21st Century Coin Mechanics- Now in Second Printing
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A New General Magic Book In Stock for Immediate
   21st Century Coin Mechanics is a book explaining some of the latest original advancements in sleight of hand with coins.  25 chapters and over 300 crisp black and white photos teach you in detail how to learn and perform these sleights and routines.  I spared no expense in working with the best printer I could find.  The book is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, #80 Glossy Enamel Stock, Smyth Case Bound, Gold Stamped Cloth Cover, and Four Color Dust Jacket. This will be a beautiful addition to your library.  There are 13 original sleights and numerous others moves taught.  11 routines, complete with the exact script that I use when performing, are described in step by step detail.  All of the effects except one are done stand up and all are done with silver dollar coins.  You can use smaller coins of course.  Most of the effects use no coin gaffs.  

    Once you learn the
Flying Changeover Palm you'll be adding one of the most powerful tools a coin
magician can have.  The
Double Helix Change looks like trick photography.  It can also be used as an acquitment.  You'll use it doing "Lucky Chinese Coin", "Foreign Exchange", and "The Recalcitrant Coin."

Universal Retention Vanish will soon be your favorite vanish.  You'll amaze people as you use it in "Digestible Coins."  However, two additional vanishes are taught: the Retention Trip Vanish and the Open Palm Retention Vanish.

   Once you learn the
Pivoting Changeover Palm you'll be ready to master my signature piece, "Coins From Vegas."  Imagine doing a Miser's Dream with your bare hands and no gaffs.

    Learn the
Dollar Deposit Load and the Flying Changeover Vanish and you'll be performing "Field of Dreams" which is a very original and baffling coin assembly which does not use the Schneider Pick Up Move.

    Did you ever want to do a 4 coins across with only 4 coins and not have to count coins from hand to hand each time?  With "Boomerang Coins", the coins invisibly move from left to right and it appears to the spectator that hands never touch (and they're almost right).  The
Flying Changeover Palm accomplishes the invisible transfers. 

    There is also one effect with money that uses coin sleights.  It's called
"The Watch, Wallet, and Ring."   If you ever wanted to do that great effect that Tommy Wonder popularized but didn't want to use a pull or have to resort to sleeving then this is for you.  Along with a great script, I devised a method using sleight of hand that allows you to convincingly vanish those items from an envelope and one by one they reappear.

   "Shear Force" is the ultimate coin through balloon.  This is something you will astonish your audience with.

   "Four Coins To Pocket" uses just 4 coins and of course no gaffs.  It uses several of the sleights described above and will badly fool spectators as well as magicians.

   The quickest effect is "Copper Silver By Brute Force."  You can do this with two contrasting coins or just one coin and your finger ring.  The coins just switch places and no retention vanish or the like is used.

If you're familiar with basic coin magic, and are ready to take that next step to acquire skills that will bring you to the cutting edge of sleight of hand, then 21st Century Coin Mechanics is what you've been waiting for.
NEW: Video companion CD with 29 MPEG video clips of sleights plus more.

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