jerk on the TTC today. Good thing I only had to endure his asshattedness for 2 stops. So I get on the subway, and I sit down on an empty seat. The guy keeps accusing me of touching his arm. Like wtf, there isn't an empty seat beside me, and it's winter so I'm wearing a winter coat. The guy actually threatened to punch me, so I called him an ass =D You're probably thinking I'm nuts for doing that, but it wasn't like he was a crazy person who might stab me. That's why I said jerk, not crazy person. He was some black kid with what looked like expensive headphones, and wasn't dressed like a gangster or anything. He didn't look all that muscular either. If you had a photograph of him, you'd think he was a first year university student or a senior high school student. Such a dickhead. If you're having a bad day, don't take it out on other people, least of all random strangers on the TTC. I mean, if he's like this all the time, I don't see how he can stand sitting on the TTC with all the obese people that also ride public transit. One day, he's going to blow up on a, shall we say, violence-prone person, and get the stuffing knocked out of him. Anyway, there's no way he could've really injured me without a weapon which I highly doubt he had, as he'd have to turn his whole body before he could throw a punch, at which point I'd have a clear shot at his solar plexus, or better yet, the area below it...

03/02/08 00:12
It's late, we all need some laughs, so I'll just bring this to your attention. You've probably already seen this if you're actually reading my entries, but, oh well, just in case you didn't. I have to say, this company is totally worthless. All it does is suck money from gullible people, and most likely from the government too. It provides absolutely no benefit, as all companies have to do to get listed is pay them some money after they come to their attention. If the company that published this "guide" actually took time to evaluate what they list, then they'd be worth a little bit, but as it is, they're almost equivalent to scammers. Almost in that they're still a little bit above since what they're doing isn't outright illegal, just really unethical. I have to wonder if the featured comment in defense of the company was written by a troll, or if it really is from someone employed by the company. Assuming it is from an employee, it doesn't change my perception of the company at all. In fact, it drives it even lower. I'll leave you to guess why since I'm sure you've got lots of free time anyway.

02/27/08 21:03
People should really watch where they're going on the subway. I was helping a visually-impaired lady get to Pape station, and at the stairs of St. George, some guy coming up the escalator just rams through the crowd, almost knocking her over. Like really, you can't wait a couple more minutes for the next train? I would also like to reiterate my hatred of the subway between Warden and Kennedy station. 15 fricking minutes today.

It's too bad I keep forgetting to come here, as I know there's been many things I wanted to write about, but, oh well, computer gaming is fun too. Which is why I'll only show you one article this time. Hillary, Barack, screw you. The United States has already screwed around enough with trade. They should remember that oil is also covered under NAFTA... Oil from Canada...

02/21/08 20:08
Lol? It's shameful how much politicians have sunk compared to the past. Now you have to apologize for something you don't even know if you said because someone who didn't attend the speech says you said it but refuses to give any details? I demand Burke apologize for a racist joke she made yesterday during dinner. I wasn't there, didn't hear it, and can't repeat what she said, but I still demand an apology.

02/21/08 18:32
Just a quick prediction. If Clinton wins, then Democrat as president. If Obama wins, Republican as president. Why? Clinton seems more likely to draw Republican voters to her. Funny what comes up over lunch.

02/20/08 14:45
Why do old people buy so much groceries that they can't carry them? My arms hurt now from yesterday's Wii and the bags I was helping someone carry home. I swear, she had bricks in those grocery bags of hers. Also, where the hell were her kids and why weren't they helping her? She's lucky no one stole her groceries considering the neighbourhood, as I think she was ferrying her groceries two bags at a time from the bus stop to her house before I helped her carry the rest of them.

02/18/08 12:29
I wonder how all those opposed to the current Canadian mission in Afghanistan will respond to the recent two suicide bombings? My guess is that they'll just blame it on the fact that we're there on a combat role, which makes no sense since it is because we are there actively fighting the Taliban that the siuation is better than what they would be. You might ask, well how do I know that it would be lower? I'm making a guess based on what happened when the Taliban was still ruling the whole country, and the fact that attacking civilians is a lot easier when there aren't people trying to stop you along with the fact that the terrorists have no qualms about killing civilians. In fact, they take pride in their attacks. In one of the two, a Canadian convoy was targetted. Only 4 soldiers sustained injuries, all of them minor. The most damage to us? A vehicle was badly damaged. Ooo, a vehicle. Not only replaceable, but not even totalled. Only badly damaged. They also managed to kill at least 38 civilians in the suicide attack. I want those who call for negotiations with these jerks to fly over and try to talk to them on their own. Hopefully they won't return. Their stupidity is contagious to some people.

02/16/08 22:32
Joy, it's Reading Week. Sure I've got a lot of stuff to do and study, but I can waste a couple of days.

Spent most of yesterday playing cards and Soul Caliber III on the PS2. I want to get Soul Caliber II for my Gamecube now XD I was really lucky on my way back home last night. I ran into a friend coming back from McMaster on the RT, so I got a ride home instead of having to take the bus =)

This article reveals to us some important things about the UN that many people don't know. One, the UN is useless, and two, the UN is powerless. Essentially, the UN has forces there as "peacekeepers." Well, part of the deal they made 8 years ago to end the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, was that Etritrea gets the town of Badme. 8 years later, Ethiopia still hasn't given it to Etritrea. As a result, Etritrea has cut off supplies to the UN force there. Of course, they claim that they simply ran out of supplies. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, as we can see from this that the UN is basically some powerless entity telling others what to do and "enforcing" it with peacekeepers that are entirely at the mercy of the conflicting sides.

The Scrabulous application on Facebook is kind of annoying. The word list it's using lets people put some names, but not others. It also doesn't add the application anywhere on your profile or application list so I have to go to the Notifications page each time to access it. I guess if I keep it logged in it'll show up, but... Why do I have to do that?

02/12/08 20:50
I timed how long the subway train took to get from Warden to Kennedy station today. 12 minutes. It takes 25 minutes to get from Kennedy to Yonge if there aren't any delays. Even with minor delays it pretty much gets to the part where the subway tracks cross over the DVP. This is why going home after a day of lectures takes at least 50% longer. The last 2 stops of the Bloor-Danforth line (Victoria Park to Warden to Kennedy) is always slow without fail. The train not only moves at a speed where you can jog faster than it, but it also frequently stops in one spot for several minutes. In other words, it takes about the same amount of time to get from downtown Toronto to Scarborough as it is for the train to go from the 2nd last station to the last station (assuming no slowdown from 3rd last to 2nd last station, which also frequently occurs, but not as often or pronounced). The bus schedule at the station I get off at is also screwed up. Some bus routes (like mine) will always fill the bus, and frequently have people waiting for the next bus because the current one is too full, while other bus routes have near empty buses or literally empty buses. The route I take is also a major route and gets 24 hour service, and yet the frequency with which the buses arrive are horrid, not to mention the fact that this major route also gets all the older buses while the others are either all shiny new buses or at least have enough that the old buses arriving aren't all that common. Great job you're doing TTC...

I am so !@#$ed for tomorrow's organic chemistry test. Still not motivated to study for it yet, and I won't have any spare time to study tomorrow since it's packed with labs and lectures.

02/12/08 00:11
Omg, reading the xkcd forum just sucked away my sleep time. !@#$!!!

02/10/08 00:35
Facebook problems atm =( Won't let me update certain sections.

Had my CSV. Stood for 9+ hours straight. Without lunch or a break. I've also discovered that counting out 100 tiny pills sucks. Especially if you lose track and have to recount them. Again. My mentor is pretty good though, and cares about pharmacy. He hasn't become all cynical and jaded... Much... His pharmacy is kind of weird though, in that it's located right inside a medical clinic, so doctors just go up and talk to him, and if he needs to correct prescriptions or w/e, there's no need to call or anything. I wonder how long it'll take me to have memorized as much stuff as he has. It seems that he's got all the medications' side effects, interactions, indications, etc. memorized.

02/07/08 20:32
Trolls have invaded an area of the internet I go through quite often, and I can't stop feeding them. If I don't, then some people might believe in what they're saying, and if I ban them, then it could be a potential public relations disaster. I really wish a physical anti-troll stick existed and I could beat them with it. By trolls, I actually include both actual trolls who enjoy throwing rocks at you, and idiots who believe that they can jump across the Grand Canyon and try to get you to join them in their plummet to their death.

