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Browsing through a Hallmark Store one day, I selected a card that pictured a glowing red sunset illuminating a deserted beach. The inside message of the card read: "Somehow. Someday. Someone." My heart melted. Someone IS out there for all of us, now seemingly closer than ever.

Everyone has their Ideals, or fantasies, of Mr. or Ms. "Right." These ideals have always been created by our imaginations, literally out of "thin air". Now though, through technology, the Internet portals provide access to Chat Rooms, Personals and Matchmaking online. A "virtual" meeting of one's ideal can be made out in "thin air."

Yet who are you that seek to find Mr./Ms. "Right" online? Are you weary of the "bar scene," or being "fixed up" by well-meaning friends? Are you a romantic and believe that your soulmate is just waiting to be discovered? Are you lonely, are you young, are you adventurous, are you trusting and are you more comfortable initially getting to know someone through words, rather than physical appearance? What are your motivations and expectations when seeking Mr./Ms. "Right" online? And do your matches made in cyberspace endure in "actual" reality?

Have you ever wondered about others, like yourself, who are trying to find love by gazing into the pixels of a computer screen? Would you like to know?

On a personal level, as a long-term Internet user, I have wondered who you are. And, as a sociologist/researcher/ counselor, I have created this web page in order to explore and define you and the cultural phenomenon of online matchmaking. Also, society in general is likely to feel that meeting someone in cyberspace is a bit strange, if not odd. Wouldn't you like an opportunity to correct this misconception?

However, in order to be successful and accurate with my web page research, I need your help. This web site is about those of you who have found someone "right" online and are "living happily ever after." On the other hand, this web site is also about those of you who thought you had found Mr./Ms. "Right" online only to realize it was just another case of mistaken identity. For either scenario, I have designed the "Right" Online Form (temporarily out-of-order ). This Form will allow me to gather information, while providing you with total anonymity.

Once you begin to respond, the data will be sorted and profiles of both Mr. and Ms. "Right" will be posted on Profiles . Remember, only your characteristics will appear, never a name. Also, if you have been successful in finding someone "right" online, why not share your story with others in Bliss? Who knows, you may inspire and give hope to those still wary of online matches? Ah, but are you among those in anything but bliss because Cupid's erratic online arrow blindsided you? Perhaps giving your cautionary tale would benefit others. To write about being done wrong online, please go to On the Rocks or Chat room lies . Please be certain to bookmark this page so you can check often on these updated sites.

Finally, as you already have read, this is a unique web site. Yet another unique and helpful site is The Knot for those of you who have found your love. This site offers a wedding planner, links to local resources, bridal fashions and almost everything else you need to know to make your special day as perfect as possible.

Indeed, there IS someone out there for all of us. My best wishes to you who already have found someone and my best wishes, as well, to you whom still know in your heart that "Somehow. Someday. Someone...." "Right" Online!


ATTENTION:* For all of you still looking for your Mr./Ms. "Right" Online, please consider my NEW personal recommendation and visit this site:

Profiles page have been updated as of: November 10, 2006

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