2003 Student Film

Stage Fright! Director Mark Bethune-(L) discusses the first shot with the Steadicam Crew: Brad, Lainie and Jasper(?) Photo Copyright © 2003 Adam Thompson

Who Was Involved?

From (L)-to-(R), Camera Operator Brad Hruboska, Camera Trainee Jasper Vrakking and First Assistant Camera Lainie Knox gather together to say a little prayer; just prior to shooting the first scene of the short film Stage Fright! The camera is an IMAX MSM 9802 with a 500' magazine: fully loaded, 46lbs. Photo Copyright © 2003 Wes Evans


First Assistant Camera Lainie Knox loading film into the IMAX MSM 9802 camera, just prior to shooting the first scene. The camera film is VISION 800T donated by Kodak Canada. Photo Copyright © 2003 Wes Evans


You're on! ...in 10 seconds!

In the foreground, Lainie-(L) and Brad-(R) prepare for the first shot while background performers rehearse. The backstage area of the Leah Posluns Theatre (Toronto) is the set for the opening scene of the short film Stage Fright! Photo Copyright © 2003 Adam Thompson


Student Producer Mark Bethune-(L) and Background Performer David Smith-(R) watch the video playback monitor and check the timing of the choreographed elements; just after shooting the first scene. Photo Copyright © 2003 Wes Evans




Stage Fright!

a "performance art" LF short film

Stage Fright! is a 2 minute short film produced and directed by Mark Bethune; a graduate of the film program at Ryerson University in Toronto and a 2002 GSTA Scholar.

Stage Fright! made its debut as a single, 90 second "work-in-progress" clip on May 16th at the 2003 LFCA Conference in Los Angeles.

The final picture cut, score and audio mix were completed in late-July, 2003. The finished short film premiered on Sunday September 21st at the 2003 GSTA Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

2003 GSTA Survey!

The LF Advisory Group conducted a limited survey at the 2003 GSTA Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. We asked delegates from 20 IMAX theatres to view the short film Stage Fright! and answer these questions:

Could a 2-minute short film like Stage Fright! be used as the "opening act" for a feature film that is already in distribution? If yes, which feature film?

...see below for results!

"We really enjoyed Stage Fright! I was actually very interested in the story and I was disappointed when it ended...

"I would recommend Stage Fright as the "opening act" for Cirque du Soleil and PULSE! I think that the audience that comes to see those feature films would be very pleased with this short film. I found it very well made.

"Congratulations to Mark and his team!" (October 20, 2003)

Julie Gunville - Marketing Manager

Théâtre IMAX® Theatre

Canadian Museum of Civilization


"We saw Stage Fright! and thoroughly enjoyed it! This short film could be used as the "opening act" for any feature film." (October 14, 2003)

John Lundin & Terrell Falk

CINEMARK IMAXÒ THEATRES in Tulsa, Rochester, Dallas, Woodridge and Colorado Springs, USA.

"I have no use for 5-minute "signature films" and a pile of trailers before every feature. However, Stage Fright! interests me because its purpose is benign, rather than mercenary. I kind-of liked it.

"We will be exhibiting PULSE: A Stomp Odyssey in January 2004 and I would certainly consider Stage Fright! for that engagement.

"The beginning of PULSE, with Keith Middleton's face rising-up out of the black screen, would mesh perfectly with a short film like Stage Fright!

"As for the next group of students, I think they should get in-touch with an individual theater; preferably a big one with lots of audience and lots of money and work to find a project that satisfies the creative needs of the student and the creative/practical needs of the exhibitor." (October 10, 2003)

Robert Esterlein - Director, OMNIÒTheater

Fort Worth Museum of Science & History


"Stage Fright! was charming. It made people laugh!

"Time is very precious! It is difficult to run all of the trailers that I would like to run. However, I would consider showing Stage Fright! in the evenings, if it is sponsored." (October 8, 2003)

Diane Carlson - Associate Director

Boeing IMAXÒTheater & Eames IMAXÒTheater

Pacific Science Center


"We are very mission driven! If there is any extra time on the projection platter, we tend to use it to show trailers for our other films.

"A Student Producer might try to develop a 2-minute short film about our permanent exhibits or the habitat in Georgia. This short film might feature our educational programming for schools and families in a way that encourages the audience to come back, become a member and learn more.

"This would provide your Student Producers with direct exposure to the realities of producing content for institutional theaters." (October 2, 2003)

Anita K. Kern, Dean of Science

Fernbank Museum of Natural History


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