02/07/08 00:19
I'm just going to have to roll my eyes at this. I'm assuming that "home" meant home to his wife, in which case I have to wonder why he was sending such stuff back to his family rather than to his superiors. Also, weren't rockets being lauched from near that UN base? Weren't they ordered to evacuated beforehand? On another note, weren't rockets being launched from schools and other civilian areas? It's funny that Israel gets blamed if they attack such areas, but the other side gets no blame for using such areas as shields. What story do you think the media is more likely to report, terrorists launching rockets at Israeli civilians from a hospital/other civilian area, or Israel bombs a hospital/other civilian area that's being used as a launching site?

Lol. I miss playing LOTR. Sometime, somehow, I will finish painting my remaining Riders of Rohan. I will also figure out how to counter Saruman's cheapness against my horsemen. Too bad it's not like Battle for Middle Earth where I can just go, lol, Legolas + army of archers = dead Saruman. In fact, Legolas + army of archers = dead anything except horsemen and catapults. Damn, damn catapults destroying my archers...

Anyone who plays an MMORPG should totally read the Dark Legacy comics online. I've mentioned them before, and I'll tell you about them again, just because they're so gosh darn good. Also because I laughed my ass off reading their latest comic and again when I reread it today just for fun.

02/05/08 23:26
Looks like the suicide bomb free period in Israel has ended.

One of the lectures today was about ethics. It was interesting. From my point of view, ethics and morals can be summed up by one statement: for the greater good. To me, any situation can be, and should be, solved using this. No need for religion or anything. After all, are you really moral if you're only doing good out of fear? Whatever. It's how I view who's/what's right, and what should be done when I read the news.

I think where people stand on the issue with organ selling, is really determined by their stance on prostitution, as they're almost the same thing. My view is that organ selling should be allowed, but have it against the law to assign monetary values to body parts to prevent unscrupulous creditors from forcing people to sell organs, and for people to be, say, at least 25 years old. Hey, their bodies, not ours. Legalizing it would also ensure more of the money paid goes to the actual donor, as now there's no need for all these people (who may be involved in other highly illegal activities) in the middle to participate and take huge cuts, not to mention allow more people to recieve the transplants they need. This issue will be moot in the future anyway, barring any catastrophies, as we'll be able to grow individual organs.

You know, I wonder if cannibis smokers realize that smoking tobacco would be less harmful to their health?

02/03/08 12:51
You know that report that started this whole black-focused school mess, the Falcon report I believe it's called? According to a letter published by the Toronto Star, women were also identified as being a marginalized group. So obviously the reader calls for women-focused programs... Anyway, hopefully the idea will be squashed now that McGuinty has said the province will not fund such a craptastic idea.

02/02/08 12:01
So much snow yesterday. UTSG was closed at 11, so I still got 2 hours of lectures in. Screwed over for orgo though, as a whole lecture and tutorial was in the afternoon. Anyway, the snow was perfect for snowball fights when I got out of lecture. Needless to say, there was a lot of snow being thrown around afterwards =) I didn't have gloves though, so I had to pick up already packed chunks of snow and then compress them farther. You could pack the snow pretty tightly. Once of the ones I threw bounced a couple of metres away after hitting someone's puffy winter coat. Surprisingly enough, my shoes weren't soaked after running through all that snow. Instead they got soaked walking home from the bus stop. Since the campus was closed, we weren't allowed back into the building to warm up after chucking around snow, but there was a nice large grill on the ground nearby that was emitting warm air. I just hope that the air coming out was not hazardous for my health. After that I went home, as I didn't want to risk the TTC breaking down or something later on in the afternoon. Had to shovel a crap load of snow when I got home. My parents only the driveway earlier on in the day, so while the amount of snow accumulated on the driveway was only halfway up to my knee, the snow on the path to the backyard was up to my knee. So much energy spent on that >< Oddly enough, one of my friends wished for a snowstorm on Friday to get a snow day before the storm warning was announced. Too bad she didn't wish for my last PPL to go smoothly, as it was pretty bad.

01/30/08 20:52
Just to clarify, I'm not against after-school programs that focus on certain things, but I am against our tax money funding whole alternatives to the public system, like private schools and religious schools. Well, religious schools are private schools. We should not fund schools that divide students based on anything but merit.

01/30/08 19:41
Omg, those idiots. The TDSB voted in a whole package of stuff to "make schools more relevant to black students" which includes a black-focused school. I'm just going to point out stupid quotes from the front page Toronto Star article today. So the plan is to open this school in 2009. But are they satisfied? No... "I'm estatic, but the struggle continues and we want this school to open in 2008, not 2009," said Harrow." In other words, they want an entirely new school with a new cirriculum to be jammed in, in 8 months. Can't even wait till 2009 so that everything can be properly planned. Toss in an accusation of racism even after it was approved. "If this was happening to other cultural groups, this school system would have been dismantled years ago." Confusion of rights with idiocy. "Human rights activiist Vicky McPhee called Afrocentric schools "a right," and called for them in each of the city's 22 wards. Hey, I guess having Chinese, Indian, German, Mexican, and other such schools a right too! Let's get the process started and we'll all open up a whole slew of schools centred around particular people! "Community leader Murphy Browne said she was alarmed at the high number of youth being "pushed out" of school by a European-centred system, who then get "caught up in the school-to-jail pipeline."" Omg! I'm not of European descent! Neither are a lot of my friends and classmates! We're being pushed out by such a system and are going to go to jail! Oh wait, no we're not. Moron. " ... we did not propose a school for only blacks, we did not propose a school with all black teachers and all black curriculum ... This is a school where all people could come and get support. ... " Gee, I guessed I missed the meaning of Afrocentric, and designed for black students to help them succeed. " ... a black-focused school might help stem the higher dropout rate among black students, often blamed on a curriculum that overlooks their heritage and taechers who don't reflect their diversity." Let's pull up the numbers for other minorities. Hm, their dropout numbers don't seem to be that high. Hm, does the curriculum examine their hertiage and does the school board have teachers that reflect their diversity (W/e the hell that's supposed to mean. Are we supposed to hire people based on their ethinicity now instead of their skills and qualifications?)? Doesn't look like it. Gee, I wonder what the reason for this could be... Could it be that the problem lies not in the school system but the parenting these kids receive? "There are alternative schools within this system that have never been asked to dance this dance. There are many blond and blue-eyed kids in alternative schools and no one ever said 'segregation.'" Really??? There are??? There are publicly funded schools geared towards blond and blue-eyed kids??? I think not. Oh, did you mean that there are these kids in alternative schools? Well guess what, there are black kids in alternative schools too. Doesn't that make you look stupid. "We have division across this city and in the schools ... the time has come for this school. ... We have to allow our understanding of diversity to evolve. It will be a multiculturalism for the 21st century." Really? Separating kids in school based on race is multicultural? What are you high on? "We are not talking about segregation, do not take it in that direction. That's not the issue." I guessed I missed the memo saying that separating kids based on race is not segregation. You know what this is? This is parents not taking responsibility for their kids and trying to find a scapegoat. This is even more stupid than affirmative action. There is no way you can blame the school system for the high dropout rate when every other minority is doing well enough. This is especially the case when the minority in question is one of the most, if not the most (which I'm almost certain it is), populous minority here. It's irrational, a waste of resources, and unfair to other minorities. The trustees who voted in favour of this ought to be dismissed, and supporters of this should go looking for their brain.

I feel much better now that I've vented. It seems that black hat guy in xkcd has lost his hat. I think this could be the start of the adventures of black hat girl. Let us hope that this is true.

Who will win the Democratic nomination? Obama or Clinton? Who will win the Republican nomination? Will Ron Paul make a comeback? Excitement, drama, challenging questions! Questionable practices, and heaps of money! It's human politics!
01/29/08 21:43
I'm kind of pressed for time, what with 2 labs tomorrow, so I'll leave you with this: Lol, =), awesomeness.

01/24/08 22:46
Huge delay on the TTC today. Really sucked since I had an assessment that I needed to pass. I was late of course, even though I aimed for arriving at least a half hour early.

The comments on this seemed really funny to me for some reason. Must be because my mind's going. This one was the best of the bunch: "Nasty Hobbitses...and their mean Higgses make Precious feel so heavy. Higgses ...must be one of the ugliest plural forms I've recently encountered. You say that now, but she'll look better after a couple of drinkses." Another good one was: " ... although all-out nuclear war sometimes destroys all life on planets as advanced as Earth, it is much more common for such planets to be obliterated by physicists attempting to determine the precise mass of the Higgs boson particle, since the moment the mass is known the planet will instantly collapse into a nugget of super-dense matter "roughly the size of a pea."" One of the comments reminded me of someone I know. When I read it, I read it as if he was saying it. It just sounds like something he would say if he had read this (highly doubtful). "What's this ... behind your ear ... ? Oh, look! It's a Higgs boson!"

