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Acumen Inquest Dueling Poker
Appro's and Blessings Essences Quests
Ashing Game interface explained Races
Ash (Beast spawns) Getting gold Relics
Ash (Char upgrades) Girlfriends Rules
Ash (Item upgrades) Glossary/Abbreviations Skilling
Beasts Items Skins
Bezzling KD maps Special Locations
Building kingdoms KD work Swimsuits
Calculators Killing Beasts Tips for reducing lag
Chat commands Leveling quickly Trading
Classes Links Transferring
Crafting NPC's Upgrades
Common questions/Info Options Waging War
Defending your kingdoms Plex competition Yellow messages



- Updated some stuff, added stuff, made a bunch of hyperlinks. Thanks to Kellisa for providing input, helping to find errors, and providing some info.

- Updated rules, options, building kingdoms, upgrades, and acumen pages updated to be accurate with the RWK /ann page.
- KD building guides from RF added to the building kingdoms page.
- Killing beasts page updated with a table for chance to hit.

- Added Quests page containing information for quests found on the RWK help site. Later I'll add the ones that aren't on it.

- Updated Acumen page (added the 2 D*Dev prize for winning)
- Updated Beasts page (you need Beast Bane to attack AA's)
- Updated a few things on Bezzling page.
- Updated the building kingdoms page with info about runes and corruption.
- Updated essences page with EEoA and EEoNTA.
- Updated KD maps page with disabling KD colors.
- Updated plex compet rules.
- Upadated rules page with EEoNTA.
- Updated swimsuit page with the new ash rewards.
- Updated upgrades page with recent changes.