THE BLACK CROWES - Out Of The Nest (Various Early Recordings) A

1986 Garage Demos
1. Mercenary Man
2. Karel The Psychic
3. If
4. Medicine
10/87 A&M Demos, Chapel Hill, NYC
5. Redneck Blues
6. It's Not Fair
7. Your Definition
1988 Studio Demos
8. The Long Day
9. Serving Time
10. Redneck Blues
11. It's Not Fair
1990 National Studios Live
12. Jealous Again
13. She Talks To Angels
1990 Basement Acoustic Gig
14. You're Wrong
15. She Talks To Angels
16. Jealous Again
1990 Acoustic Rehearsal
17. She Talks To Angels
18. You're Wrong


Rarities & B-Sides  (Quality varies from A to C)

1. Waitin' Guilty (SYMM B-Side)
2. Just Say You're Sorry (TSAOC B-Side)
3. Pastoral (Unreleased Live Song)
4. Exit (Unreleased "Tall" Session Song)
5. Words You Throw Away (SYMM B-Side)
6. Darling Of The Underground Press (SHMC B-Side)
7. Grows A Rose (BYS B-Side)
8. When The Night Comes Falling (BYS B-Side Dylan Song)
9. It Must Be Over (BYS B-Side)
10. Another Roadside Tragedy (Unreleased Live Song)
11. Peace Anyway (BYS B-Side)
12. Somebody's On Your Case (From "Further More" Comp.)
13. You Don't Have To Go (BYS B-Side)
14. Grinnin' (Unreleased B-Side)
15. Chevrolet (Amorica B-Side)
16. Tied Up And Swallowed (Amorica B-Side)

1. Smile (BYS B-Side)
2. Thorn's Progress (SHMC B-Side)
3. Pimpers Paradise (TSAOC B-Side)
4. Song Of The Flesh (Amorica B-Side)
5. Happy (Rolling Stones Live Cover)
6. Hot Burrito #2 (Gram Parsons Live Cover)
7. She (Gram Parsons Live Cover)
8. Torn And Frayed (Rolling Stones Live Cover)
9. Mellow Down Easy (TSAOC B-Side)
10. Horsehead (Acoustic) (BYS B-Side)
11. 99 lbs. (SHMC Outtake)
12. Feathers (Amorica B-Side)
13. Thunderstorm 6:54 (Unreleased Live Song)
14. Paint An Eight (Unreleased Live Song)
15. Title Song (Unreleased Live Song)
16. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Bob Dylan Live Cover)
17. Miss Judy's Farm (Faces Live Cover)

The Black Crowes - The Band Sessions (QUALITY A)

Recorded in 1997 at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee (and Purple Dragon Studios
in Atlanta, Georgia?)   This album was recorded after ‘Amorica’, but was shelved.  Later,
some of the tracks were re-worked and re-recorded for ‘By Your Side’.
First known only as the Nashville Sessions, the album finally surfaced in the summer of
2002.  ‘The Band’ - a complete, mixed copy of the album that was intended for release. 
The track order is the exact same as the copy the band members have, an album complete
with cover art (the band huddled together staring at a TV set with the words "The Band"
on the screen and Ed staring at you with the clicker in his hand).  B-sides are rumored
to exist, and perhaps someday the Crowes will release these properly.

1. Never Forget This Song
2. Smile
3. Paint An 8
4. Another Roadside Tragedy
5. If It Ever Stops Rainin'
6. My Heart's Killin' Me
7. Predictable
8. OK By Me
9. Wyoming & Me
10. Lifevest
11. Only A Fool

The Black Crowes -  Tall Studio Demos 1993 (QUALITY A)

1. Exit #1
2. Dirty Hair Halo
3. Thunderstorm 6:54
4. Bewildered
5. Fear Years
6. One Cop Story
7. Wind and Wood Heart
8. Tornado
9. Title Song
10. Sunflower
11. Bitter Bitter You
12. Pastoral
13. Exit #2

The Black Crowes -  B(y your) Sides  (QUALITY A, couple of songs B)

Disc 1
1. words throw you away
2. you don't have to go
3. it must be over
4. darling of the underground press
5&6. sting me (slow)
7. 99 lbs
8. feathers
9. by your side (09/20/01)
10. love is now
11. sleepyheads
12. when the night comes falling
13. last time again
14. grows a rose
15. peace anyways
16. horsehead (acoustic)
17. just say you're sorry
18. smile
Disc 2
1. don't wake me
2. song of the flesh
3. buttermilk waltz
4. rainy day woman #12 & #35
5. title song (sweet pickle salad)
6. pimper's paradise
7. girl from the north country (2-4-97)
8. waitin' guilty
9. shake 'em on down
10. nonfiction (live acoustic)
11. jealous again (live acoustic)
12. she (7/5/96)
13. tied up and swallowed (7/5/96)
14. somebody's on your case
15. mellow down easy
16. cheverolet
17. cosmic friend (dance mix)