01/24/08 00:01
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to worry about the economy again... Damn defaults on the US housing market. You'd think that when large amounts of money are lent out the lender would be very careful in checking the credentials of the borrowers and be very risk adverse...

01/23/08 22:44
Glad to read this. The title could use a bit of tweaking though. You get the wrong impression until you actually read the article.

This is funny. Ignore the whole article except for the 8 cm of snow part. I looked at a ruler after reading that, and 8 cm doesn't seem that much. Seems like a regular snowfall to me, lol. Anyway, I have to wonder if something is wrong with that kid. Yes, he had a right to ask a public official for more information regarding that decision, but that's what office phone numbers are for. Why the hell would you think it's acceptable to call them at home? It's not like he wouldn't answer the question through email or calls to his office, nor was it an urgent question. The wife did respond really poorly, but it still doesn't excuse the student's actions.

01/22/08 23:10
Came across this article just now. My view is that the police are not at fault. After all, she was violent in the hours beforehand. Well, you say she was drunk. I'll deal with that later on. Ah, but when she was sober, she had to be removed by force from the police car. So... Yeah. Now, for the drunkeness. It is my view that people are fully responsible for what you do while under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. After all, if not, then these people are getting a free pass to do things that are detrimental to us. It would prevent a lot of murders if we took this view. At the very least, we wouldn't get repeat deaths from repeat drunk drivers. This is why I feel that the police were totally in the right in their actions. Also, they're using words out of context. The girl was not beaten up. I highly doubt the tapes show them hitting her. Being shoved to the ground is not the same as being beaten up. Yes, in other situations it would be bad, but not in this one. The guard said she felt threatened when the girl kicked her shoe off, and when you're in the police force, not reacting as soon as you feel threatened can be the difference between being killed/injured, and well, not injured/dead. Now, there's also this: ""And still, you know, there's going to be the odd person who's going to think: 'You were a drunk 15-year-old girl. You probably shouldn't have been out there, and you must have done something to provoke it.' It's not even true. This is how they treat innocent people."" I wonder if it is just the odd person. I think there will be quite a number of people who think that. Also, aren't you kind of stereotyping the whole force based on one incident? Also, I don't think you were an innocent person. There's also this: " ... She was so little and so tiny, and she was such a good girl."" I don't know about you, but I think it's possible for a 15 year old girl to deliver quite a painful punch/kick. The human body is quite fragile, and I doubt most people work out so much that their entire body is just about pure solid muscle. Also, how can you say a 15 year old who deliberately gets highly drunk a good kid? I guess my definition of a good kid is different from yours by a significant amount since my definition includes not breaking the freaking law and consuming dangerous drugs for recreational purposes! This wasn't just drinking a little bit, or getting drunk. This was getting drunk enough for your neighbours to call 911, and getting hauled into the police station to sober up because you can't even tell them where you live! You know what would have been... Um, I most likely already come across as mean enough, so I'll just skip the word that would've ended that question. Anyway, if the other jail cells weren't full so she got put into a regular cell. You know, one that isn't padded? Remember, she was trying to force her way out of the cell like a drunk person (because she was a drunk person), so it's not one of those, clever hit the right spot to break down the door type of breaking out. I'll let you imagine the consequences. If you can't, repeatedly punch a hard metal surface.

You know, maybe I really am not all that compassionate and caring about other people, but I think I am to those that don't make the world a miserable place for the rest of us. If you feel sympathy towards this girl, just think about all the police officers who have been killed by people that were drunk or high. If you ever think that our justice system (a lax one in my opinion) was too harsh towards someone who caused the death of an innocent individual, think about the person who's no longer there. Think about their friends and their family. Those con artists? What about the people who lost their life savings? Shoplifters? What about the employees who will lose their jobs or those that are unemployed and will not get hired because the company is not generating enough revenue. Recreational drug users? What about all the people who will die/suffer a diminished quality of life because some jerk overdosed and is sucking up our health care resources? To make this more specific, some asshat overdoses on cocaine and 911 is called. The ambulance in your area gets sent to pick up that idiot. Meanwhile, you have a heart attack and someone calls 911. Guess what, you just died because the nearest ambulance was busy delivering the drug abuser to the hospital for free treatment. Mull on that if you think my views are too draconian.

01/21/08 22:40
I finally found out why Fantasy Realms hasn't been updated in a long time. I've got it as a live bookmark, so everyday I just skim past it to open my other feeds which means I can check if it's been updated in less than a second without wasting any cursor movements. The feed only contains the comics, so I didn't get any news about it at all until I clicked on a link to the home page today. I just assumed that the author got lazy and didn't want to put in the effort to make new pages. I was, of course, too lazy to delete it and it was a good series, so I was hoping the author would pick it up again. It kind of ended on a cliffhanger. Anyway, apparently the delay was due to massive script revisions and it'll be back up on the 28th. Clicking on the link brought back memories of the comic, and it also brought back some questions. One is, I got the impression that one of the main characters, either the girl or the boy, was from a wealthy family, but it doesn't seem their lives lead that way. Also, they seem really young, like... 14 or 15? Kind of young to be wandering around the world? Also apparently the boy was in the army before, but wouldn't he be a useless soldier? I mean, one guy could just swat him away with a single swing. I also have to say that the little kid who's a lord is really creepy... Like possessed creepy...

I also spent like 3 hours straight going through yet another webcomic. I found a link to it from the Fantasy Realms home page, and so far it's really good. What the characters say/think just really... Evoke the same kind of feeling that some xkcd comics do, like this recent one. Except pretty much the whole series has been like that so far. The artwork in the beginning was kind of odd, and by that, I mean, for some inexplicable reason some of the characters' eyes are coloured red. One eye that is. Oh, right, I should give you the name of the comic and a link to the home page. It's called hero.

You know what I wish someone would market? It wouldn't be hard to make either. Just that fluorescent light bulbs would have a filter covering it that changed the wavelengths of light emitted to those of an incandescent one. Incandescent bulbs just make a room feel so much warmer and more cozy in my opinion. While I'm wishing for things, I wish the artificial light source in my room had an adjustable filter where I could change the amount of light coming through. This is because it was designed for an incandescent bulb, where the switch controlled the amount of current (or is it voltage? I think it's current) going through and so you could adjust the light setting by adjusting the current. However, now that a fluorescent bulb is in its place, there's only three settings. Off, completely on, or an annoying flickering. See, it should turn completely on, then have a filter adjust the light going through. I realize I'm rambling, but I can't help it. It's late.

I wanted to write something about marijuana use, but I've got to go to sleep, so I can't. Too bad. You won't miss much, it'll just be another rant against it.

01/20/08 00:22
Wow, can't believe I didn't write anything for 8 days.

Disgusting, yet not shocking. I guess when you're scum you may as well do this too.

So, I saw the first teaser video for Star Trek XI, and I must admit, it has made me want to watch the movie. I didn't really care about it before as I don't like the original series, but now that I've seen the video... The cast will take some time to get used to, if I ever do, as when I've seen a character being played by a particular actor, I pretty much always associate how the character looks with that particular person. For example, Pierce Brosnan is pretty much how I think James Bond looks like for the rest of my life, as he was the first person I saw portraying that character.

This xkcd comic was pretty good. It's not humourous, but I still like it.

If lawyers ever wonder why their profession is hated by some people, here's an example.

This month is going by too fast. The end of January means midterms are coming soon =(

01/12/08 23:07
I'm so screwed for PHM120. Too much to study, and the type of questions asked is too difficult =( At least I passed phys chem though. Somehow managed to pull a C-. I suspect the grades were adjusted by quite a bit.

I find it interesting that such an outrage was generated over someone microwaving a cat to death. Yes, it's bad, and yes, whoever did it should no longer be alive right now, but worse things are happening all the time. You know, all those murders in the world? All the crime that's happening as I type this? Bad things happening to humans? Why do people care more about animals than their own fellow humans? It really doesn't make sense to me.

