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This site chronicles my obsession with full size Broncos and hard core four wheeling. It's hard to believe that one vehicle, from the factory, can contain such an outstanding collection of hardware considered extreme or heavy duty by the four wheeling community. From torquey six cylinders to big blocks, from super heavy duty automatic trannys to the heaviest light truck four speeds, super heavy duty transfer cases and differentials, the Big Bronco came with it all somewhere during it's lineage. Some will say, bah!, what about the extreme stuff? Since the Big Bronco shares so many structural features with the F-series pickups, virtually every piece of heavy duty hardware available below the 2 1/2 ton category installs with relatively minor modifications. The Big Bronco isn't the be all, end all in capable vehicles, but it's awful close.

To those who have visited this site before, I have rearranged some of the pages to make them easier to find. The technical information that used to be kept here is now under the Tech Pages link.

The Bronc is an ongoing project. That means that this site will change regularly, although at times slowly. Check back once in a while to see what's happening.

Click here to see the original story of The Bronc. Covers initial repairs to get it on the trail and some pics.

Bronc_chute.jpg (37521 bytes)Click here to access the Tech Pages. There are several pages here covering the build up of various parts of the truck. Now includes pics of the straight axle conversion.

Here are the pictures of the initial ramp testing of the Superlift 6" lift

So you think you push your Bronco hard? Maybe you don't, but you're thinking about it? Take a look at this before pushing your Bronco to its limits. You may be in for some body work.

Finally, some Action Shots.

Here is a shortcut to my Tyrepliers page. If you've never used these things, you gotta get your hands on some. These are real lifesavers on the trail (and in the back yard!)

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