Riven Submarine Puzzle Solution
Abbey Pointe Apartments
This site contains the solution to the Submarine Puzzle in the game of Riven.  It also has photos of the restoration of Abbey Pointe Apartments in Stockton, California.
Click here for Submarine Puzzle Solution
Click here for Abbey Pointe Photos
Updated  8/2/02
Please be advised that I was not able to separate the guestbooks for Riven and Abbey Pointe Photos.  The one guestbook has to work for both subjects.  I wish I could have done different guestbooks for these things, but it just didn't work.  If it is confusing, I have to say "Oh, well, a little confusion just makes the day a little more interesting."  (smile) Thanks for signing, anyway.  Best to all.......Larry
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As of June 17, 2003, this Yahoo account will be deleted.  It is unknown if this site will still be available but, if it is, no further changes will appear as I will no longer have access to it.  Thanks to all who visited.