The JavaScript Sample Page

Ideas for designs on your webpage!
Below you will find some useful ideas with examples of each..

The "Alert" pop up box: The alert box is used to get the visitor's attention; it is used in several ways. Many alerts you see are from your browser telling you of something it thinks is wrong. A good example of this is the "This program has performed an illegal operation" box. Alert boxes give you no choices so you hit OK and the program is closed down. The boxes can also be customized for uses on a website. Recently I made a sample webpage using the alert box. Click HERE to view it. Again you hit the only choice, OK, and the box closes. Alerts can also be programmed to "pop up" upon certain browser "events" occurring. When you opened this page an alert came up "upon page loading" in the browser. Others can come up "On Click" or "On Mouseover". Try clicking on the link and roll the cursor over the link to see how they work.

The "Prompt" pop up box: The prompt box can be used to gather information from your website. If you went to the sample page above you were prompted to enter your name. When you clicked enter or cancel an alert came up and said "Welcome "whatever you typed in the space". When you closed the page another alert came up and said "Thank you for visiting this page"
The Pop up Window: The pop up window can come in any size or variation. They are basically a small webpage, with their own URL. The boxes usually only have the top navigation bars; they can be made with full browser page properties. Some are resizable. The pop up boxes can be overused and some get in the way. Ideally the box will pop up and can easily be closed after the visitor has seen it. Some sites are abusing them and visitors find they can't get rid of them. Don't patronize these sites; that's the only way to stop these abuses. Click HERE for a sample pop up box.
Status Bar Messages etc. The status bar at the bottom of every browser can also be customized with your message. From a simple welcome, your company's name or a scrolling message like the one on this page. This message can be changed and updated as necessary. A clock could also be added.
Forms: Forms are for information feedback from your site back to you. The visitor fills it out and submits it. You then receive the information on your computer. This can be very useful for visitors to get a product or company information sent to them. You can also get direct feedback about your product, service or general information from your customers. A sample form can be viewed HERE
Frames Pages: Frames pages can be utilized in various ways. If your site directs someone to another site it can be done within a "frame" on your page. That way the visitor never really leaves your site. The sample page is set up this way. There are many variations and set ups for frame pages. Following the sample, a company could show product names,completed job titles or any item in their stock. The visitor then clicks on the name and gets an image of the associated item in the big window. Click HERE to go to the sample frames page.
Layers: Layers can be used make things happen on a webpage using JavaScript. The primary benefit is the visitor just has to view the page. No outside "plug-in's", or programs are needed. Layers only work is 4.0 browsers or newer. Click HERE to view a page with layers moving the logo around the page.


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