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The heart of the matter

Sometimes, marketers, including those in financial services, get overly focused on what they are promoting. Or to put it another way, they spend too much time on the vehicle, and not on the destination.

Despite all the information available to consumers today in the Internet age, the purchase decision for most people is, at its core, aspirational and even emotional. In fact, it could be argued it's precisely because of this blizzard of detail that people tend to respond to messages that tap into this emotional core.

So it's not the checking, savings or loan vehicle that customers are buying, but more time to do what they want, more security for their children, freedom from worry, a vision of retirement and so on. To be sure, there are many financial services brands that touch upon this, but the trick is to strike this emotional nerve, this universal chord, without seeming facile or pandering.

And in the process, perhaps leave all those account features, mechanics and details to the interior pages of your Web site. When it comes to increasing sales and market share, just remember to get to the heart of the matter.

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2007-12-03 00:44:39 GMT