When 'eer I look on starry night
and feel the grandeur and the might,
how very small we mortals be,
in close comparison to thee


That is precisely how I view things. My firm belief is in humanity's strength and power, while recognizing our own limitations. We, each of us, have these attributes of grandeur and might while also exposing our weaknesses. These pages will introduce you to both my best and my worst. I'll try to be honest :)

Some Background

What can be said? I was born in Pomona California, Nov.16,1958, while my father was in the USN.I have lived the majority of my life in Ohio and was transplanted to Columbus at the behst of my Ex. A very hard adjustment for a small town boy. I am gay and a Christo-Pagan. Both parents passed away in winter/early spring of 2004 and I have 2 brothers.If you would like to see me, please go to my cam site. my cam is ). There you'll meet me in person and perhaps even chat via Yahoo messenger ( ID larry_cope). As for "stats" a/s/l hair/eyes/weight/height etc..well, I find dry recitation of fact rather dull and refuse to engage in it.

My belief

What I choose to call myself is Wiccan, more accurately it is a blend of paganism, nature magick and family tradition as well as a healthy dose of Scripture. Perhaps Christo-Pagan is a better term. I began esoteric study in my junior year of high school (1975-1976). I was in the "broom" closet until 1983 then I "came out" both in a spiritual sense and sexual sense, since I am, also, gay. In 1997 I ran a circle in Athens, Ohio but had to leave to return to Lancaster to help my mother. After my departure, the circle dissolved. My ancestors were from county Tyrone Ireland."Papa" John Nickell was the founder of the family in the "new world" and a wealth of folklore and family tradition was handed down via my mother and great-aunt Ora Tressie. I ascibe to the Wiccan Rede. Something that I feel embodies the "humanity" of mankind. Were all of us to practice it ( likewise in the Holy Scriptures, Jesus' words "do unto others as you would do to yourself"), this society would be a better place.

Central Ohio Paranormal Society

In May 2005, I began association with the Central Ohio Paranormal Society or C.O.P.S. Since the paranormal is "right up my alley" so to speak, I felt that devoting time and energy to this organization very worthwhile. Recently, we had a very successful visit to a haunting in Haydenville,Ohio. and succeeded in obtaining several EVPs and even a possible apparition photo. I encourage all visitors to visit the C.O.P.S. website and read some of our investigations. If anyone visiting this site has paranormal activity and would like an investigation, please contact me or any other team member located on the C.O.P.S. website. Happy haunting!

Click here to listen to the Oct 31, 2005 92.3 WCOL radio interview.

A Published Poet

I am also a published poet. My work can be viewed at or you can go to my poems page and read them. These are copyrighted works. If you wish to use them, please email me.

My Hobby/ My Profession

These are almost both the same! I am in the fine fewelry industry and jewelry/ gemstones are my passion! I've decided to show a few pieces out of my collection. These are usually pagan oriented and I consider them "special" items that I wear daily.

celtic cross This is a piece that a friend cast for me (left).

cernunnos sterling medallion with a seated Cernunnos figure (hard to right of page)


An Update:

Sept. 2005: This year has proven to be interesting. My association with COPS is great! I'm enjoying life again! Now, if the The Great Spirit and Divine One would guide me to the correct person to have in my life.

Feb.2005: Again, back on the dating trail. If you would like to read of the qualities I admire..follow this link

Dec. 2004: Sadly, 2004 was a year of grief for me. On Jan. 25, I lost my father and on Mar. 9, I lost my best friend, my mother. My partner and I decided to move to Florida in May. But when I decided to move back to Columbus in Oct., he chose to stay there. I wish Jim all the success and happiness he could ever want.



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