Larry Norman Old & New
Larry Norman's music is amazing and very different. He has been writing music for over 50 years now.

His music first became popular in the 60's with the Jesus movement. His influences appear to be Black Gospel, Blues and Rock & Roll.

However, his message that 'Jesus is what makes this mess of a world all make sense' did not go over well with the secular world. As well, with his clear prophetic voice that the church doesn't have the answers, cut his music from most main stream Christians.

So far, a small cult like following has emerged and continues to purchase his music and fill his concerts even though it's been over 20 years since he put any music out on a major label. Larry currently produces and sells all his music himself.

And yet the stories of how his songs changed peoples lives are increadable. I as well have found Larry's music to be like the voice of God in my time of trouble.

Here is one of his first albums for you to listen to as well as a couple of his latest. And in efforts to not be a distribution place of free Larry Norman music the quality, although fine for listening through computer speakers is still 16 bit, mono and sounds awful if you want to make a CD.

So, listen to his music, even with dial-up you can listen to the songs as they loadup, and if you like his stuff, buy it!
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Larry Norman  - Never
Larry Norman 2001
you cant take away my lord
i dont believe in miracles
moses in the wildreness
walking backwards down the stairs
ha ha world
sweet sweet song of salvation
forget your hexagram
the last supper
i wish wed all been ready
nothing really changes
people get ready
i love you
turn turn turn
in the garden
oil in my lamp
heaven wants to bless you
i am a pilgrim
oh little sister
when he returns
protect my child
love is the reason
endless life of dreams
feed the poor
center of my heart
father of all
rock the flock
its all right