Another bit of news caught my eye. See, some homeless native got really drunk. A rookie police officer sees him and brings him to the drunk tank. I'm guessing this is some sort of holding location for drunks found on the streets so that they can sober up without destroying public property along the way or something. Anyway, the senior officer at the drunk tank tells the rookie that the guy isn't really drunk, its just that he's got a mental condition that makes him seem drunk. As such, he can't go into the drunk tank. Well, obviously the rookie listens, after all, the other officer has years of experience with this. I don't remember whether the officer found the guy in the alley behind the detox centre or not, but since he's homeless, he obviously doesn't have anything indicating where he lives (well, he's homeless). So he gets put in the alley behind the detox centre. There's two fast food restaurants nearby (open of course, or at least that's implied in the article since if they weren't open, then the guy wouldn't be able to go in and warm up there). The alley also gets patrolled by other people usually. Well, the guy dies, and the officer gets blamed and accusations of racism get thrown around. Now, my take on this is that the officer is completely blameless as he was merely listening to what a senior officer with lots of experience was telling him, and the explanation was plausible. He dropped him back off in a location where there was plenty of places to go get warmed up, and where people usually pass by. This seems to be the correct decision to me. What did you want the officer to do, drop him off inside a building or restaurant? Trust me on this when I say the occupants/owners of the building or restaurant would kick the guy out immediately, if not outright refuse to let the officer drop him off inside in the first place. Also, it is my opinion that if someone gets drunk or high, nobody is responsible for their well-being. Obviously if you go stab the guy or something you're in the wrong, but other than that, no. Racism my ass.

Some recommendations were put forward to the TDSB, among them, for the school board to employ dogs that can detect guns (actually, gunpowder) in random school sweeps of lockers. Apparently, that violates some rights. My response is, wtf. Those lockers are owned by the TDSB. As a student, you have no right to privacy for those lockers. Also, it's not like they're opening every single locker. Only the lockers that the dogs indicate as having guns in them. In other words, if you don't have a gun in your locker, it's not going to be searched. If you do, well, I hope you die painfully for endangering the students of the school. This is just like the issue of installing cameras in university residence hallways and in the TTC system. It violates privacy rights when there is no good reason for privacy in those areas, and where not doing what I think should be done has major negative consequences for us.

I'm currently going through the archives of another web comic. It's okay so far. Good enough to make me countinue, but not funny enough to have made me laugh out loud yet. It's called Cyanide and Happiness. The comic is actually drawn by several artists who rotate. From the dates indicated for each strip, it appears that a new strip is made almost daily.

Ah, the Darwin Awards. One problem of using sites such as Digg and Slashdot is that the website with what you want to read tends to become inaccessible due to a sudden load spike. Sometimes you can access a mirror site, sometimes not.

01/10/08 21:57
Today's PPL went badly to say the least. Got a PHM120 exam on Monday. There's too much to study for the PHM120 exam. I don't see how last year's class passed, although according to one of them the test material concentrated more on what was said in lecture rather than the readings... But... My lecture notes are kind of non-existent...

Yay, Clinton won the 2nd round. Hopefully she'll continue to win. You know, I've got a theory on why Ron Paul is doing so badly despite such massive online support for him. See, I think that if you polled his supporters online, I'm pretty sure you'll find that a lot of them are either Democrats, or not part of either party. Since these are just party nominations, that means a massive chunk (or the majority) of his support isn't able to vote for him in the Republican nomination process. In other words, he's screwed. I guess he could always run as an independent after he loses, unless that'll violate US election law.

New webcomic to follow. The Perry Bible Fellowship. I'm not sure which one I like best, but the Colonel Sweeto one is pretty damn good. It's both funny and drawn really well. The Dreamcatcher3000 one is also really nice. The Road Test one seems to be something xkcd would do though. Of course, xkcd would use raptors rather than a T-Rex. Keep on Truckin' is also up there.

01/09/08 20:47
Have an argument with a crazy person on the TTC? Check. Some people might say it's best to ignore these people, but he was being a real asshole in attempting to support a racist position with flawed economic reasonings and red herrings. Personally, I feel he just wanted to piss people off, so I may as well annoy him by actually taking him up on the challenge. Wouldn't it be funny if he spends his time riding back and forth on the subway doing this? I realize now that I actually made a mistake in what I said, since according to a quick Google search, the gold standard doesn't exist anymore, but I still pissed him off pretty well by insisting it did exist. He got off on the next stop =D I'd like to think that I soured his day, even though I don't have any proof of that.

01/05/08 23:35
I had a glance at some of Ron Paul's positions on Wikipedia, and assuming they're all accurate, I still don't know whether I support him or not. It seems that everytime I find something that makes me think "He's an idiot," I find something that makes me think, "That makes perfect sense, the other candidates are idiots." What an enigma. He's for sure a libertarian, and yet, at the same time is both really religious and secular. The secularism comes from his libertarian beliefs I think. It's all a jumble. I think many of his supporters haven't really looked at all his positions and their implications. Like, he's against affirmative action, which is good, but he's also against net neutrality. Hey Gary, did you know that he's against net neutrality? I've got a feeling you didn't. He's for having secular public schools, but here's the catch. If I read his positions right, there won't be any public schools, nor standards for private schools either. He'd give everyone with kids education tax credits to be spent on the school of their choice. Unless the kids are home schooled of course, in which case the money would be pocketed by the parents. While he believes global warming is a major threat and nuclear power should be considered as an alternative, his actually methods in combating climate change are quite crappy. With support from Friends of the Earth, he cosponsored a bill against the US from funding nuclear power plants in China. Now, you might think, he's just against taxpayers money being invested in another country, but then, why side with a group that is against nuclear power? This also isn't about nuclear proliferation since China already has nuclear technology. There's a lot more (and better) stuff, but I have to go to sleep now unfortunately. I look forward to wasting more time going through his views again when I have more time. For now, I'm still against him. Hm, I wonder how much of Paul's support on the Internet know about his net neutrality position? Someone should raise a stink about this on Digg/Slashdot. I want to read the comments. Ah, that reminds me. The quality of Digg seems to have declined recently. Slashdot seems more like what I remember Digg was like in the past. I hope it doesn't change.

01/03/08 23:39
Dammit, Obama won the Iowa caucus.

Currently having trouble with the Blizzard downloader. My firewall is slowing it down a lot, but I can't change the firewall settings nor can I turn it off. So far it's like 52% in 8 hours.

There has been stuff about this before, in Europe, but here it is again in the US. I believe the one in Europe was about its Fairplay thing, and this one is about iPods not playing .wmv files, but essentially it's the same kind of dung. I feel warm and fuzzy inside since Microsoft got hit with a similar pile of steaming poo over Windows. Now all you Mac users come back over to Windows... There's a freshly baked batch of cookies and a tall start menu waiting for you here =)

Now to putter around Facebook for a few minutes before I go to sleep.

01/03/08 00:24
First, happy new year. Second, crap, I need to start studying. Third, damn, I feel old.

Fun few days. Met up with friends on New Year's Eve and on the 2nd. Lots of Wii =) Driving home from like 2am till 3am in the snow on New Year's Eve was kinda fun. Very little cars, and the whole road surface covered in snow. Someone told me later that the highways were actually clear from all the cars driving over the snow, but I drove local and had all the fun. So much better than driving in the rain. You can actually see where you're going. Of course, this doesn't apply when it's a blizzard since such a high volume of snow will have the same effect, but w/e. Much shoveling of snow afterwards though.

I haven't been really following the presidential candidate races in the US lately. Been, uh, distracted. Shiny games. In fact, I haven't been really following the news at all. Based on vague impressions made in my mind from memories that are possibly inaccurate and without looking at facts from both sides, I cast my nonexistent vote in favour of Clinton and... Giuliani? Also, Ron Paul's crazy! Crazy I say, crazy! Or Ron Paul could be a very nice choice. I don't know. He represents change, and change is bad, right? He could also represent craziness... I can always do research on the candidates' positions later.

12/30/07 23:57
I learned how to play Mahjong today. Sort of. Well, I learned the basics =) My hatred of parking lots was also reinforced. Spent 10 minutes driving around trying to find a spot.

95% recovered now. Apparently pizza is good for your health?

12/28/07 22:57
All I'm going to say is that being sick sucks.

12/24/07 15:24
Merry Christmas everyone!

12/23/07 21:48
You know what sucks? Driving in the rain. You know what sucks even more? Driving in the rain on the highway. You know what's going to suck even more? Driving in the rain at night on the highway. So it better not be raining when I go out tonight. Wait, the water on the roads better not freeze tonight...

12/21/07 23:07
Three posts in one day? Don't worry, like most of my posts, this one doesn't have much content. Just came across this on Digg. I wish there was one for each of my favourite foods.