The Black Crowes -  Darlings Of The Underground Press

Tracks 1-8: Acoustic show at Ronnie Scott's in London, England  06/21/1991
Tracks 9-13: Live in Los Angeles, CA  1991

1. Jealous Again
2. You're Wrong
3. Seeing Things For The First Time
4. Boomer's Story
5. Live Too Fast Blues
6. Thick N' Thin
7. Thorn In My Pride
8. Darlings Of The Underground Press
9. Thick N' Thin
10. Sister Luck
11. Jealous Guy
12. Hard To Handle
13. Struttin' Blues


Back Home In Atlanta, "Kickin' The Fox" 4/4/99
(Quality-A+, soundboard)

1. Remedy
2. Go Faster
3. Sting Me
4. Stop Kickin' My Heart Around
5. Stare It Cold
6. Go Tell The Congregation
7. Thick & Thin
8. Wiser Time
9. Thorn In My Pride
10. Heavy
11. Blackberry
12. Only A Fool
13. By Your Side
14. Jealous Again
15. No Speak, No Slave
16. Twice As Hard
17. Virtue And Vice


TraxCharlottesville, VA
Dec. 5th, 1990 (Quality A, soundboard)

1. Thick n' Thin
2. You're Wrong
3. Twice As Hard
4. Could've Been So Blind
5. Seeing Things
6. Miserable
7. Hard To Handle
8. Stare It Cold
9. Shake 'em Down
10. Get Back
11. Struttin' Blues
12. She Talks To Angels
13. Three Button Hand Down
14. Jealous Again

(Quality varies, A - D)

The definitive collection of unreleased original material
from The Black Crowes. You won't find these tracks on ANY
domesticor import release. 2 CDs worth of music,
encompassing 25 songs.  "Tall As Can Be" contains music
that, most likely, would have been part of the Black Crowes
3rd album, "Tall". Close to an entire albums' worth of
material was recorded prior to Marc Ford and Johnny Colt
leaving the band in 1997, and much of that material was
only played publicly during the '97 Further Festival shows.
Those songs are here as well.  Prior to the 1994 release
of "Amorica", the band recorded tracks for use on an album
to be named "Tall". From my understanding these tracks were
a source of friction between the Robinson Brothers, which
led to the eventual suppression of the album.

Disc 1
1. Kick the Devil Outta Me
2. You're Such A Pity
3. You're Wrong
4. You're Wrong (acoustic version)
5. Miserable
6. Bruises & Pills
7. On That Hallowed Day
8. Bewildered
9. The Fear Years
10. The Nowhere Stares
11. Bitter, Bitter you
12. Grinin'

Disc 2
1. Exit
2. Pastoral
3. Title Song
4. Name Like Music
5. Thunderstorm
6. Nothing Love Everything
7. Spider In The Sugar Bowl
8. Spider In the Sugar Bowl (acoustic)
9. If It Ever Stops Raining
10. Another Roadside Tragedy
11. My Heart's Killing Me
12. Paint An 8
13. Bled To Death

FOAMFOOT (Quality A)

On January 8th, 1994 at the Troubadour in Hollywood,
several members of the Black Crowes joined up with
a handful of other artists for Foamfoot. Chris Robinson
and Marc Ford of the Black Crowes played with
Jimmy Ashurst (The JuJu Hounds), Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill),
Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) and Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish).
The show was an impromtu gig, however, it was recorded
for possible release by the band.

1. Walk in My Shadow
~ written by Paul Rogers
2. Bottle of Red Wine
~ written by Eric Clapton & Bonnie Bramlett
3. Tin Soldier
~ written by The Small Faces
4. Take the Highway
~ written by Toy Caldwell
5. Deal
~ written by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter (Garcia solo)
6. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
~ written by The Kinks (Steve Marriot and Ray Davies)
7. Long Time Gone
~ written by Crosby, Still, Nash
8. Jeremiah Surrender
~ written by Levon Helm & Robbie Robertson
9. One Way Out
~ written by S. Williamson
10. Presence Of The Lord
~ written by Eric Clapton, done with Blind Faith

Sweet Pickle Salad & The Black Crowes

The "Sweet Pickle Salad" group/sessions happened
after the "Tall" sessions ended and before
the "Amorica" session began, about February, 1994
in Los Angeles.  In articles around that time there were
reports that they were going to release it. The style
of the music is described by Chris
"The songs sound like a cross between CSNY and
Pink Floyd, every song is like 10 minutes long."

Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) - Vocals
Marc Ford (Black Crowes) - Guitars
Craig Ross (Lenny Kravitz) - Guitars
Jimmy Ashhurst (Ju Ju Hounds) - Bass
Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish) - Drums
Roger Manning (Jellyfish) - Keyboards

1. One man's anger
2. Cry to me softly
3. Can't let go
"Tall" Sessions (The Black Crowes)
4. She gave Good sunflower
5. Title Song
6. Bitter, Bitter you
"Lions" B-Sides (The Black Crowes)
7. last time again
8. Love is now
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