Rochester Gerbils- Rochester, New York
Below: Spotted CP slate  and Siamese
Welcome to Rochester Gerbils!! We specialize in breeding healthy, friendly, outgoing animals with show quality appearance. All Gerbil Pups are handled from an early age, are child gentle and love to be held.
Recent Litters:
October 18, 2005- 4 pups born from Theia(Siamese) and Romeo(Bibbed Black).

July 13, 2005- 8 pups born from Pepper( Black) and Taffy(Honey Cream).
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June 15, 2005- 4 pups born from Fate(Mottled Slate) and Risk(Mottled Agouti).
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June 09, 2005- 8 pups born from Pepper( Black) and Taffy(Honey Cream).
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Theia & Romeo's Third Litter born January 1, 2006: 5 chubby, healthy pups, 2 DTWs, 2 Siamese, and 1 bibbed black, grandchildren of AGS show champions (parents are aacbchE-GgPp X aaCchEeG-PP)
Our goal is:
To breed healthier, friendlier outgoing gerbils who love being handled
To breed for more extreme mottling, and vareigated mottling
To breed for a larger variety of colors, including colorpoints
To breed show quality gerbils with thick brush tufts and excellent markings.
I would be willing to meet anyone that would like to adopt a pair of my gerbils within a reasonable driving distance. For an additional 5$ towards gas cost I could drive further(up to 3 hours) to deliver pups to good homes.
Why Gerbils? Gerbils appearance is similar to other rodents, except that their tail is not hairless, and at the end they have a tuft. Unlike other rodents, gerbils do not bite unless they are very frightened, or handled wrong. Gerbils are desert creatures, so because they drink less, they urinate less frequently and thus their cages do not need to be cleaned as often as other rodents. Gerbils are NOT nocturnal but take several naps throughout the day and night, and wake when someone is around to play with them or take them out of their tanks. Gerbils are very social animals and need to be kept in groups called "clans" of 2 or more members(up to 3 for females, up to 6 for males), they cannot live happily alone. They are inquisitve, hardy animals that require little care but lots of love and affection. Gerbils are very intelligent and enjoy new challenges and toys.
Pictured Below and left: Fate, Extreme Mottle  Slate female
Below: some  spotted Siamese and Burmese pups at nearly 3 weeks old
Available September 20, 2005: 5 healthy male pups, 1 Honey Cream, 2 Tuxedo Blacks, and 2  Nutmegs. They carry aaCcheeG*P*Sp, aaC*EeG*P*, and aaC*eeG*P* and were born June 09, 2005. See breeding pairs for more info on the parents. Very friendly and outgoing, some enjoy shoulder sitting, and all love to be handled.
Pictured here: extreme mottled pup
Pictured above available pups: Mottled Agouti, Extreme Mottle Black, Mottled Black, Tuxedo Black at 10 days old