12/21/07 22:46
Well, I think I've finished up updating everything. I'm sure I've missed a bunch of programs that I haven't installed back, but I'll do that when it turns out I need it. That and the printer driver. I'll wait till I need to print something off. My MSN Messenger background is all screwy now as I can't seem to find what my old background is. Actually, I don't even know what my old background is =/ All I know is that the default one looks weird, and after playing around with it, I managed to get it to a mix of black/grey which also looks odd. However, it's not eye hurtingly bright so it's good. You know, I don't think hurtingly is a word. Also, I was certain I uninstalled WoW before reimaging the computer, but it turns out I didn't... While I am glad that now I don't have to reinstall it and download a bunch of patches again, it was disconcerting. I'm getting forgetful in my old age.

12/21/07 16:42
Well, I got at least 40% on the anatomy exam today. Let's hope my actual mark is significantly higher than that eh? I'm am now free* from school work. *Free means I only have to study for another exam after the holidays, and study for a test for another course (this will also include prepping for that courses labs). The bookstore still hadn't recieved their latest shipment of microbio books, so I can't prep for the first lab over the break. Will have to madly cram as soon as I get my hands on the book.

Now it's off to the joys of reimaging and hoping some of the files I move over to my clean partition that contains all of my important stuff does not contain any viruses. After that, it's gaming time!

12/19/07 16:26
Ugh, today's exam did not go well. And it was worth 50% of the course. And it's a full year course, which means that exam was basically worth 100% of a single semester course. Don't you just hate it when you keep misinterpreting questions and forgetting one word that is crucial to your answer?

Just one more to go, then it's holiday time! One really hard exam to go... Also, the stupid bookstore was sold out of required textbooks again. Like wtf, do they not look at how many students are enrolled in a course before ordering?

12/18/07 13:26
Yay for part marks. I think I'm going to get a passing grade for stats. Just need to cram for 2 more exams then it's holiday time!

I was going to type up a long rant over several articles I came across in the Toronto Star yesterday and today, but I've decided to just be lazy. Besides, it's bad for my health, what with the increased blood pressure and all. The worst of the 3 was basically some jackass in a group of jackasses got shot and killed and I don't see the need for any public inquiry or anything. The fact that one of the possible suspects may also have been a jackass (or not, since I haven't bothered to go look up what his story is), doesn't change things. I saw it as equivalent to a street racer hitting a traffic light and getting killed. Prevents them from endangering others again in the future.

12/15/07 15:58
Just one more week, just one more week...

Yesterday's microbio was like the orgo final. Was kind of huh? on some questions, but not enough to fail me. I kind of went through it at the end with my calculator (I think I was the only one silly enough to bring a calculator and ruler to my seat, but I feel more comfortable with them.) and the lowest I think I can get is 65%.

On a sadder note, I think I'm think screwed for stats on Monday. I mean sure, the prof did say after the disasterous midterms that every passes the final, but my phys chem prof also said at the beginning of the year that everyone passes her course. There's a first time for everything you know, and I may be unlucky enough to be those firsts. Anyway, since I really don't want to touch stats, I;ve been studying for my other exam on Monday. I have to teach a patient how to use either a metered-dose inhaler, or a turbuhaler. Of course, the instructions I'm studying do not have diagrams, so I've had to go online so I know exactly how the devices look like.

12/13/07 15:14
Mildly optimistic about today's orgo final. I gave up 15 minutes before time was up, which I really shouldn't have done, but I think I got most of the questions. Only a few stumped me. I celebrated by slipping on a patch of ice twice, both times ending up on my ass. See, I was heading back to the pharmacy building, and I decided to take a shortcut over an area that was supposed to have steps installed. Well, I saw what looked like asphalt and assumed that they had just decided to build a ramp rather than steps. Turns out it was extremely smooth ice. After ending up on the ground 2 steps in, I decided to countinue and promptly fell again after another 2 steps just when I was almost at the bottom. Good thing I didn't fall forward or I would've hit a bench with very hard edges.

Really bad idea. Ignoring safety protocols is what brought us Chernobyl. Of course, this isn't exactly the same thing, but still. Safety regulations are meant to be followed, not ignored. If there is an accident, it'll be interesting who gets the blame, considering all parties supported it and CNSC was clearly against it. Silly politicians. They should be forced to work beside it until the safety problems are fixed.

I hope intelligence agencies are at least tracking people who order from this damn company. *grumbles about lax justice systems

New TV show to follow =) I'm going to see if I can spot any mistakes when I watch it. Will probably be too amused to catch any though.

12/12/07 13:03
I was really hoping the world wasn't ending so soon.

12/11/07 15:12
Woot! Or should it be WoT? Lol. Let the seals break and be reformed anew. I think the whole prison may be broken and reformed though. After all, patching seems too temporary a solution, and there wasn't any patch in the Age of Legends.

12/11/07 00:33
My performance on my phys chem final was just shameful. I don't think I got the 44 and a third percent required for me to get a fifty in the course and pass. Summer school, ugh... 2 weeks of hell... I've had more stressful days last year, but I managed to pull through every time. This time though... It seems my phys chem prof pullled a stats on me. I mean, sure, a couple of questions were similar to the problem sets and I still screwed up, and I did futz up a question that was on grade 12 knowledge, but still. WTFH!!! I'm hoping the prof's going to adjust the marks on the final exam such that everyone gets at least 50%. Still got 6 more to go before it's holiday time. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep now. Need to immediately start studying for the other 2 exams this week, orgo and microbio.

One last thing. I finally went through and bookmarked another webcomic I've been meaning to look at for a while now. It's called VG Cats or Video Game Cats. This one's one of the best, just because of the expression on Aeris' expression on the last panel.

12/07/07 22:14
Well, here we are, at December exams again. Too bad this time around I feel totally screwed for my numerous exams. I wish I had WoW to play again. As it is, I'm currently having my ass handed to me in MSN Messenger games and listening to my music collection. I wonder what everyone is thinking right now. It's 2nd year now for most of my friends, it'd be interesting to know what's swirling through their mind as exams roll in. Probably all madly studying unlike me =( I need to get my hands on some sort of device that will suck the study habits out of other people and transfer them to me. Heck, I'll settle for ruining other people's study habits. If everyone slacks, then I won't look as bad. Oh, and I've been lacking sleep so much this week, I almost missed my stops several times these past few days.

12/05/07 13:51
Geez, how the heck do you fall for something like this? It's so obvious it's a scam. If it's not, contact me. I've got an invisible guardian I'd like to sell to you. It has a 99% chance of success in protecting you from things that will kill you. It's a really good deal. After all, how much is your life worth?

12/04/07 23:17
Ack, screwed up another writing assignment. I interpreted the question wrong =(

So, I was thrown into a mini panic on Sunday when I went to choose my CSV locations and discovered that I had missed the deadline by a day. This meant I risked being stuck in Brampton or Newmarket or something. Luckily, it seems that a number of my classmates also found themselves in the same situation, and the deadline was extended. Such a relief.

See, I call this theft. When people do stuff like this in "support" of their cause, it just really ticks me off. Too bad they weren't charged with theft under $5000 or whatever it is.

Check this out. Note this: "Some 43% of the surveyed parents said they were not aware of ratings systems for games to determine suitability." and ""There are games that should be out of the hands of the children. The industry needs to be telling people that and giving them the information they need."" See, this may come as a shock to a lot of whiny parents, but the gaming indurstry DOES tell everyone which games are appropriate for children to play, and which aren't. It's called the ratings system, like ERSB. You know, the ratings that 43% of surveyed parents were unaware of? The really frustrating thing is that these same parents then complain about the games their kids are playing and whine about how the industry should take steps to protect their kids. Did you know that video games are expensive? Now, I don't know what your kid's income is like, but I'm pretty sure that most, if not all of their income (assuming they have any) are from you, the parent. So you're either funding the purchase of the games you're whining about, or you're buying the fricking thing yourself for your kid! How do you not notice the rating on all the boxes that contain video games? Are you just retarded? Perhaps not, but I do know the reason. You're just bad parents. Stop blaming others for your stupidity. Even if your kid does somehow get their hands on a game you don't approve of, have you not heard of something called taking the game away from your child? If anyone tries to blame the video game industry in front of me, I'll be resisting the urge to smack them. Maybe I have that urge because of all the video games I've played. Oh, and any videos/articles about/referring to/containing Jack Thompson should have a health warning attached. It causes an increase in blood pressure, stress, anger, and annoyance levels in many people.

12/02/07 18:47
Stats is making me feel very stupid. /cry /wrist

Shoveling snow sucks. It's cold, takes what feels like an eternity, and you know you're going to have to redo it when it snows again. And I still don't know where my scarf went.

