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Welcome to the home page of Larry E. Neily. Visit the many pages regarding my various interests. The Birding section has a detailed Birding Ottawa Guide, the Canadian Listers' Corner site, bird photos and over 4,000 birding links! The Geomatics (mapping, remote sensing, GIS) section has hundreds more links. Helping the poorest of the poor in Cambodia is the Tabitha Foundation's role. I'm proud to be associated with this well-respected and self-sustainable work. The genealogy section is my brother's contribution to NeilyWorld. Haiku writing is another hobby. And if you are interested in poetry, please visit my late wife's website.      Enjoy!
NeilyWorld Logo Larry Neily - Ottawa, ON - Apr. 19, 2007 - photo by Antoinette Richmond  CV
Larry Neily - Ottawa, ON - Apr. 19, 2007
Photo by Antoinette Richmond


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