Notes: This city is only 23 years old, so the education and health levels aren't that yet, but given time, they will be as I've got enough schools and hospitals, and a library, museum, and college. This city is making several k per year I believe with no business deals. The only neighbour deal is the city exporting it's garbage so that I don't have to have an incinerator in it. All the industrial areas are separated by greenbelts, and the only crime is located in the heavy industry area. The forest on the right side of the screen hides a SimCity Castle. Davidsville contains Big Ben, Mayor's House, Winter Wonderland, Geyser Park, City Hall, Historic Statue, Haunted House, Lighthouse, and a County Courthouse. It also has a extensive subway network and two train stations just for the hell of it. The goal when I started this city was to have an environmentally friendly one, hence the massive subway network even though there's really no need for one. If it weren't for the fact that powerlines lower property values, I'd have one strung across the river. As it is, I've got one powerplant on each side of the map. Environmentally-friendly ones of course.

Paradise City

Notes: Unemployment zero :) This city has everything but the spaceport in it. Lots of landmarks too, like Stonehenge, Twin Towers, UN, Bank of HK, etc. The transportation layout is very organized. Parallel roads separated by a space every eight tiles. Plunk a subway station in the middle of the intersection. Parks and fountains in between roads. The 8x8 blocks work very well. Really nice for placing special buildings like City Hall as you can play around with the tiles to get it really nice looking. Try this 8x8 layout, it works really really well.