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Click on "View" then "Source" to reveal the source code (webpage instructions) for this site.
For your ouwn webpage...

From this page, find the source code info that you need, copy it, and paste it
into the body of your index file ... then make changes as needed to the code on your site.

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It will work OK on Netscape, but Explorer is better.

Let's get started:
If you need a website, you can setup your webpage for free on oocities.com
  Just sign up for free, then follow this site for helpful info
You can upload pictures easily and you can configure your webpage online
 (instead of composing your text on your notepad and uploading the page)
This is good and easy, but you should copy and save your work periodically
  since you are changing your webpage in real time.

All websites MUST have an index.html file
This is the file that the website initially accesses for instructions
(when you start a new oocities.com acct, an index.html page is automatically generated for you)
(as a matter of fact, it's the only file in the website)
Without a properly coded index.html or index.htm page, you have no website
A html page has codes that give directions to the browser

The following is a sample of a simple, yet complete index page:
(From the source code, copy the 11 lines of code and name it index.html on your site)