"Folk You!"
Inspired by round-robin nights held regularly in Nashville, Los Angeles and New York, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Larry O. Dean started "Folk You!" in December 2001. Weary of standard acoustic showcases, Dean wanted something more intimate and at the same time, more varied.

Held the last Wednesday of every month, "Folk You!" presents a quartet of performers taking the stage simultaneously with naught but their guitars and songs. Interaction is encouraged but there is no script; performers may play and let the songs speak for themselves, or talk about how they came to write them. Backing is also provided by violinist Chad Gifford and violist Derek Walvoord from Larry's band, The Me Decade.

Who performs at "Folk You!"? Larry hosts and plays, joined by three others. The one throughline is the night must comprise songs that can be played nakedly and stand up alone. Obviously performers well-versed in folk-type solo acoustic situations are welcome, but Dean also encourages songwriters who tend to front electric combos to step out from their role as one of the band and let the songs be heard as they were written.

If you are interested in being featured at "Folk You!" contact Larry via email.


Wednesday, June 26 @ 7:30 pm

> Gina Gunderman (The Pillowmints)
> Dylan Posa (Cheer Accident)
> R D Roth

Elbo Room
2871 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 549-5549

Hope to see you there!
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