11/28/07 21:18
>=) Too bad it's still not big enough to make front page news yet.

Wrote another test today, and it didn't go well. The prof said we'd have plenty of time to finish, but I only managed to finish 5 minutes before time was up, and that was with rushing through the conversion questions. Staring out the window and pacing back and forth was just way more interesting than last minute cramming today.

11/25/07 15:16
My MSN occasionally crashes and WoW keeps freezing on me, so I'll be doing a reimage of my C partition for sure after December exams. That's going to be a whole day wasted =( I've been procrastinating A LOT, and it's all thanks to this comic a friend sent me. It's called Piled Higher and Deeper, or PhD. I don't know whether it makes me want to be a grad student or not. Probably not since I doubt my competence for research is anywhere close to any of the characters since they somehow manage to leave everything to the last minute and still manage to pull stuff out of their asses. Anyway, it's really good.

11/21/07 01:17
Got burnt on 2nd orgo midterm. Damn.

I think I might be just a bit too competitive when playing board games. Just a bit...

Silly French. Did you know that they get 4 weeks of paid vacation in August in addition to their 35 hour work week? As long as a downturn in the French economy doesn't somehow screw me over, I'm all for an economic collapse there. That'll jolt them out of their little dream world. Although that would make them competitive again, which would be bad for other countries that compete against them. Hm... Maybe I'll just hope for rioting to start again over there and have it splashed all over the news to entertain me. Oh, France also has an earlier retirement age too.

I'm so distracted in lectures now. My mind keeps wandering off during the times I'm actually awake. Can't focus anymore =(

Why would someone type this into Google search: "riding through my city with my aci sittin up high u can see me ride by shades on my eyes you can tell im high ice everywhere im o so fly"? This one's odd too: "stop c000021a neuron" as the stop c000021a part seems to be an error message on someone's computer, but why add neuron after it? The oddities Yahoo page statistics comes up with...

11/16/07 20:58
223 new emails await me. Hope it doesn't take me too long to sort through them. I didn't really like the ending for the xkcd story. I guess my expectations were too high. Oh well. Got a full weekend of "studying" ahead of me.

11/14/07 01:37
Omg, I accidentally closed my browser which wiped everything I wrote. Screw this. I'll retype one thing and forget the rest. On my most recent orgo quiz I accidentally had five bonds on two of carbon atoms. I proceeded to correct it by crossing out an -OH and replacing it with a -H and handed it in. Realized my stupidity after and proceeded to create dents in my notebook and notes in the orgo lecture after by repeatedly stabbing them with my pen.

11/12/07 19:10
Yay, there's going to be five xkcd comics published this week! "My goodness. Neighborhood scamps on the wireless." =) I was going through random ones today, and came across #293. I don't know if I mentioned that one before, but it's also really nice.

On another note, I had an anxiety attack in the middle of last night. Interrupted me in the middle of my sleep and robbed me of precious sleep. At least it didn't happen in the middle of class, or a test, or a lab. That would've been bad.

11/09/07 17:49
22% below class average on a huge midterm. /cry

It's easy to know which side to support when stuff like this happens.

More stupidity has been brought to light in today's Toronto Star. ""Everyone says it would be segregation, but our schools are segregated anyway," said parent Andrew Murphy." What a baseless claim. Move to a different area, get a different school. Enroll in a special program like French immersion, get a different school. Pay for tuition, go to a different school. Everyone else goes to whatever the local school is. It's really quite simple. "Often, white teachers don't know how to relate to our children and they give up. Our children need to get a sense of their history; they need a sense of self." A teacher's role is to educate their students, not relate to them. The only relationship a teacher needs to have with their students is a professional one where they help students learn what the curriculum expects them to. That's all. "Since there is no justice in the schools for our children, this would be a very good idea." What the hell is your definition of a school? Here's mine: A place where a person is educated. I don't see where justice fits into an education system. Want to know where I expect justice to be located? In our judicial system. "... Our children are denied their amazing cultural history. ..." Hey, guess what? I didn't really learn about my cultural history in school. Guess where I learned it? From my parents/relatives and through learning on my own. Our education system is for teaching academics and human history, but with a focus on Canadian history, because well, we live in Canada. Sure we should learn a bit about the cultural histories of major groups present in the world, but there shouldn't be any special focus on one, as that'd be unfair to others. There's a lot on students feeling "alienated," but sticking them all into a separate school doesn't solve it. It'll only worsen any feelings of alienation because, well, perhaps because the students are all stuck in a separate school away from everyone else? Gee, maybe people should think about that.

11/09/07 00:22
Reading this made me laugh a little bit in my head. After all, isn't the president of the USA technically also the head of the US military forces? Maybe not, and maybe I'm missing a big piece of the puzzle here, but it's late so my brain's not really functional, I basically only read the headline and skimmed the rest of the article, but I have to wring out a bit of joy to brighten up my life from somewhere.

I got my orgo midterm back today. It was basically stupid mistakes that creamed me on an otherwise easy midterm that had a result of 60% for me. *sigh I could have had such a high mark on that test. This is like my first physics midterm in university when I also received a 60% on it through stupid mistakes.

11/07/07 00:42
Did you know that you have to go through a really long tunnel to get from the east/west line to the north/south line at Spadina station? I didn't. On Tuesday I fell asleep and missed getting off at St. George, and woke up when the train reached Spadina station. I looked at my watch and thought, oh crap, I'm going to be late for class! Oh well, I can just take southbound Spadina. Yeah. So I ran through that long tunnel and just when I reached the end the train left. What's worse is that I didn't know that my first class was canceled that day. So I ran for nothing. So there I was, with 3 hours till the next class. Now, I could've studied for those 3 hours... Or... Play poker with my other friends who also didn't realize the first lecture of the day was canceled. Guess what I did.

I was reading the Toronto Star today, and came across a couple of articles that just made me think wow, that's stupid. The first one: opening a black-focused school in Toronto. Just ridiculous. Here's a quote: ""Whatever is being used in the system at this moment is failing a lot of students - and more specifically a lot of black students," said Donna Harrow, a community worker who is behind the push for such a school, along with Etobicoke parent Angela Wilson." Like, what? Are you saying the system is rigged against black students, because that's just preposterous. If you say it's rigged against minorities, that's more plausible, but I don't think it's rigged against minorities. Aren't other minorities doing well? Here's another quote: " ... can fight the alienation some black teens say leads them to drop out of mainstream schools." No. Just no. That's one of the worst excuses ever. I grew up in a school where I was the only Chinese kid in the school besides my brother. Try and beat that! What alienation??? Oh geez, I'm the only Chinese kid in my grade (and nearby grades), I guess I'll drop out of school. Wth? Do people not see how ridiculous this sounds? Another quote: "The board has been piloting several "Africentric" social studies units in Grades 6, 7, and 8 at a handful of schools ... " Maybe we should have East Asiacentric units too? Special treatment should never be given to groups based on ethnicity, gender, and religion. There's no reason to, and if you give it to one group, it's quite unfair to all the other groups.

For the second article, basically, police confronts psychologically troubled guy with knife and extension cord. Pepper spray doesn't work and guy escapes and runs away. Police chase the guy (duh.), and he sudden stops, pulls out a knife from his pants and starts toward the officers. Guns are raised, and he's ordered to drop the knife, he refuses and continues towards them. So he gets shot at less than 10 feet away. 10 feet. That's within throwing distance of a knife. Let's review this again. I'm chasing someone with mental problems, he sudden stops and pulls out a knife and starts towards me. I tell him to drop the knife, he refuses and continues to advance. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to shoot him and so are you when he's within throwing distance, and if he's really strong, can lunge and reach me. I'd rather NOT have a thrown knife protruding from me. At what point do you see yourself not shooting the person if he's white? I wouldn't care what ethnicity the person is, I'm pulling the trigger, and I'm quite sure you would too. An account of the confrontation by someone who was not present at the scene morphed into " ... detailing what she described as systemic racism within the Toronto Police department."

Finally, the last article that made me go wth, that's really stupid. A couple of officers on patrol catch two teens trying to rob another teen. After an altercation occurs, one of the teens is shot by one of the officers. 8 other officers are witnesses, which means there were 9 officers on the scene, so I'm thinking that "altercation" was a pretty big one. Which one was shot you ask? Well, "A friend of Al Nadhir present that night surrendered to police the next day, relatives confirm. He is charged with armed robbery." So I'm guessing one of the teens doing the robbing as it doesn't really make sense for your friend to rob you. Unless your definition of a friend is really different from my definition. Facts are sketchy as the SIU is still investigating so not much has been released, but a replica handgun was seized at the scene. Let's connect the dots. Armed robbery + replica handgun + one of the robbers shot. I'm guessing the handgun was pulled on the officers or the victim of the attempted robbery during the big "altercation." Do you see a "'senseless' death" here and a need for an apology? I don't.

