symbolism in dreams
colors: This is what I found on colors---RED.....the positive meanings are sex and sacrifice and the negatave meanings are humiliation and physical injury.---BLACK....the positive meaning is power and the negatave meanings are death and mourning.---BLUE...the positive meanings are nobility or tranquillity and the negatave meaning is depression.---GREEN...the positive meanings are fertility, renewal and wealth and the negative meanings are greed and envy.---YELLOW...the positive meaning is enlightenment and the negatave meanings are cowardice and illness.---PURPLE...the positive meanings are royalty and personal growth and the negatave meaning of injury.
random things:---CACTUS...feelings of comeone crowding you or invading your space, it aslo represents your feelings of protecting your privacy.---HORSES....(you would have never guessed this one) They symbolize sexuality. It also represents an anamlistic part of you that is getting out of hand.---CHURCHES...If you dream of seeing a church it's a good luck omen, and if you dream of being in a church your dream is trying to tell you that your recent problem could be a blessing in are worryied about becomeing friendless and an outcast.---CASTLES...They are usually a symbol of how you see yourself and/or how you feel the world sees you. So if your castle is rundown, dark, dank....then you probably feel bad about your selfimage.---CANDLES....(this one is my fav.) Candles are a symbol of your "inner light." If the candle lights up the whole room in your dream then you have a good soul and you have alot of integrity, and if it doesn't light up the whole room, well, then that just sucks for you. I find symbolism in dreams very interesing. I think many of our dreams hold alot of knolege and information we could learn about ourselves and I think others could be completely meaningless.

I came across this in class one day, I'm not sure who wrote it.

"Anybody down there? If I was lying on someboby's grave, whoever it was would be six feet away. Maybe there had been a lot of erosion and whoever it was was only five feet away...or four. Maybe the tombstone had sunk at the same rate as the erosion, and the body was only a foot away, below me---or an inch!. Maybe if I put my hand through the grass, I would feel a finger sticking out of the dirt---or a hand. Perhaps both arms of a corps were on either side of me right at ths moment. What could be left? A few bones. The skull. The worms and Bacteria had eaten the rest. Water in the earth had dissolved parts, and the plants had sucked them up. Maybe one of the molecules of iron from the corpse's hemoglobin had combined with H2SO4. But the embalmers drained the blood---well, probably not every drop. Nobody does anything perfectly. Then I got sad because I knew I wasn't really wondering about the guy underneath me, whoever he was. I was just interested in what was going to happen to me. I think that's probably the real reason I go to the graveyard. I'm not afraid of seeing ghosts. I think I'm looking for ghosts. I want to see them. I am looking for anything to prove that when I drop dead, there's a chance I'll be doing something more exhilarating than decaying.

Athough these might be rather mordid, I found them quite amusing so enjoy.....

A hospital in India thought it was facing a mystery epidemic when its patients kept dying on Fridays... They later discovered that their weekly cleaner was unplugging life support machines in order to plug in her hoover.
A man had a phone next to his bed with a gun next to it. The phone rang, and he accidentally grabbed the gun and fired. He was found dead on site.
A man near Monterey, California, cut off his own head with a chainsaw which didn't have a proper guard on it... in true Californian style, his family is now sueing the chainsaw company.
A water company got a police warrant to enter a man's house in order to turn off his water, when they noticed he had apparently left it on while on vacation. When they entered the house, they found the man's body in the shower, where he had died of a heart attack. His body was 80% eroded away and washed down the drain.
Neighbours grew concerned when a sixty-year old man, whom they knew to be seriously ill, was not seen around his home for several days. The man was very fond of his cats, and had about ten of them. Eventually, the neighbours called the cops and got them to break into the house. There, they found the remains of the man, who had died of a heart-attack about a week ago, but had since been almost entirely eaten by his cats.

Amy’s Food Thinger

Hmm, have these two jugs of Miracle Whip expired? Hmm. Why do these things always say "best if bought by" rather than "don't dare eat this after"? Hmm. September and January, respectively. September 1993 and January 1994, that is. Plonk, plonk.
I have, like, a gallon of barbecue sauce. Where the f*ck did that come from? I have never in my life cooked anything that required barbecue sauce. Plonk.
Hmm, does salsa go bad? Wait. Is that mold in there, or are those just particularly chunky-looking bits of onion? No, I don't want to know. Plonk.
What about this unopened bottle of tomato sauce, these three unopened bottles of jelly? If the Freshness Seal hasn't popped up it's still ok, right? Right? Hmm. Plonk plonk plonk plonk.
What's this green brain-shaped thing clinging to the underside of the lower shelf? Scrape scrape scrape. Eeew. Plonk.

Someone sent this to me in an e-mail..........

I have a new philosophy on life. It's great. It applies to everything - it's a short, simple phrase which, once muttered, puts everything into perspective . It alone holds the power to darken the unbearably bright day, it is capable of numbing the deepest of wounds, it can dull fluorescent orange into a soft, manageable gray. The phrase:
F*ck It.™

- with the optional suffix ' i don't give a f*ck™' so let's try it shall we?
•You step on a bug and you start to feel bad; but then you remember: 'F*ck it™' and with a nonchalant shrug you're on your merry way.
•You're at a school and find some homework that you were supposed to do - you think 'oh shit' and that feeling of dread begins to grow - but before that thought can evolve any further - practice your new way of living and just say "f*ck it™' as you calmly throw the paper into the trash.
•Your boyfriend breaks up with you - 'f*ck it™' you didn't like him anyways.
•You find out he was cheating on you the whole time ' f*ck it™ - i don't give a f*ck™'