Stepping Stones - Part One
Recorded at the LA Forum on October 18, 1968

Track List:
1) White Room
2) Politician
3) I'm So Glad
4) Sitting On Top of the World
5) Crossroads
6) Sunshine of Your Love

Blind Faith, Gothenburg, Sweden - June 13, 1969

7) Well Alright
8) Sleeping On the Ground
9) Sea of Joy

Stepping Stones Part 2
Recorded at Gothenurg, Sweden on June 13, 1969

Track List:
1) Under My Thumb
2) Can't Find My Way Home
3) Do What You Like
4) In the Presence of the Lord
5) Means to an End
6) Had to Cry Today

FRESH LIVE CREAM - 2 VCD's (video compact discs)

Cream's Legendary status is extraordinary given that the three musicians, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were together for such a short time, from 1966 to 1968

This tells the story of that intense period from Cream's inception as a blues band, through Psychedelia, to their place in The Hall of Fame of Rock.

Rare archive performance footage of complete tracks (notably from their appearance at the Revolutionl Club, London in 1968) are linked by Ginger, Eric and Jack telling the story in interviews filmed in April 1993 exclusively for this video.
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