11/05/07 22:32
I've got this really weird feeling right now. Feel really stressed and panicked and about to cry, except I'm not going to. Yet. Now, this is either brought on by the high workload I've been near constantly under, continual lack of sleep, the long commute downtown and back, computer game withdrawal, the fact that I tried to study for a midterm that is still at least 2 weeks away yesterday, could be whatever made me feel dizzy and almost ready to vomit when I got home (I assumed it was residual sickness from the bus ride as I got pretty dizzy watching the passenger beside me playing a game on her cellphone and was not smart enough to stop watching as soon as I got dizzy), the low marks I've been getting recently, I've been repressing my panic and stressed out feelings for too long, or a combination of them all. I'm going to go print off tomorrow's lecture slides and hope I feel better tomorrow... !@#$ difficult courses. I have to admit while the fun of university is quite low right now, it's still good. Just need to pass this semester. Oh, and I recently got my December examination schedule. My last one is on the 21st, the last day of the exam period, and I've got 8 exams. 8!!! Yay, feeling's subsiding. Just feel sleepy now. Good.

11/01/07 22:28
Also, soccer is really tiring. Too much continuous running maybe? Because I can do 3 hours of badminton no problem. But after 1.5-2 hours of badminton, like 10 minutes of soccer screws me over. I would also like to add that volleyball is still just as painful as I remember even with a jacket and fleece hoodie cushioning the impact of the volleyball against my arm.

11/01/07 22:08
Okay, so, I blanked out on all the entropy questions on my phys chem midterm. I had just reviewed it the day of the test too, so I don't know what happened there =/ At least I think I passed. With that, you know how I said I was pretty sure I passed my orgo midterm? Well I did. I got a pass right on... 60%. I was 12% below the class average. So. I'm going from 20+% over the class average in first year chem (1st semester anyway), to 12% below... /cry


10/29/07 19:41
I got a 76% on my anatomy midterm! I thought I was going to fail too! I guess this makes up for my failing of my written assignment for PHM120. I'm still slacking for phys chem midterm though. It's worth a whopping 40% and is in the afternoon on the 31st. Tomorrow I get to deal with a 12 hour day packed with classes too. I'm so studious, lol.

Colbert FTW! Too bad the members of the group can't actually vote him in for candidate choice. If he actually gets a seat to try for nomination, then the US political system is even more screwed up than I thought it was. Poor Stewart, lol. Perhaps he can run within his own state, though I don't think it'd fit with his program's theme.

10/28/07 21:56
More proof the US is trying to steal our water! They're already doing funny stuff with the great lakes and Lake Winnipeg, and now this! They're after our lucky charms, I mean, natural resources...

10/28/07 15:38
Beep beep! At the sound of the twin tones, I will have slacked for most of a weekend again. Dooo. Dooo. So... How's everyone's life going? Interesting? Had any recent surprises? Mine's just been drifting along slowly with a single bend in the stream lately. Some academic rapids may be encountered ahead soon though. If I manage to navigate them successfully, I'll have a fresh start next semester to look forward to.

It'll be interesting to see how events play out if Turkey does carry out a large scale incursion into northern Iraq against Kurdish rebels. Perfect timing on the part of my newspaper subscription.

I'd like own some of these rocks. So pretty and fascinating... Must possess... Space is so useful for inspiring fascination in me.

Geez, it's so sunny outside I want to go walk around. But I won't.

10/27/07 19:17
Ahaha, so slacking. I really must get studying phys chem soon. Soon. Maybe tomorrow. Plenty of time. I'm currently using my iTunes playlist to help me slack. Was playing the online games made by Ferry Halim for a while before. I just love the music in his games, so relaxing. Also, I'm getting a Toronto Star subscription for like 2.5 months now. I got a newspaper to read now! Woot!

10/27/07 13:59
Omg, the TTC is being investigated over its plans to install security cameras in its transit system. Only idiots would object to it as a breach of privacy (and privacy laws). You're there to ride the TTC to get from point A to point B. Why would you object to the cameras? Maybe because you're doing something illegal. After all, even if there aren't cameras recording you, there's a dozen people nearby looking at you, so what privacy violations are there? Also, TTC systems are owned by the government, not by you. It's public space. If there are cameras pointing at your house, then yeah, I can see how that's a breach of privacy. But come on, the TTC? This reminds me of when I was living in residence last year. Apparently, the school couldn't install cameras in residence hallways because it'd violate privacy laws. I still say BS. The buildings are owned by the university, and the cameras can't see into your room. Not only would they increase security, but it'd prevent a lot of the rampant vandalism that occurred.

10/24/07 23:40
Had a slight headache today. I blame a lack of gaming time.

Well, I got pwned on the orgo test today. At least I think I passed though. Right when the invigilators said time's up, I realized I had done a 6 mark question completely wrong ='( Next up, phys chem.

Frigging separatists.

10/23/07 22:51
Well, failed anatomy midterm and PHM120 assignment (need 60% to pass, so 5/10 on the assignment is NOT a pass. Way below average too, which is what hurts most. I thought I did well on the assignment when I wrote it too!). Anatomy may have been even worse than stats... Next up, orgo, with whatever studying I manage to cram in tomorrow! Recent record for muttering curse words under my breath in a row: 8. This semester is killing me.

I tried out Custom Robo Arena on the DS today. It's fun =) Currently using the gatling gun and combining it with a pod and bomb that shoots straight ahead. Got legs that are geared towards jumping sideways in the air as my strategy is to jump and then speed towards the other robo then shoot my gun and hope it knocks them down so I can hit them with the bomb and pod. That or charging them on the ground and then using bomb/pod combo. I can't use pods that don't shoot straight ahead or bombs that have a large explosion radius as I end up hitting myself. I had a match where I the only damage I took was from my own weapons. So sad.

10/21/07 14:17
Smells like early summer today. So nice. Going to play tennis later. I'm so screwed academically now.

10/19/07 23:08
Well, it looks like I'm going to get screwed on the orgo midterm. I thought it was going to be easy. Until the prof did some review questions in class. Yep. Screwed.

Histology/anatomy is making me feel like I'm in the situation I was in with 2nd semester calculus right before its exams. Only this time, I don't have anyone to help bail me out. Throw in the midterm being scheduled to start at 8:30am and you have a dead person.

My stats assignment mark got boosted from 15/66 to 39/66, which is still way below average, and has me 1% below the passing grade. I would also like to take the time right now to say, wth, stats. How the frick am I supposed to know how to use SPSS without any guidance whatsoever? At least now I know how to execute if statements to fill in variables for me. Now if only I knew how to answer the first question on the assignment... I've got a guess, but I'd rather not lose a massive amount of marks again.

10/17/07 18:50
!@#$!!! Just realized I got an easy question that was worth a lot of marks on the stats midterm wrong! !@#$, !@#$, !@#$,!@#$, !@#$!!!

10/17/07 01:25
Yep, failed my stats midterm. It wasn't enough for stats to fail me in the first assignment, but it had to go and fail me on the midterm too. Ugh. Damn statistics course...

Got a week of turds coming up. Have to do orgo lab, orgo prelab, stats assignment, anatomy midterm (which is going to be !#@$, as it's taking place early in the morning at 0830, and wtf kind of professor picks on all the little details which you most likely forgot to jot down in your mad rush to write everything else down and not ask about larger concepts?!), orgo midterm right after, a in class writing assignment, and a potential orgo quiz. Yeah... I'm screwed again.

Going to feel so crappy when I wake up after sleeping since I'm still awake so late. It's bad to have a large backlog of stuff to go through online. 217 emails + all the assorted blogs, webcomics, and news articles stuff.

WTT stress and low grades for magical easy button and high grades PST

10/14/07 21:49
Time to wing stats midterm tomorrow! My studying for stats: Read over lecture slides once (I skimmed through a few chapters in the textbook but gave up on it). Created a really spaced out formula page. If you listen carefully, you can hear my professor preparing his shotgun to shoot people like me out of the sky on the midterm. I mean, sure, the I couldn't do the past midterm questions I glanced at on Thursday, and couldn't do the assignments on my own... But if I couldn't study on a weekend where I had nothing to do, not even computer games or novels to read, you can't really expect much, now can you?

