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Wishing for a sales culture in the New Year?

In a tightening environment where every account can make a difference, the notion of "creating a sales culture" is bound to be raised this coming year in management meetings everywhere.

The good news is that you probably already have one. The bad news is that, for much of your staff on the banking floor, the idea of being a "salesperson" conjures up an image similar to that of our ingratiating friend at the top of this post.

To dispel that preconception in your organization, you really just have to make your staff realize that sales in banking, or in any industry for that matter, is really providing the service of determining someone's needs and goals. Then, you simply give them tools that will help them meet their objectives. Objectives could be financial, but they could also be more intangible things like simplification, security, more free time or freedom from worry.

In this way sales and service are not only inseparable, they are actually the same thing, and your customer service staff members are already selling everyday. The trick is to hone the human relations skills they already have, teach new ones and reward and reinforce behavior.

Coming posts will highlight different aspects of the process that will help maximize every customer interaction and send your cross-sell ratio through the roof. Or your money back!

In the meantime, for a personal consultation on how you can build these skills in your organization, email me at

Happy selling!

2007-12-28 01:14:20 GMT