These first few poems are by one of my best friends, Amy. She just has a way with words:)

no matter what happened,
I don’t want to remember you
through a child.
not right now.
things aren’t etched
in stone.
they are drawn in
nothing permanent
right now.
only moment by
nothing forever.
I wouldn’t mind
jumping into the
abyss of time and ages.
but alone, the journey
will not be the same.
the oracle sees the
She doesn’t answer
I never ask her.
she tells me what
she sees fit to tell.
She sees midnight
She sees daylight
through a child’s eyes.
she sees happy
shadows in the
blinding dark.
She doesn’t tell me
why she never
sees the sky,
or the rain.
She has seen a storm
on the horizon
at the edge of
The storm is long
and hard.
She sees an end
to the storm.
It ends in a
parking lot.
Stains of rain and blood
cover the dividing lines.
Nothing is ever said
of the storm.
The parking lot
is empty.
One person stand.
The puzzling impulse
for him to fall
to his knees and weep
takes control.
He is alone,
yet comforted
by a woman from
ages past.
She picks him up
and dusts him off.
She changes his life
and the others come
to meet him.
The oracle cries
whenever she speaks.
She weeps for the
shadows that play
in the field
and for the
rain and sky
she never sees.

hurt…a little
just a little upset
nothing to worry about
he won’t know
he doesn’t know
her far distance
is actually in his
she isn’t away
staring in space?
No…seeing the future
reality is covered in
a shadow of future
not staring in space
staring at time
an immortal concept
ruined by set variables
and rules
forced to work for us
yet we are the slave
slave to time
she understands time
runs towards the
abyss of eternity
just to step back
and grasp at a
keeps a dream alive
has it hidden in her
little bag
her pouty lips
tell him secrets
in whispers.
Nothing is ever said
her pouty lips
tell all
yet he understands
to tell him will
kill her
to let him think
he controls and sets
destinies will
ruin both of them
she dies

my bag is packed.
I’m leaving.
Taking the first step
to my destiny.
Never regretting
a thing from
my past.
Past gives me
Future gives me
Me and the road.
My path to my destiny
is paved in asphalt.
Not gold.
Not dirt.
Paint and tar and rock.

In he rain she sleeps.
Held in his arms
while the rain falls
around them
no rain can touch them
he stays till she
Her eyes wide open now,
and she realizes
he is gone.
He, like the rain,
is something
she can always love
yet never control.
Mutual lust for
each other
and the rain,
yet they aren’t
destined to be together.
manifest destiny
wasn’t in control.
The rain rules them

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these next ones are by an ex friend of mine, Casie, But I like them so I'll keep them up.

In your eyes

I look into you eyes I remember how we used to be
Through your eyes the memories play back to me like a movie
I miss the way we used to be
I wear the necklace you gave me
Just so I can still have a part of you
When I asked you if I had to ever let you go
You gave me no answer
But I looked deep into your eyes and they said it all
I saw tears in your eyes
Us not being together is effecting both of us
I know you love me
But you are playing with my heart
One minute you say you love me
But the next you are talking about you and your new girl
You have me so lost now
I wish I knew the answers
But not even you know the answers
I can't even look in your eyes with out crying
Yesterday you held me in your arms while I cried
You tried to make me feel better
But this hurt inside you can not fix
The pain won't go away
As long as I love you my heart won't be whole
I don't know why I still trust you
Even after you left
I love you so much
I am a fool
That is what my parents tell me
I can't let you go
At least not without a fight
Because love like are's doesn't ever go away
As soon as I looked into your eyes
I melted
It was like you broke up with me all over again
I can't even look at you without crying
Will this pain ever go away
I don't know
But I do know this I love you
Fair while for now my angled eyed prince

I love you mom

You promised the last time I saw you..
You promised not to leave
You promised to be with me as I grow up
But where are you now
You haven't even called me in nine months
Why does it matter anyways
When I do see you are drunk
You don't even remember when my birthday is or how old I am
You gave birth to me
Do you even remember that
I know you go throw bad times
But I want to be there to help you
I want you to be able to see me graduate high school
I want you to see me when I get married
I want you to be in my life
Why can't you stop drinking
Why can't you get off the drugs
Are they more important then me
You don't even know who I am any more
But you probably don't even care
Why do I still love you
I love you because you are my mother
But did you forget that to
I am 16 now
I really want you in my life
I want to be able to talk to you about everything
I lay at night praying to god you are still alive
I pry to god you aren't in jail again
If you read this please call me
But if you don't ever want to see me again
So be it
But always remember I am your daughter and I love you

Like magic

We were the best of friends
Now we are more
I never thought that we would be together
But now we are
Being with you is like magic
I never knew we could be this way
Are friendship has become more
I care about you deeply
I hope some day to love you
But like everything it will take time
I am happy we are together
We have been friends for along time
And no matter what
We will be the best of friends
When I look into your eyes I get lost
On this very special day
We got together
Today was magical
Like magic....

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and these are some by me

As the days get closer,
As the moments pass,
I’ll always remember the way you smiled,
and the way you made me laugh.
I’ll remember all the times you cried with me,
And when I cried with you,
And I’ll remember all the Happy times-
The times I spent with you.
I won’t let you say goodbye today or any other day,
Because I know that true best friends is how we’ll always stay.

Night's Dark Mistress

She has a wicked smile
That no man can resist
Her hands are as Icy as the snow
Her heart beats black and lifeless in her bonnie chest
Yet her voice beckons love to come

In her eyes holds a spell, that hides the evilest of intentions
And in her mouth the tools to carry out,
Every night she wanders through the streets and blackened alleyways
Searching with such an endless longing for a meal
Or perchance a mate.

Every night she returns alone,
Blood dripping from her chin,
But every night she goes
And does it all agian

And her cold black heart keeps breaking,
When her lips begin their acheing
The acheing for precious blood

She won't have peace until she's dead,
But no pain she wants to feel.

So, one night
She sat upon the hill,
And waited for the sun.
It was glorious, beautiful, breathtaking.
Yet she regretted being dead before it's dawn

Her soul left her body without the faintest sound,
And now she is nothing but shapeless matter
Just wondering around,
But finally she is at peace
And no longer feasts upon our blood
And finally she rests with her one and only love.

gapeing hole
Angry thoughts
Desperate words,
And desperate hands...
Reaching for someone.
Half in reality,
Half over the edge.
Clinging to what's real,
But mixing it with fantasy.
I wonder what's going on?
Sorry, I didn't know.
Please come back.

Dancing on the beach
while the sun sits back and laughs
The ocean Goddess parts her lips and smiles
Raising both hads towards the sky-
she cries at the beauty of it all... The beauty of her creation.
surely, this is peace.

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