Also, I want the new Sim City game when it comes out. SimSociety or something like that. Being able to place whatever building I want anywhere is going to be odd. Does that mean I have to place every single building? It'll be nice to be able to build a society with the characteristics I want. I wonder how many we're allowed to have at once? I'd like all the good ones with authoritarian thrown in XD Can probably only choose a couple, which is going to make it quite hard to decide which ones to drop.

10/13/07 18:07
Argh, no more WoW until after midterms. Too bad the lack of stuff for me to do right now doesn't translate into studying. Just been puttering around all day.

If the orgo lab I did this week is any indication, the labs at UT are easier than the ones at McMaster. Just the damn prelab that's way harder =( After I did the lab, I was going, what? Is that it? Did I mess up some where? If the labs really are this easy, then yay!

I don't like the TAs at UT. So nitpicky. I got 10% taken off my tutorial quiz because I put 1+ for formal charge. Apparently, it's supposed to be +1 for formal charges and 1+ for ionic charges... !@#$ them.

I had another disgusting microbio lecture this week. Been using the brim of my hat to help block my view of the pictures the prof insists on showing us. Ugh. This week's lecture was on eye infections. The lesson to be taken away? Don't wear contact lenses or rub your eyes without washing your hands first. That, and a certain type of worm can live just under your skin and crawl around, and occasionally, it may pass by your eye. So if you happen to be looking at a mirror and at your eyes at that moment, then that's when you know you're infected... Ew. Still less disgusting than last week's lecture on GI infections though.

You know what's a really relaxing way to pass time? Standing by a lit fireplace warming your butt while listening to music on your iPod Shuffle. I miss having those big water/steam heaters that you could sit on. Sitting on them at night, drinking hot chocolate, listening to music, and staring out the window while it was snowing outside... Great, I feel so old now.

10/07/07 12:58
I've got so much work to do, and yet I can't bring myself to do it. Damn. Not even up to returning an overdue library book =(

My arm's finally recovered from the 3 hours of badminton on Thursday. Totally worth it.

I should stop letting my mind wander to thoughts of the future. It's depressing.

10/05/07 22:29
Wow, I've been so sleep deprived this week. My memories of what I did are kind of fuzzy because of that.

Well, on Wednesday, I had a CPR + First Aid class. Boring as hell, and we had to sit in hard, plastic chairs the whole day (unless we were on our knees practicing CPR of course). Walked around the area during the lunch break, and discovered where New residence is, and that UT runs a private school nearby.

After the CPR class, I browsed through the ROM for a bit, as apparently admission is free 1.5 hours before it closes everyday. I thought it was just 0.5 hours. The ROM has a stupid policy regarding the free admission though. Even though it's completely free, you still have to get a ticket. What a waste of paper. If they wanted to track the # of visitors, just have it all computerized, i.e., have the person sitting at the front desk keep a tally on their computer or something. I saw the Egyptian, Greek, and medieval exhibits on the 3rd (or was it 2nd?) floor. The mummy creeped me out. There was a huge empty space up there though, so I think they're in between exhibits right now. Next time I go, it's dinosaur time =)

Yeah, that's about it I guess. Oh, no, wait. Ate dinner in Chinatown on Tuesday as it was a friend's birthday. Well, actually, his birthday was yesterday, but it was more convenient for us on Tuesday. We were split into 2 tables as our group was too big, and I don't think the waitress liked the table I was sitting at much as we had to ladle our own dessert soup but the other table didn't.

I've got a complaint (what else is new?). Got some sort of interprofessional presentation next Wednesday that everyone says is useless, but is mandatory. However, I've also got CPR class. As a result of that, I'm going to have to wake up at 6am to get to the class on time since it's starting earlier to let us out earlier, and remember that I have class till 9pm on Tuesdays! I'll probably have to waste a TTC token to get from my CPR class to the presentation too!

Ah, I remember another interesting thing this week. I got to ride the TTC for free in the morning on... Monday? The fare box on the bus I was taking was broken so I didn't have to pay for the ride =)

One last item. Here. Joy.

10/01/07 23:06
I just thought of something: They say wisdom and maturity comes with age, but I think that they're frustrated that they can't figure out how to work the new fangled gadget I gave them and are jealous that we can be easily amused.

I don't think anyone's ever said that, which makes me the person who said it originally. All I need now is for this to turn into a meme and I can try and cash in on it.

10/01/07 20:56
Yay, it seems a lot of the webcomics I'm following have started updating regularly again or have added more update times per week. The Trek Life is going for 3 times a week now rather than one =) Sadly, Iverloch is now over. The epilogue's were kind of disappointing. I wanted more. Ah well, got Phoenix Requiem to replace it, though I'm not sure how much I'll like that comic. I like my comics to be set in whole different worlds, rather than Earth.

So screwed for my midterms, as always. The difference this time is that it's going to be a hell of a lot harder to pull through. Studying is much easier when all your friends are in the same room studying along with you. That or tutoring your lazy ass (e.g., mine).

I met someone who actually goes and chats on IRC. My first thought was, people still use those??? My second was, wait, maybe I'm confusing it with something else. Third was, if there are a lot of people who use it, it should be a nice place to chat. Even if I don't have anything to contribute, what other people say should entertain me enough. If I get more free time I might try it since Wikipedia (that most trustworthy of information online XD), indicates that there is a sizeable population on them.

Today's xkcd comic was pretty funny. Now if only someone would draw one similar to that but with perceived programming ability instead. Change it from alcohol content to how soon till deadline for assignment, and it'll fit me in high school. Would need to shift the spike closer to the end though. Massive amount of if statements + redundant variables + randomly named variables = best code ever. If your program can't be the best, at least make the code the longest and most convoluted of the class. Don't forget to steal other people's ideas during class presentations and incorporate it into your own program before you go present. From funny comic to how to get an A+ in computer science in high school.

I tried Arathi Basin in WoW yesterday to complete a PvP quest in there. What a difference being on the Horde side makes. Managed to AFK out as I had completed all quest objectives before either team had reached 800 resources. When I left it looked as if the Horde was going to win as the Alliance got steamrolled in the beginning. There wasn't even any planning in the chat channel either. Too bad there aren't any good mage rewards in WSG or AB.

09/27/07 13:19
So fricking pissed. 15/66 on a stats assignment?!

09/26/07 00:38
Okay, started a new page. Hopefully that'll fix the RSS problem. Previous entries have been moved to new archive.

Okay, Tuesdays are way too long. Too frigging long. I mean sure, Thursdays are even longer, has a lab, and don't get to rest the next day, but Tuesday is jam packed with classes. Ugh. At least the subway ride back wasn't bad today since I found someone to talk to.

I ran across an article from the CBC where it was talking about how students in Ottawa were protesting the fact that the Ontario Liberals only froze tuition fees for 2 years rather than the 4 they promised. It then went on to say that the NDP promised to freeze tuition to 2003 levels for 4 years, and the Green party said they'd cap tuition at $3000 a year annually for university, and $700 for college. I still support the OLP even though I'm a university student and paying ridiculously high tuition (12k a year). This is because I know that while it seems high, it's actually not all that high at all and still doable. I say dream on to the NDP and what are you high on to the Green party in response to their proposals. This is because our tuition fees help support a lot of the research that universities do, and help fund for the construction of new buildings and services and such. Sure you can freeze tuition, but you're just going to cripple our research efforts, which will harm not only Ontario, but Canada and everyone else on this planet. New discoveries are what drove the human race forward in the past, and it's no less true today. In fact, it's even more important now than it was in the past due to our huge population and reliance on technology. Less research now means a bleaker future tomorrow (perhaps no future if some catastrophe happens). Also, it is my opinion that high tuition fees help encourage students to work harder, and make them realize that post-secondary education is something to be earned, not something that should be handed to them. I mean, the fees the Green party has proposed is so low that I could work a single summer and pay for 4 years. College is so low I can work part-time while studying and still pay off 4 years and have tons of cash left over. Throw in the fact that I can work part-time while studying and it means I don't have to worry about the costs at all. Fail a year? Whatever, I can party and go drinking all I want and just pay for another year. I know university isn't all about studying and hard work, but I think most students don't work as hard as I do, and I know I'm quite lazy. Reducing fees by that much just encourages more laziness. The NDP fee reductions are as drastic as the Green party, but still enough to really hurt our universities. Don't forget, universities have already invested in new long term projects like new buildings and stuff and are paying for it based on current tuition levels. Reducing fees would put all that in jeopardy.

I know there's more I want to say, but can't recall what.

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