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Soda Ash 6 is a dixieland jazz band from Syracuse and Skaneateles, New York. The band was formed in the early sixties and has continued through the years to provide upbeat music for various functions in the Central New York area.

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Syracuse is known as the salt city because in the early Erie Canal days, salt was mined here. Hence the name on the trolley we posed near, on and around the day of this shoot. (Ironically, we are frequently mistaken for Salt City Six, a different band of similar genre that enjoyed popularity during the 1950's.)


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Stagolee Blues


Willie The Weeper

Old Rugged Cross

New Orleans Stomp

Drop That Sack

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Fuligni-Fragola / Architects

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One of the guys in the band sent the tune below.

You gotta love it!!

Humorous Tune (artist unknown)

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In the future, look for more tunes by the Soda Ash 6.

(and maybe a few obscure others thrown in for fun)

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