FACES - Last Step

Outtakes & Alternates From Ooh-La-La & More. Studio A-
(Some Pops On Disc. Sounds great considering how old these are)

1. My Fault
2. Flags And Banners
3. Ooh la la
4. Glad & Sorry
5. Silicone Grown
6. Cindy Incidentally
7. If I'm On The Late Side
8. Borstal Boys
9. Just Another Honky
10. Don't Forget To Tell Him
11. You Can Make Me Dance Sing Or Anything
12. Pool Hall Richard
13. I Can Feel The Fire
14. You Can Make Me Dance Sing Or Anything (Live)
15. You Wear It Well/Maggie May (Live)
16. Take A Look At The Guy (Live)
17. Jodie
18. I Wish It Would Rain (Live)
19. True Blue (Live)
20. The Stealer (Live) [Song Not Complete, Fade Out]

BBC In Concert, London, Paris Theatre 1.4 1973 (A, Soundboard)

1. Silicone Grown  (Stewart-Wood)
2. Cindy Incidentally  (Stewart-Wood-McLagan)
3. Memphis Tennessee  (Berry)
4. If I'm On The Late Side  (Jones-McLagan-Wood-Lane)
5. My Fault  (Wood-Stewart-McLagan)
6. The Stealer
7. Borstal Boys  (McLagan-Wood-Stewart)
8. Angel (Hendrix)
9. Stay With Me  (Stewart-Wood)
10. True Blue  (Stewart-Wood)
11. Twistin'The Night Away  (Cooke)
12. Miss Judy's Farm  (Stewart-Wood)
13. Jealous Guy  (Lennon)
14. Too Bad  (Stewart-Wood)
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